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The Source:

"Mémoires de la Société d'Archéologie, de Littérature, Sciences et Arts d'Avranches" vol.III
Avranches, 1864

A. Guilmeth:
"Histoire de la Ville et des Environs d'Elbeuf - Depuis les Temps les plus Reculés jusqu'a nos Jours"
L'Imprimerie de Berdalle, Rouen, 1842

The Case:

I first found mention of the "Vampires Blanc-Manteaux" in the "Mémoires de la Société d'Archéologie, de Littérature, Sciences et Arts d'Avranches". This is what they wrote:

"Un fantôme, appartenant aux provinces danubiennes, le Vampire, illustré par Byron (Lord Ruthven ou le Vampire), et par Nodier (Jean Sbogar), a pénétré en Normandie: il existe aux environs d'Elbeuf, sous la dénomination de Vampire Blanc-Manteau (Guilmeth: Hist. d'Elbeuf)."

"A phantom that belongs to the regions of the Danube, the vampire, made famous by Byron (Lord Ruthven or the Vampire) and by Nodier (Jean Sbogar), has founds its way to Normandy. It exists in the surrounding of Elbeuf under the name of 'Vampire Blanc-Manteau'. (Guilmeth: Hist. d'Elbeuf)."

Obviously I had to find the book by Guilmeth. Sadly, there was very little that he had to say:

"Le souvenir des Druides, des Vales, des Bardes et des prêtresses de l'époque celtique s'est perpétué jusqu'a nous, dans nos campagnes, par l'apparition successive et régulière des Blancs-Fantomes, des Vampires Blancs-Manteaux, des Squelettes au Suaire Blanc, des Dames Blanches, des Blanches-Mains, des Blanches Fées, etc., etc."

"The memory of the Druids, the Vales, the Bardes and the Priestesses of the Celtic period has continued to our days in the countryside. Through the successive and regular appearance of the "White-Phantoms", the "Vampires Blancs-Manteaux", the "Skeletons with the white Shrouds", the "White-Ladies", the "White-Hands", the "White Fées", etc., etc."

If you want to learn more about the Druids, the Vales, the Bardes and the Celtic Priestesses you can find chapters full of interesting information in Guilmeth's 710 page book. Sadly his information about the "Vampires Blancs-Manteaux" is limited to the 2 sentences that I have quoted above.

All we know so far is the name "Vampire Blancs-Manteaux", which suggests that they must have been wearing white cloaks. And we know that in the middle of the 19th Century there seemed to be people who believed in them, living in or around Elbeuf.

The Date:

As to the date, Guilmeth dates these "white" traditions back to the times of the Druids, whom he describes as practicing human sacrifice in a rather gruesome manner, and whose priests were supposed to be dressed in white. However, this specific kind of entity being named "vampire", perhaps it is better that we file it at a time when the word "vampire" has been introduced into the French language. Let's say we will file this superstition as belonging to the 18th Century.

The Place:

Elbeuf can be found in Normandy, to the South of and not far from Rouen.

Possible Follow-Up:

Find and check both books. And let us see what else we can find about the "White-Cloaked Vampire" or "Vampire Blanc-Manteau".

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