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The Source:

Sean Manchester:
"The Highgate Vampire"
British Occult Society, London, 1985

The Case

Two girls from a Roman Catholic Conventschool in Highgate walk past Highgate Cemetery one night and have visions of graves opening up. They are interviewed by Sean Manchester.

Two years later - in 1969 - Sean has a chance meeting with one of the girls, Elisabeth, and learns that she is anemic and suffering from nightmares. Sean visits Elisabeth and her boy friend Keith, and soon comes to the conclusion that the girl is the victim of a vampire. She has two puncture marks in her neck. Sean prescribes crucifixes, holy water, garlic, salt and prayers, while Keith prepares her a nourishing broth. Soon the girl is all well again.

Sean starts investigating Highgate Cemetery as a likely location to be the home of a vampire. He thinks to have found the grave of the culprit within the Columbarium. Together with other members of his magic circle he conducts some exorcism of sorts. Without any success as we will learn later.

Then the story gets rather complex. Satanists appear to have stolen the body of the vampire and have moved it to some derelict house. Sean and his mates discover the coffin and its demonic contents, drag it out into the garden, and destroy the vampire.

The Date:

The first date we have been given is 1967: the graveyard visions of the conventschool girls. The second one is 1969: Sean meeting with the vampirised Elisabeth and her friend Keith.

The Place:

Highgate is a former village that has now been swallowed up by Greater London. It can be easily found somewhat to the North of the center.

Possible Follow-Up:

A case like this obviously stands or falls with the trustworthiness of the main witness. I have corresponded with Sean for a while, I have talked to him and met him on a few occasions, and I have drawn my own conclusions. For me this non-case is closed. But in case you want to delve into it, here is a small list with published material to help you get started: Highgate Vampire

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