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Of course we should have a small section on books about Voodoo. There may be essential differences between Zombies and Vampires, and they may look a little bit different (in Horror films). But if you want to learn more about dead corpses that are supposed to have come alive again, it may also be interesting to learn more about living people who are supposed to have been turned into living corpses.

C.H. Dewisme :

"Les Zombis - ou le secret de morts-vivants" [1957]

Durand, Paris, France, 1957 - pp.158

Wade Davis :

"The Serpent and the Rainbow" [1985]

Warner Books, New York, USA, 1987 - pp.372
ISBN: 0 446 34387 0

Fascinating account of the author's search for the secrets of Voodoo and Zombies.

Amar Hamdani :

"Rites et Secrets du Vaudou" [1980]

Editions Maggelan, 1994 - pp.254
ISBN: 2 84121 012 X

Laënnec Hurbon :

"Dieu dans le Vaudoo Haïtien" [1975]

Editions Henry Deschamps, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1987 - pp.270

Excellent and intelligent study which was actually published in faraway Voodoo land Haiti. So I was pleased to have the good fortune to find it on sale in a museum in Paris, which happens to be an awful lot closer to where I live.

"Les Mystères du Vaudou" [1993]

Gallimard, France, 1993 - pp.176
ISBN: 2 07 053186 4

This title is part of a series of brilliantly illustrated little books that has been published in different countries and languages. So it should not be very hard to find yourself a copy of it.

Walter-Jörg Langbein :

"Zombies, Werwölfe und Vampire" [2006]

in: "Kreaturen der Nacht - Die Welt jenseits unserer Sinne" [2006]
Verlag Carl Ueberreuter, Wien, Austria, 2006 - pp.430

Alfred Métraux :

"Voodoo" [1959]

Sphere Books, London, UK, 1974 - pp.368
ISBN: 0 7221 6060 7

Métraux's classic in English translation.

Claude Planson :

"A la Découverture du Vaudou" [1978]

Editions de Vecchi, Paris, France, 1978 - pp.224
ISBN: 2 85177 076 4

W.B. Seabrook :

"The Magic Island" [1928]

The Albatross, Paris, France, UK, 1932 - pp.254

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