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On this page you will find the bibliographical details of a number of books on Vampires and Vampirism.

Johannes van Aken :

"Histoire Vraie du Vampirisme" [1984]

Editions Famot, Geneve, Switzerland, 1984 - pp.252

Robert Ambelain :

"Le Vampirisme - de la légende au réel" [1977]

Robert Laffont, Paris, France, 1977 - pp.240

I very much doubt that you will agree with all of Mr. Ambelain's ideas about vampires and vampirism. He appears to have been something of an expert in the field of the occult and seems to have known quite a bit about all sorts of half forgotten mysteries. The least we can say is that he did have his own original approach to the subject.

Ioanna Andreesco :

"Où sont passés les Vampires ?" [1997]

Éditions Payot, Paris, France, 1997 - pp.176
ISBN: 2 228 89100 2

This is an excellent book about contemporary Romanian popular belief in vampires. It seems a pity that the author has chosen to convert her fascinating and authentic material into a more or less fictional format. Nevertheless, there's more to be learnt from this book than from many other sources purporting to be serious nonfiction studies.

anon. :

"Vampiri - Miti, leggende, letteratura, cinema, fumetti, multimedialità" [1998]

Casa Editirice Nord, Milano, Italy, 1998 - pp.160
ISBN: 88 429 1059 7

Miguel G Aracil :

"Vampiros - Mito y Realidad de los No-Muertos" [2002]

Editorial EDAF, Madrid, Spain, 2003 - pp.190
ISBN: 84 414 1242 1

This is very interesting. Apart from the usual material that we could easily have found elsewhere, there is the 3rd part of this book, which consists of two chapters. The first one is about vampirism in Spain, and the other (rather shocking) chapter is about the so-called "Sacamantecas". This is the kind of book that we need. New material about European vampirism. Preferably (as in this case) well researched and written by a local expert. Can we have some more, please ?

Jordi Ardanuy [b.1965] :

"Los Vampiros" [2009]

Editorial Laetoni, Pamplona, Spain, 2009 - pp.132
ISBN: 978 84 92422 08 1

The book starts with an intelligent overview of the ancient type of vampires. Followed by many classical cases of vampirism. Then follows an extremely interesting chapter called "Escepticismo y critica ilustrada". This is absolutely brilliant stuff and should by itself be sufficient reason for you to buy the book. I have read a lot of material about the old discussions about vampires. But here we get to learn more about the Spanish participation in those discussions. Which is something I had been unaware of so far. And, being the miserable non-fiction vampire person that I am, I was also pleased to find that almost all of this book is indeed about "our kind of vampire" and that the presence of the ficitional vampire from film and literature has been limited to about a dozen pages. Don't let the Dracula cartoon on the cover fool you. This is an important book. If you do read Spanish, make sure that you get yourself a copy while you can !

Francisco Javier Arries :

"Vampiros - Bestiario de Ultratumba" [2007]

Ediciones Minotauro, Barcelona, Spain, 2007 -pp.398
ISBN: 978 84 08 06355 1

This is a very nicely produced hardcover book, written by a serious investigator who appears to have a much broader interest in occult matters than "just vampires". The book has been well written and gives an inteligent almost comprehensive overview of the many things that do have a vampire connection. Obviously, and as usual, I am less interested in the chapter about old Vlad Tepes or the section called "Art and the Vampire". Having said that, there is plenty of other material that is of much more interest, even to an old madman like myself. There is an interesting overview of vampires around the world. There is a large chapter about the "Historia del Vampirismo Europeo". There is quite a lot of material about blooddrinking criminals. If you are looking for a good introduction and overview of vampirism, and supposing that you do read Catalan, then make sure that you buy yourself a copy of this book.

It may be nice to know that the author of this excellent book does have a website. Go check it out !    Javier Arries

Nina Auerbach :

"Our Vampires, Ourselves" [1995]

University of Chicago Press, Chicago & London, 1995 - pp.232
ISBN: 0 226 03202 7

Christoph Augustynowicz & Ursula Reber (ed.) :

"Vampirismus und Magia Posthuma im Diskurs der Habsburgermonarchie" [2011]

LIT Verlag, Vienna & Berlin, 2011 - pp.284
ISBN: 978 3 643 50320 6

In 2009 the "Universität Wien" held a "Konferenz" with the theme "Vampyrismus und magia posthuma im Diskurs der Habsburgermonarchie im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert". Various experts submitted and presented interesting papers on subjects relevant to the theme. Lucky for us, these papers have now been bundled and published.

