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The Source:

"The Archaeological research of the modern graveyard in Plesivec"
Found on the internet at http://www.ckrumlov.cz/

The Case:

When some reconstruction was going on in the Plesivecka Street in Cesky Krumlov, a number of graves was found that were part of one of the older cemeteries. They were researched by archaeologists. It so happened - good news for us - that some of the burials appeared to be somewhat strange.

One of the skeletons had been put into too small a hole so that he could not lie straight. The skeleton of a woman had the head cut off. It had been put between her legs with a stone in the mouth. There was another skeleton where there were stones inside the skull. And some of the corpses appear to have been weighed down with heavy rocks.

The Date:

The graves that were examined are said to be from the 17th or 18th Century. The archaeological research took place in 2000.

The Place:

The heading of the article that I took this information from may seem misleading. Plesivec is not the name of the town but appears to be the name of the street where the archaeologists were doing their digging. The name of the town however is Cesky Krumlov. And Cesky Krumlov can be easily found in the Czech Republic, South of Prague and not too far from the Austrian border. In the past it used to be called Krumlaw, if we can trust the map reproduced above. Please note that Krumlaw is very close to Eywanschitz, another Czech place with a vampire reputation.

Personal Comments:

Of course I do prefer those old documents with the testimony of eye-witnesses who have been present at the execution of a vampire. But it is also nice to find archaeological evidence of such practices. And although we must remain cautious before we draw any conclusions, I think we can safely assume that some of the measures taken in Cesky Krumlov were meant to prevent the return of the dead.

Also, the fact that these graves were found in the road may not be without significance. Of course we would need to see old town maps of Cesky Krumlov or rather Krumlaw or Krumlau, and find the original position of the cemetery before we can say if this is a valid assumption.

Possible Follow-Up:

There is much more to be found about this. There are further articles. There are interesting photos. I am not going to hand them to you on a silver platter. For a start, I definitely do not want any problems with the people who own the rights to these photos. Strange as it may seem to some, I always try to respect other people's rights. And apart from that, I am not going to do all the hard work for you. It should be enough that I have pointed you into the right direction. So come on, go find them yourself !

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