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The Source:

S.G.B. St.Clair & Charles A. Brophy:
"A Residence in Bulgaria - or - Notes on the Resources and Administration of Turkey: The condition and character, manners, customs, and language of the Christian and Mussulman populations with reference to the Eastern question"
John Murray, London, 1869

The Case:

This is what the authors have to report:

"Since commencing this chapter, we have learned that the village of Dervishkuoi, six hours from here, is just now haunted by a vampire; he appears with a companion who was suppressed by means of the usual remedy, but this one seems to be proof against poison, and as he will shortly have completed his fortieth day as a shadow, the villagers are in terrible alarm lest he should appear as flesh and blood."

The Date:

For the moment I will simply file this as "before 1869". But we can probably get a more precise dating by going through the book and finding when exactly it was written.

The Place:

Sadly, I have not found the location so far. The village of Dervishkuoi is reported to be about 6 hours from Derekuoi where the authors were staying. And Derekuoi is supposed to be a Christian village somewhere near Varna.

Possible Follow-Up:

Go check out St.Clair & Brophy's "A Residence in Bulgaria". And of course you should try to find a more precise location and date.

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