Paul Barber :

"Vampires, Burial, and Death" [1988]

Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 1988 - pp.236
ISBN: 0 300 04126 8

An excellent piece of vampirological research. Mr. Barber has come up with an interesting theory to explain the belief in traditional vampires. And he has filled up his book with fascinating material, which is meant to support his ideas and thoughts on the subject. Whether you agree with his findings or not, this is a brilliant book. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

Michael E. Bell :

"Food for the Dead - On the Trail of New England's Vampires" [2001]

Carroll & Graf Publishers, New York, USA, 2001 - pp.338
ISBN: 0 7867 0899 9

Geographically a little outside our usual territory perhaps. But the vampire beliefs and practices that we find, most probably have travelled there together with the European emigrants who moved to America. Besides, this is an excellent book by any standard. Make sure that you don't miss it. RECOMMENDED !

"Food for the Dead - On the Trail of New England's Vampires" [2001]

Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, Connecticut, USA, 2011 - pp.340
ISBN: 978 0 8195 7170 0

Same brilliant book as above but with a brandnew preface by the author.

Jean-Marie Beurq & Bruno Lapeyre :

"Les Vampires" [1995]

Claire Vigne, 1995 - pp.288
ISBN: 2 84193 001 7

Nice photographs by Bruno Lapeyre. Which - sadly - seems to be about the best that I can say...

Pëtr Bogatyrëv :

"Vampires in the Carpathians - Magical Acts, Rites, and Beliefs in Subcarpathian Rus" [1929]

Columbia University Press, New York, 1998 - pp.188
ISBN: 0 88033 389 8

Interesting and scholarly work which gives much background information about the customs and popular belief of the area. Vampires do get a mention, but their prominent presence in the title of the book seems slightly misleading. Strangely, I could not find any vampires mentioned in the title of the earlier French translation on which this American edition is based.

Jocelyne Bonnet-Carbonell (ed.) :

"Malmorts, Revenants et Vampires en Europe" [2005]

L'Harmattan, Paris, France, 2005 - pp.322
ISBN 2 7475 9802 0

This is an excellent book with lots of different articles on various aspects of European belief in the return of the dead.

Norbert Borrmann :

"Vampirismus - oder die Sehnsucht nach Unsterblichkeit" [1998]

Diederichs, München, Germany, 2000 - pp.366
ISBN: 3 424 01351

This nice hardbound book was published at such a ridiculously low price that I was afraid that the quality of its contents would be of the same low level. I was wrong. Norbert Borrmann presents us with an interesting overview of Vampirism in which most vampire aspects seem to get a mention.

Jean-Paul Bourre :

"Le Culte du Vampire aujourd'hui" [1978]

Alain Lefeuvre, Nice, 1978 - pp.228
ISBN: 2 902639 11 2

"Dracula et les Vampires" [1981]

Éditions du Rocher, Monaco, 1981 - pp.162
ISBN: 2 268 00104 0

"Messes Rouges et Romantisme Noir" [1980]

Alain Lefeuvre, Nice, 1980 - pp.206
ISBN: 2 902639 44 9

"Le Sang, la Mort et le Diable" [1985]

Henri Veyrier, Paris, 1985 - pp.184
ISBN: 2 85199 362 3

"Les Vampires" [1986]

MA Editions, Paris, 1986 - pp.158
ISBN: 2 86 676 230 4

Ok, so maybe I don't consider Jean Paul Bourre to be "vampire researcher number one", but I have to hand it to him that his books (and often pretty wild stories) are practically always fascinating and entertaining. Every time I find one of his books, I am quite happy to add it to my collection.

