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The Source:

No, despite the somewhat misleading bookcover above, that is not where I first read about this case. Anyway, let's start at the beginning and give you the short article that I found. You will note that it happens to be in Spanish.

"El mayor cementerio de vampiros fue descubierto por el arqueólogo Jaroslav Spaçek en la ciudad de Celákovice, situada a pocos kilómetros de Praga. En dicho cementerio eran inhumados los supuestos vampiros en las postrimerias del siglo 10 y en la primera mitad del siglo 11. Es la unica necrópolis del país donde fueron sepultados solamente vampiros o más exactamente quiénes eran considerados como tales por sus contemporáneos. En los catorce adultos sepultados a lo largo de varias en el cementerio de supuestos vampiros, se pueden observar intervenciones antivampíricas."

© Copyright 1997 Radio Prague All Rights Reserved
Radio Prague, Vinohradska 12, 12099 Prague 2, Czech Republic

This fragment, dated 11 June 1997, is part of what appears to have been a news item at the time. It was found on one of the web pages of Radio Prague. Not by me, but by Sanguinarius who most kindly brought this item to my attention.

The Case:

For the convenience of those who do not read Spanish, I will attempt to translate.

"The most important vampire cemetery has been discovered by the archaeologist Jaroslav Spaçek in the town of Celákovice, which is situated no more than a few kilometres from Prague. In this cemetery the supposed vampires have been buried during the last part of the 10th and the first half of the 11th Century. It is the only Czech necropolis where they buried only vampires, or to be more exact, those who were supposed to be vampires by their contemporaries. In the case of fourteen adult corpses that were found within the cemetery of the supposed vampires it was apparent that anti-vampire measures had been taken."

The Date:

We have a reasonably exact date considering the fact that these corpses go back such a long time. End of the 10th Century, first half of the 11th Century.

The Place:

We had little trouble finding Celákovice about 20 kilometres to the East of Prague, a little to the North of the main road to Hradec Králové. We also did find the town's website at  http://www.celakovice.cz/ . At this stage we can only guess as to the exact location of the cemetery, which could be inside the town, but could just as well be situated somewhere nearby.

Personal Comments:

Considering the sources and the non-sensational nature of this piece of information, I have little doubt about its authenticity.

Possible Follow-Up:

The possible follow-up to this case seems evident. We are definitely planning to go visit Celákovice in the near future. But not before we have done our utmost to find further information about this interesting cemetery.

Thanks for your help:

And of course we do very much appreciate the kindness of the mysterious Sanguinarius, who appears to be a resident of Kansas, USA. Without your help it seems unlikely that we would have discovered the above vampire information which was well hidden away among the pages of Radio Prague. Thank you very much !

And then we received a message from Marek Janouch, who supplied us with further information about the Celakovice Cemetery. Information that had been published in a book called "Kniha Nosferatu - Vampyrska Bible", written by Czech pop musician Petr Stepan. Thanks to Marek, I now am the proud owner of a copy of this interesting book.

And then there was a message from Yka V. (Jiri Vaner ?) who kindly informed me about a Czech site that features further information about the Celakovice Cemetery. Thank you very much Yka !

Recently I received another message from Míša informing me about two new editions of Petr Stepan's "Kniha Nosferatu - Vampyrska Bible". Apart from a normal edition, there is a numbered edition of 666 copies, signed by the author, that also has a CD with music of Petr's band "XIII. století". Thank you very much, Míša !

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News item reprinted by courtesy of Radio Prague.
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