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The Source:

Jean-Paul Ronecker :
"Encyclopaedia Vampirica"
Editions Le Temps Présent, Agnières, France, 2009

The Case:

The Russian revolution of 1917 made lots of Russians flee their country. Quite a few of them moved to Paris. And so they started their own Russian-Orthodox cemetery, which is located in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, a village on the Southside of Paris. Within the cemetery grounds there also is a church, built in the original Russian style.

Now this, more or less, is the story. Under the church there is a crypt. It can only be reached by a single stairs, outside the church. Down there you can find a rather unusual coffin. It is said to house the spirit of a vampire. Special ceremonies and offerings are said to be regularly held by the priests in order to keep this vampirical entity at peace.

The Date:

No date is given, so all we can say is that the supposed burial of the "vampire spirit" must have taken place some time between 1938 when the church was built and 1999 when "Les Lieux de l'au-delà" was published.

The Place:

Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois and its cemetery can be found on the Southside of Paris.

Personal Comments:

It must be a couple of years ago that I first heard about this story. I think it was Jordi Ardanuy who mentioned it in our correspondence. I found it again in Jean-Paul Ronecker's book. He gives as his source: Didier Audinot, "Les Lieux de l'au-delà". Now until we find further evidence it is not much of a story. Nevertheless, we don't run into this kind of vampire story very often...

Possible Follow-Up:

Get Ronecker's "Encyclopaedia Vampirica". It's a good book and well worth the 22 Euro that it costs. Then find Audinot's book and see what further information he may have. Check the internet. There are nice photos out there of the cemetery and the church. You could go to Paris and check out the cemetery for yourself. What are you waiting for?

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