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The Source:

Sean Manchester:
"The Highgate Vampire"
British Occult Society, London, 1985

The Case

I think it is best that you read the book or books for yourself and make your own conclusions. So all I will do is give you a minimal rendering of the story that we have been given.

Sean has found that his beloved Lusia has died. The cemetery where she has been buried is about to be destroyed by a ruthless development company. Strange things start happening inside and outside Sean's abode. And in the neighbourhood as well. The question arises: has Lusia become a vampire ?

After months of preperation Sean pays a nocturnal visit to the grave of Lusia. He performs some magical ceremonies. A demonical spider as large as a cat comes out of the grave. Sean plunges a stake through the beast and the thing from hell turns into Lusia, set free and "no longer the devil's undead but God's own true dead".

The Date:

For what it's worth, we have been given the year of 1982.

The Place:

New Southgate is a former village that has been swallowed up by Greater London. It can be found somewhat North of Highgate.

Possible Follow-Up:

A case like this obviously stands or falls with the trustworthiness of the main witness. I have corresponded with Sean for a while, I have talked to him and met him on a few occasions, and I have drawn my own conclusions. For me this non-case is closed. But in case you want to delve into it, here is a small list with published material to help you get started: Highgate Vampire

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