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The Sources:

Alfonso Sastre:
"Las Noches Lugubres"
Horizonte, Madrid, 1964

Miguel C. Aragil:
"Vampiros: magia postuma de los no-muertos"
Arbor, Barcelona, 1986

Jordi Ardanuy:
"Vampiros: Magia postúma dentro y fuera de España"
Luna Negra Ediciones, Barcelona, Spain, 1994

Jordi Ardanuy:
"The Journey of the Damned Coffin (updated version)"
PDF file attached to a private message, 2005

Jordi Ardanuy:
"El fals cas de l'upir de Borox i el seu origen literari"
L'Upir, no 9, 2006

The Case:

A coffin arrived in the harbour of Cartagena, on the SouthEast coast of Spain, and was stored away until someone came along and ordered it to be sent to A Coruna, which is on the NorthWest coast of Spain. So the coffin was moved through the Spanish mainland, making stops in various places. After it had arrived in A Coruna, it was mysteriously sent back again to Cartagena. And there it would appear that some Serbian nobleman came along and took charge of the coffin.

Now it so happens that vampirical events had been happening in or near the places where the coffin made a stop. We are not given the exact details, but several victims must have died. That, more or less, is the main line of the story.

The Date:

The story is said to have taken place some time around 1915.

The Places:

Several places are mentioned. Cartagena, Alhama del Segura (a place that according to Jordi Ardanuy does not exist), Almeria, Toledo, Santillana del Mar, Comillas and A Coruna. Apart from the non-existing place you won't have much trouble to find them on a good map of Spain.

Personal Comments:

We have to admit that this story sounds almost too good to be true. Despite the fact that he knew that, Jordi Ardanuy set out on a long mission to learn the truth. He went through cemetery records, questioned local historians, and went to follow the route that the coffin was supposed to have taken. In the village of Borox there were some elderly people who seemed to have vague memories about a local vampire legend. This seems something that might be worth further investigation.

Jordi Ardanuy continued his investigation. In the end he traced back the origin of the story to a writer called Alfonso Sastre. And he even managed to get a signed confession out of him which stated that the story was just a fantasy.

Obviously it is disappointing to find out the truth about such an interesting story. But we are not here to enjoy vampire fantasies. We should investigate if there is any truth behind those vampire tales. If there is someone who understands that, it must be Jordi Ardanuy. He has put an awful lot of energy into the investigation of this case and really got to the bottom of it. And I much admire him for it. I can only recommend that you do read his versions of this case. They have much more interesting details and they will also show you what real vampire research is about.

If you want to know all the details about this story, here is a link to Cercle-V

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