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The Source:

Markus Köhbach :
"Ein Fall von Vampirismus bei den Osmanen"
in: "Balkan Studies" no.20, 1979

The Case:

Let me start with saying thank you very much to Giovanni Scognamillo who once sent me this interesting article.

In Edirne, in the El-Hac-Saraf district of town, a dead woman called Cennet was accused of being a vampire. The case was reported to the Turkish authorities who decided that the grave should be opened. Four women would have to check the corpse for signs of vampirism: were there no signs of decomposition, had the face become red ? If that was the case, then the usual measures would have to be taken in order to restore peace and quiet among the population. Köbach tells us that the usual measures would be: a stake through the navel (not the heart), decapitation and/or cremation of the corpse.

The Date:

Köhbach informs us that the case dates back to the early 18th Century.

The Place:

Edirne can be found on the European part of Turkey, close to the Greek border.

Possible Follow-Up:

There is the article by Markus Köbach for you to find and read. It has lots of further information and there are 2 other cases to be found in there. He also gives you his sources in case you want to check them out.

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