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The Source:

Nicolaus Equiamicus :
"Vampire - Von damals bis(s) heute" [2010]
Ubooks Verlag, Diest, Germany, 2010

The Case:

In 1851 there was an epidemic of cholera in Possady, in the district of Berdichev. The rumor started that someone working for the church and his wife had turned into vampires. The graves were opened and the corpses were decapitated. Ash-wood stakes were hammered through the corpses and they were cremated.

The Date:

No complaints. We have been given the year of 1851.

The Place:

The place mentioned is called Possady. But according to Nicolaus Equiamicus, whom I have come to know as a serious and reliable researcher, Possady means something like town district. So - untill we find more precise information, we will assume that it is meant to be a part of Berdichev. And Berdichev in its turn can be found in Ukraina.

Possible Follow-Up:

It is not completely clear from Equiamicus' rendering of the story if it were the bodies or just the heads that were cremated. It does not really matter for, no matter what, we do have to find his source: Löwenstimm's "Aberglaube und Strafrecht", Berlin, 1897.

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