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The Source:

M. Edith Durham:
"High Albania"
Edward Arnold, London, 1909

The Case:

A Djakova man told vividly how his father had saved a child :

"It was the child of a neighbour. I saw it. It was dead - white and cold. And my father cried: 'I know who has done this.' He ran out and seized an old woman, and dragged her in. 'You have killed this child,' he roared, 'and you must bring it to life again !' My God, how she screamed, and cried by all the saints that she was innocent ! 'Spit in its mouth !' cried my father, and he held her by the neck. 'Spit, spit !' For if she did not spit before the sun went down, it would be too late and the child could not live again. But she still screamed, and would not. And my father drew one of his pistols and clapped it to her head - 'Spit, or I shoot !' She spat, and he threw her outside and she ran away. We waited, and after an hour some colour came to the child's face, and slowly it came to life. My father had saved it. And I swear by God this is true, for I saw it with my own eyes."

The Date:

Edith Durham heard the story from an eye-witness. Her book came out in 1909. So let us file this as having taken place in the 19th Century.

The Place:

Djakova is now called Gjakova (Albanian) or Djakovica (Serbian) and can be found in Kosovo near the Albanian border.

Possible Follow-Up:

By all means, do check out Edith Durham's "High Albania", plus all her other books which are definitely worthy of your attention.

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