Tommaso Braccini :

"Prima di Dracula - Archeologia del Vampiro" [2011]

Il Mulino, Bologna, Italy, 2011 - pp.270
ISBN: 978 88 15 23363 9

Rob Brautigam :

"De Dader ligt op het Kerkhof - Historische Vampiergevallen" [1989]

Vampire Control, Amsterdam, Netherlands

What can I say ? It is at the basis of what was later to become "SHROUDEATER".

Matthew Bunson :

"The Vampire Encyclopedia" [1993]

Crown Trade Paperbacks, New York, 1993 - pp.304
ISBN: 0 517 88100 4

Despite the somewhat presumptious title, this is not a bad book. Obviously it is not possible to cover a subject as complex as vampires & vampirism in a mere 300 pages. So don't expect any entries that go beyond the surface of things. Having said that, it is a nice book, presenting its contents in an A to Z manner, which could be quite useful for those who are new to the subject.

Dom Augustin Calmet [1672-1757] :

"Traité sur les apparitions des Esprits et sur les Vampires ou les Revenans de Hongrie, de Moravie &c."

Debure l'Aîné, Paris, 1751 - Volume I - pp.486

"Dissertation sur les Revenants en Corps, les Excommuniés, Les Oupirs ou Vampires, Brucolaques, etc." [1751]

Debure l'Aîné, Paris, 1751 - Volume II - pp.488

This is an important book, a real classic. It is my opinion that in his heart Dom Calmet was a true scientist and philosopher. Unfortunately, the fact that he also was a Catholic priest did put a certain limit on the things that he was allowed to write down. Before publication his work had to be approved by his superiors. But these limitations do not seem to have clouded his views.

"Dissertation sur les Revenants en Corps, les Excommuniés, Les Oupirs ou Vampires, Brucolaques, etc." [1751]

Éditions Jérôme Millon, Paris, 1986 - pp.350

This is a modern reprint of Volume II of Dom Calmet's "Traité sur les apparitions des Esprits et sur les Vampires ou les Revenants de Hongrie, de Moravie etc."

"Des hochwürdigen Herrn Augustini Calmet, Abt zu Senon, Ord.S.Bened., Gelehrte Verhandlung von denen sogenannten Vampiren oder zurückkommenden Verstorbenen in Ungarn, Mähren etc." [1751]

Merlin verlag, Hamburg, Germany, 1976 - pp.242

A German translation of Calmet's 2nd book. It also includes an interesting piece by Wolfgang Bauer: "Von denen Traktaten - die historischen Vampirschriften und ihre Verfasser".

"Gelehrte Verhandlung der Materie von den Erscheinungen der Geister, und der Vampire in Ungarn und Mähren." [1749]

Edition Roter Drache, Rudolstadt, Germany, 2006 - pp.318
ISBN: 978 3 939459 03 3

Another much more interesting German translation of both of Calmet's vampire books. With lots of interesting notes and other things to keep us happy. If you need a German version, I can recommend this one.

Marie Capdecomme :

"La Vie des Morts - Enquete sur les Fantomes d'Hier et d'Aujourd'hui" [1997]

Editions Imago, Paris, France, 1997 - pp.330
ISBN: 2 911416 02 3

Interesting material about Revenants.

Matei Cazacu :

"Dracula - la vera Storia di Vlad III l'Impalatore" [2004]

Mondadori, Milano, Italy, 2006 - pp.356
ISBN: 88 04 55392 8

Have not had a chance to go through it properly, but at a first glance it looks like something that would definitely interest the historical Dracula crowd.

Massimo Centini :

"Sulle tracce dei Vampiri - alla ricerca delle creature dell'oscurità" [1997]

Laura Rangoni Editore, Pioltello, Italy, 1997 - pp.126
ISBN: 88 86513 66 6

"Il Vampirismo" [2000]

Xenia Edizione, Milano, Italy, 2000 - pp.126
ISBN: 88 7273 417 7

Luis García Chapinal :

"Vampirismo - Entre la Realidad y la Leyenda" [2000]

Eride Editorial, Madrid, Spain, 2003 - pp.160
ISBN: 84 89995 42 7

Let us just say that - to me - the ghost of Montague Summers appears to be heavily present in large parts of this book. Having said that, I will be happy to admit that there are quite a few interesting bits and pieces as well.

