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The Source:

Hugo Gering (ed.) :
"Eyrbyggja Saga"
Halle, 1897

Gudbrandr Vigfusson :
"Eyrbyggja Saga"
Leipzig, 1864

William Morris and Eirikr Magnusson (transl.):
"The Story of the Ere-Dwellers (Eyrbyggja Saga)"
London, 1892

The Case:

This story I have found in the Eyrbyggja Saga.

It all starts with a rain of blood followed by the death of Thorgunna. One of her deathbed wishes - burning her bed-curtains -is not complied with, which is the start of all kinds of weird incidents during the transport of her corpse to Skalaholt. Back in Frodiswater, strange things start happening.

A shepherd dies and returns from the grave. He has a fight with Thorir Woodenleg, who soon dies as well. More people at the farm die and also become undead. Some fishermen who drowned at sea also join the undead army and things are beginning to look like a zombie film.

Snorri the Priest is asked for advice. Thorgunna's bed-curtains are burnt at long last. The restless dead are summoned to appear before a court and are banished. Then Snorri the Priest marches throughout the house with holy water, a mass is celebrated, and after that there comes an end to the hauntings at Frodiswater.

The Date:

The Eyrbyggja Saga has come to us in manuscripts that go back to the 13th and 14th Century. So let us file it as "before 1200".

The Place:

Frodiswater is called Froda in the Icelandic version of the story. I found a Froda on the West coast of Iceland, NorthWest of Reykjavik. Skalaholt is now called Skalholt. It is quite a long way from Froda and can be found East of Reykjavik.

Possible Follow-up:

Find yourself a good version of the Eyrbyggja Saga. There are various PDF versions you can find online in a number of different languages.

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