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Eben am Achensee

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The Source:

Ignaz Vincenz Zingerle :
"Sagen, Märchen und Gebräuche aus Tirol"
Verlag der Wagner'schen Buchhandlung, Innsbruck, 1859

The Case:

Apparently a vampire has been buried in the churchyard or cemetery of Eben am Achensee. His grave is close to the wall, and can be recognised by a horseshoe that has been sculpted into the wall. Obviously, vampires should not rest in hallowed ground. One can only wonder why he ended up there in the first place. But legend has it that he is growing underground until the day that he has moved himself outside the churchyard wall.

The Date:

Sadly, no date is given. So all we can say is that the case dates back to before 1859 when the book was published.

The Place:

Eben am Achensee can be found in Austria, somewhere halfway between Innsbruck and Kufstein, not far from the German border

Personal Comments:

I know, I know... You can hardly call this a case. I would not. But it did not feel right. In the old days Austria included Hungary and parts of the Balkan, and plenty of vampire cases. It is the country (let's forget about Hitler and Mozart) which has brought us the Emperess Maria Theresia with her vampire laws and also employed and embraced my fellow-countryman Gerard van Swieten. And yet Austria did not have one single vampire case on this site so far. A rather unsatisfactory situation. So I have forgotten my principles and have really been scraping the bottom of the barrel in an attempt to rescue Austria from the disgrace and shame of a no-vampire status. Nevertheless, there may always be some truth in these old-wife-tales. Maybe we should subscribe to a local newspaper so we can monitor what happens next in Eben am Achensee...

Sadly no information is given about what is going to happen if and when the vampire has moved himself into unhallowed ground. Is this going to be the start of another vampire epidemic ? Time will tell...

Possible Follow-Up:

Now I first found this story reprinted on the excellent SAGEN.at site. They gave as their source Hans Klingler's "Sagen aus dem Achenseegebiet". In the meantime I have traced back the tale to Ignaz Vincenz Zingerle's "Sagen, Märchen und Gebräuche aus Tirol". So find that book and see if there is more information there. Go to Eben am Achensee and try to find the grave. Find out if the horseshoe is still there and what it is there for. Measure the distance from the grave to the wall. Talk to the locals. Video or sound record those conversations. Take plenty of photographs and send them over here if you please. What can I say ? Business as usual. Good luck !

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