Theresa Cheung :

"The Element Encyclopedia of Vampires" [2009]

Harper Collins, London, UK, 2009 - pp.686
ISBN 978 0 00 731279 5

Massive book at a sympathetic price. Obviously it is no alternative to a well-filled library with specialist books. But I can see a use for it. And books like this are always nice to browse through and read a bit of this and that. Not bad at all !

Daniel Cohen :

"Real Vampires" [1995]

Cobblehill Books, Dutton NY, USA, 1995 - pp.116
ISBN: 0 525 65189 6

Most of the material in this book can also be found in the works of Montague Summers. Fortunately, there's also some material on American vampires which is more original. The book also has a short chapter about the so-called Highgate Vampire.

Basil Copper [b.1924] :

"The Vampire in Legend and Fact" [1973]

Robert Hale & Company, London, UK, 1973 - pp.208

What can I say ? I much prefer Basil Copper's horror stories.

Adrien Cremene :

"La Mythologie du Vampire en Roumanie" [1981]

Éditions du Rocher, Monaco, 1981 - pp.250

A very interesting book that offers a lot of valuable material on Romanian folk beliefs. Much of this information is rare and hard to find elsewhere. Highly recommended. I would love to see similar efforts published about other European regions.

Bob Curran :

"Encyclopedia of the Undead - A Field Guide to the Creatures that cannot rest in Peace" [2006]

The Career Press, Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA, 2006 - pp.312
ISBN: 1 56414 841 6

"Vampires - A Field Guide to the Creatures that stalk the Night" [2005]

The Career Press, Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA, 2005 - pp.222
ISBN: 1 56414 841 6

Giuseppe Davanzati (1665-1755) :

"Dissertatione sopra i Vampiri" [1774]

Besa, Bari, Italy, 1998 - pp.160
ISBN: 88 86730 49 7

This interesting and important book, which first saw publication almost 2 decades after Davanzati's death, was actually written before Dom Calmet wrote his famous work on vampires. Davanzati's opus is one of the classic works on vampires. For obvious reasons, it is practically impossible to find an original edition these days, which is why I am very pleased that someone has had the good sense to do a reprint of it.

Francois Ribadeau Dumas :

"A la recherche des Vampires" [1976]

Marabout, Verviers, Belgium, 1976 - pp.250

Alan Dundes (ed.) :

"The Vampire - A Casebook" [1998]

University of Wisconsin Press, Madison - Wisconsin, USA, 1998 - pp.182
ISBN: 0 299 159245 8

A number of fascinating essays about the traditional vampire by people who definitely give the impression that they know what they are talking about. If traditional European vampires is your thing, then make sure that you get yourself a copy.

Manuela Dunn Mascetti :

"Chronicles of the Vampire" [1991]

Bloomsbury Publishing, London, UK, 1991 - pp.192
ISBN: 0 7475 0996 4

Gorgeously illustrated book on vampires.

Nicolaus Equiamicus :

"Vampire - Von damals bis(s) heute" [2010]

Ubooks Verlag, Diest, Germany, 2010 - pp.288
ISBN: 978 3 86608 149 9

Interesting and informative book covering a lot of the subject.

Tony Faivre :

"Les Vampires" [1962]

Le Terrain vague, Paris, France, 1962 - pp.256

For more than 30 years I have been trying to get hold of this brilliant French classic. Thanks to the miracle of e-Bay, I am now the proud and happy owner of a beautiful copy, signed by the author. What more could I want ?

Antoine Faivre & Jean Marigny (ed.) :

"Colloque de Cerisy - Les Vampires" [1993]

Albin Michel, Paris, France, 1993 - pp.304
ISBN 2 226 06611 X

A number of academic papers, mostly on the subject of the vampire in fiction. But amongst them are a couple of excellent articles about the traditional vampire. Antoine Faivre's brilliant bibliography most certainly deserves a special mention.

David Farrant :

"Beyond the Highgate Vampire" [1992]

B.P.O.S., London, UK, 1992 - pp.44
ISBN 0 9517867 0 9

If you have an interest in the hoax of the so-called "Highgate Vampire" then you might want to read this short but interesting book.

