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The Source:

Sámuel Köleséri de Kereseer:
"Pestis Dacicae anni MDCCIX scrutinum et cura"
Cibinii, Heltzdörfer, 1709
as quoted in:
Laszlo Andras Magyar:
"Die Siebenbürgische Vampir-Krankheit"

The Case:

Admittedly, it is not a lot. But here we go:

"Im Babolna, Besitz der Familie Nalanczi, wurde ein Prediger, in Csesztve aber ein gewöhnlicher Mann aus ähnlichem Grund ausgegraben."

The part that is relevant to our case more or less translates into:

"In Babolna, property of the Nalanczi family, a preacher was exhumed for the same reason."

So what was the reason ? The plague was making many vicitims. And in various places one of the first people to die was thought to be the cause of it. Such people were taken out of their graves and dealt with. Some had their head cut off, some had a stake driven through them and others were cremated.

The Date:

Köleséri's book is about the plague of 1709, so at least we have a nice clear date.

The Place:

Babolna is a village that can be found East of Györ.

Possible Follow-Up:

First find the excellent article by Laszlo Andras Magyar. Then brush up your Latin and/or Hungarian and have a go at the plague report by Samuel Köleséri de Kereseer.

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