"The Vampire Syndrome - the Truth behind the Highgate Vampire Legend" [2000]

Mutiny! Press, London, UK, 2000 - pp.66
ISBN 0 9517867 4 1

Daniel Farson :

"Vampires, Zombies, and Monster Men" [1975]

Aldus Books, London, UK, 1975 - pp.144

Miriam Ferraris :

"Vampiri - Narrazioni e Realta' sui Risurgenti" [1993]

Dexonis, Italy, 1993 - pp.102

Charming little book published in an edition of 500 numbered copies. Some material by Dom Calmet, Davanzati, Agrippa, Blavatsky plus some well-known fiction by Polidori and LeFanu.

Martí Fló, Valentin Ferrán Redero & Jordi Ardanuy Baró :

"Vampiros: Magia postúma dentro y fuera de España" [1994]

Luna Negra Ediciones, Barcelona, Spain, 1994 - pp.182

Interesting little book that I have finally managed to get hold of. To me, the most fascinating part without a doubt is Jordi Ardanuy's chapter about "Vampirismo en España". The bibliography also features some further titles that sound of interest.

Alan Frank :

"Monsters and Vampires" [1976]

Octopus Books, London, UK, 1976 - pp.160
ISBN: 7064 05250

Nancy Garden :

"Vampires" [1973]

J.P.Lippincott, Philadelphia & New York, USA, 1973

Ivanichka Georgieva :

"Bulgarian Mythology" [1985]

Svyat, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1985 - pp.210

A very good book on Bulgarian folk belief and superstition by a local ethno expert. Giving much information on a neglected subject. The book does have a special chapter about "The World of the Dead", which mentions and describes different types of Bulgarian vampires.

Fabio Giovannini :

"Il Libro dei Vampiri" [1997]

Edizioni Dedalo, Bari, Italy, 1997 - pp.246
ISBN: 88 220 4538 6

Although it is mainly concentrating on vampire fiction, this book is not without interest. As a bonus, it is also very nicely illustrated.

Donald F. Glut :

"True Vampires of History" [1971]

HC Publishers Inc., USA, 1971

Jean Goens :

"Loups-Garous, Vampires et autres Monstres" [1993]

CNRS Editions, Paris, France, 1993 - pp.144
ISBN: 2 271 05085 5

This book has been written by a medical man and includes chapters about the Elephant Man, Richard III, werewolves, vampires and Jack the Ripper. It features a large number of interesting illustrations and a nice reading list. Personally I would have prefered a little more factual material and a little less material on vampire fiction. But it is a good book just the same.

Juan Gomez-Alonso :

"Los Vampiros a la Luz de la Medicina" [1995]

Neuropress S.L., Vigo, Spain, 1995 - pp.206
ISBN: 84 605 2916 9

An original and interesting book written by a medical specialist from Galicia who investigates the possible link between vampires and rabies.

Tim Greaves :

"Vampyres" [2003]

Draculina Publishing, Glen Carbon, IL., USA, 1996 - pp.86
ISBN: 0 9650439 1 6

Constantine Gregory :

"The Vampire Watcher's Handbook - A Guide for Slayers" [2003]

Piatkus Publishers, London, UK, 2003 - pp.160
ISBN: 0 7499 2450 0

Amazing little book, with more than enough well-written and intelligent information to keep anyone happy. As a bonus, the graphical design is absolutely stunning. It is incredible to see how the designers have managed to make it look as if the book has been spitten on, shitten on, bleeded upon and I'm not sure that I really want to know what else. Hats off and my sincere respect for the guys who have put together this brilliant little masterpiece. Be sure to get it you are lucky enough to find a copy !

Rosemary Ellen Guiley :

"The Complete Vampire Companion" [1994]

MacMillan, USA, 1994 - pp.258
ISBN: 0 671 85024 5

Peter Haining [b.1940] (ed.) :

"A Dictionary of Vampires" [2000]

Robert Hale, London, UK, 2000 - pp.288
ISBN: 0 7090 6550 7

"The Dracula Centenary Book" [1987]

Souvenir Press, London, UK, 1987 - pp.160
ISBN: 0 285 62822 4

"The Dracula Scrapbook" [1976]

New English Library, London, UK, 1976 - pp.176

Clare Haworth-Maden :

"The Essential Dracula - The Man, the Myths and the Movies" [1992]

Magna Books, Wigston, 1992

Douglas Hill :

"Return from the Dead" [1970]

Macdonald Unit 75, London, UK, 1970 - pp.122

Neglectable, superficial little book. Nevertheless, it does deserve a mention as it has a 15 page chapter on vampires.

Vincent Hillyer :

"Vampires" [1988]

Loose Change Publications, Los Banos, CA, USA, 1988 - pp.126
ISBN: 0 944707 03 3

Stefan Hock :

"Die Vampirsagen - und ihre Verwertung in der deutschen Literatur" [1900]

Edition Geheimes Wissen, no place, 2006 - pp.139

Barbara E. Hort :

"Unholy Hungers - Encountering the Psychic Vampire in Ourselves & Others" [1996]

Shambhala, Boston & London, 1996
ISBN: 1 57062 181 0

Olga Hoyt :

"Lust for Blood" [1984]

Stein & Day, New York, USA, 1986 - pp.246
ISBN: 0 8128 8196 6

Bernhardt J. Hurwood :

"Passport to the Supernatural" [1972]

New American Library, New York, USA, 1972 - pp.278

"Terror by Night" [1963]

Lancer Books, New York, USA, 1963 - pp.128

"The Vampire Papers" [1976]

Pinnacle Books, New York, USA, 1976 - pp.192
ISBN: 0 523 00975 5

"Vampires" [1981]

Omnibus Press, New York, USA, 1981 - pp.180
ISBN: 0 86001 834 2

"Vampires, Werewolves and Ghouls" [1968]

Ace Books, New York, USA, 1968 - pp.158

Massimo Introvigne :

"La Stirpe di Dracula - Indagine sul Vampirismo dall'Antichità ai nostri Giorni" [1997]

Mondadori, Milano, Italy, 2005 - pp.474
ISBN: 88 04 42735 3

Nigel Jackson :

"Compleat Vampyr - the Vampyre Shaman, Werewolves, Witchery & the Dark Mythology of the Undead" [1995]

Capal Bann Publishing, Chieveley, UK, 1995 - pp.158
ISBN: 1 898307 31 8

Mark Collins Jenkins :

"Vampire Forensics - Uncovering the Origins of an enduring Legend" [2010]

National Geographic, Washington, USA, 2010 - pp.304
ISBN: 978 1 4262 0607 8

Not a bad book for a general introduction of vampires in the widest sense of the word to a readership that is new to the subject. But personally, slightly misled by the title and the fact that Matteo Borrini was mentioned on the book cover, I must confess that I had been hoping for a few more suspect corpses and such.

Martin Jenkins :

"Informania: Vampires" [1998]

Walker Books, London, UK, 1998 - pp.92
ISBN: 0 7445 2894 1

Emile Jobbé-Duval :

"Les Morts Malfaisants" [1924]

Editions Exergue, Chambéry, France, 2000 - pp.206
ISBN: 2 911525 47 7

Brilliant study about the "evil dead" in ancient Rome, written by a French expert on Roman law, belief, customs and superstition.

David Keyworth :

"Troublesome Corpses - Vampires and Revenants - From Antiquity to the Present" [2007]

Desert Island Books Ltd., Southend-on-Sea, UK, 2007 - pp.320
ISBN: 978 1 905328 30 7

Superb study by a brilliant Australian scholar about undead corpses in Europe. David Keyworth has discovered an amazing lot of absolutely fascinating material, and he has managed to present his ideas in such a way that they actually makes sense, even to someone as shallow as myself. Book of the Year, as far as I am concerned. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

Peter Kremer :

"Draculas Vettern - Auf den Spuren des Vampirglaubens in Deutschland" [2006]

PeKaDe Verlag, Düren, Germany, 2006 - pp.208

Outstanding study about the old vampire belief in Germany. According to the author, a work still in progress which at this moment is available as a print-out of the manuscript or as a PDF file on CD. If you do read German, make sure that you don't miss this one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

"Draculas Vettern" can be bought through eBay. And here is a link to the site of the publisher:  www.pekade-verlag.de 

Peter Mario Kreuter :

"Der Vampirglaube in Südosteuropa - Studien zur Genese, Bedeutung und Funktion - Rumänien und der Balkanraum" [2001]

Weidler Buchverlag, Berlin, Germany, 2001 - pp.218
ISBN: 3 89693 709 X

Walter-Jörg Langbein :

"Zombies, Werwölfe und Vampire" [2006]

in: "Kreaturen der Nacht - Die Welt jenseits unserer Sinne" [2006]
Verlag Carl Ueberreuter, Wien, Austria, 2006 - pp.430

Clive Leatherdale :

"Dracula - The Novel & The Legend" [1985]

The Leisure Circle, UK, 1985 - pp.256

What can I say ? The first couple of chapters deal with traditional vampirism. The rest of the book should appeal to those who are into Dracula and vampire fiction.

Claude Lecouteux :

"Dialogue avec un Revenant" [1999]

Presses de l'Université de Paris-Sorbonne, Paris, France, 1999 - pp.150
ISBN: 2 84050 156 2

The brilliant Claude Lecouteux, expert on Medieval superstition, has unearthed this 15th Century report on an encounter and discussion with a Revenant.

"Fantômes et Revenants au Moyen Âge" [1986]

Éditions Imago, Paris, 1986 - pp.254
ISBN: 2 902702 33 7

The above title does include material about revenants that is of interest to those who study traditional vampires.

"Histoires des Vampires" [1999]

Éditions Imago, Paris, 1999 - pp.188
ISBN: 2 911416 29 5

And, of course, Claude Lecouteux has also published his own special study on the subject of vampires. The book is just as good and interesting as any of his other volumes.

René de Lhamort :

"Le Vampirisme Aujourd'hui - de la Contimination Virale à la Réalisation du Corps Immortel" [2003]

Editions Télètes, Paris, France, 2003 - pp.120
ISBN: 2 906031 57 7

Paul van Loon & Jack Didden :

"Vampierhandboek" [1997]

Elzenga, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1997
ISBN: 90 258 3673 9

As a matter of fact this is a book which is meant for children. The authors, however, have managed to put an awful lot of information in there. It puts to shame many a book that is supposed to have been written for older readers. The book has been translated in a large number of other languages.

Sean Manchester :

"The Highgate Vampire" [1975]

in: "The Vampire's Bedside Companion", Leslie Frewin, London, UK, 1975
ISBN: 0 85632 101 X

Early version of Sean's Highgate story. Rather interesting in view of the later revisions and changes. With a little bit of luck, you may still find a 2nd hand copy somewhere.

"The Haunting of Hell House" [1975]

in: "New Witchcraft", no.4, edited by Brian Netscher, UK, 1975

In a similar manner, early report, quite interesting in view of the later stories. This one, I am afraid, is extremely rare and will be very hard to find.

"The Highgate Vampire" [1985]

British Occult Society, London, UK, 1985 - pp.172
ISBN: 0 9510606 0 0

Without a doubt - with all the hillarious photos and everything - this edition, as published by the British Occult Society, simply is the most entertaining and exciting version of the Highgate story. If you are lucky enough to find a 2nd hand copy of it somewhere, do not hesitate and go for it !

"The Highgate Vampire (revised edition)" [1991]

Gothic Press, London, UK, 1991 - pp.188
ISBN: 1 872486 01 0

Very nicely produced hardcover book. Unfortunately the somewhat disappointing revision of the story does not compare to the much more interesting 1985 edition. For further comments see our future page about the Highgate "Vampire" which is meant to be moved online before long.

Jean Marigny :

"Sang pour Sang - Le Réveil des Vampires" [1993]

Gallimard, Paris, France, 1993 - pp.144
ISBN: 2 07 053203 8

Much about vampire fiction, but more than sufficient material about the traditional vampire as well. The often rare illustrations by themselves are worth the price of the book. This title is part of a series that has been translated and published in a lot of different countries. So it can't be very hard to find yourself a copy of it.

Jean Markale :

"L'Enigme des Vampires" [1991]

Pygmalion, Paris, France, 1991 - pp.310
ISBN: 2 85704 353 8

Simon Marsden :

"Vampires - the Twilight World" [2011]

Palazzo Editions, Bath, UK, 2011 - pp.192
ISBN: 978 0 9564942 8 3

Very nice and atmospheric photographs of various vampire locations with accompanying text by the man who took the photos.

Anthony Masters :

"The Natural History of the Vampire" [1972]

Granada Publishing, London, UK, 1972 - pp.260
ISBN: 0 246 10544 5

Bruce A. McClelland :

"Slayers and their Vampires - A Cultural History of Killing the Dead" [2006]

University of Michigan Press, USA, 2006 - pp.260
ISBN: 0 472 06923 3

Georgess McHargue :

"Meet the Vampire" [1979]

J.B. Lippincott, New York, USA, 1979 - pp.80
ISBN: 0 397 31833 2

Short introduction to traditional vampires, meant for juveniles.

Raymond T. McNally :

"A clutch of vampires" [1974]

Warner Books, New York, USA, 1975 - pp.240

J. Gordon Melton :

"The Vampire Book - The Encyclopedia of the Undead" [1994]

Visible Ink Press, Detroit, USA, 1994 - pp.852
ISBN: 0 8103 2295 1

Elizabeth Miller (ed.) :

"Bram Stoker's DRACULA - a documentary Journey into Vampire Country and the Dracula Phenomenon" [2001]

Pegasus Books, New York, USA, 2009 - pp.392
ISBN: 978 1 60598 052 2

Ok, so maybe I may not be the greatest Dracula fan in the world, but this looks like a rather interesting book, good enough even to give it a place in my vampire book section. Further information to follow soon.

Hans Meurer :

"Vampire - Die Engel der Finsternis" [2001]

Eulen Verlag Harald Gläser, Freiburg i. Brsg., Germany, 2001 - pp.136
ISBN: 3 89102 460 6

Carla Corradi Musi :

"Vampiri Europei e Vampiri dell'Area Sciamanica" [1995]

Rubbettino, Messina, Italy, 1995 - pp.200
ISBN: 88 7284 327 8

Sadly, it is a rare thing to find a book about vampires that has been written by an author who has some original ideas on the subject. But we managed to find another one. Carla Corradi Musi has written an excellent book that - perhaps - deserves to be translated in other languages.

Lynn Myring :

"Vampires, Werewolves & Demons" [1979]

Usborne Publishing, London, UK, 1979 - pp.64
ISBN: 0 86020 248 8

Hugo G. Nutini & John M. Roberts :

"Bloodsucking Witchcraft - an epistemological study of anthropomorphic supernaturalism in rural Tlaxcala" [1993]

University of Arizona Press, Tucson & London, 1993 - pp.476
ISBN: 0 8165 1197 7

If you have any ambition to conduct your vampire research in a true scientific manner, then be sure to check out this book. Despite the fact that it is not about the traditional European undead, there is no way I could have left it out of this list of recommended books. These guys really show you how it's done. They have covered their subject from all possible angles. This is what true vampirology should be like.

Jan L. Perkowski :

"The Darkling - a treatise on Slavic Vampirism" [1989]

Slavica Publishers Inc., Columbus - Ohio, 1989 - pp.174
ISBN: 0 89357 200 4

This is a marvelous book. Frankly, I could have lived without things like the parts about literary vampires, but fortunately there is also more factual material in there. The section called "Slavic Testimony" by itself is well worth the price of the book. Highly recommended

Jan L. Perkowski (ed.) :

"Vampires of the Slavs" [1976]

Slavica Publishers Inc., Cambridge - Mass., USA, 1976 - pp.294

An excellent anthology which features a number of first-class contributions, plus translations of East-European material that would be very hard to find (or read).

Franco Pezzini :

"Cercando Carmilla - la leggenda della donna vampira" [2000]

Ananke, Torino, Italy, 2000 - pp.160
ISBN: 88 86626 67 3

A substantial part of the book deals with vampire fiction, in particular with stories like LeFanu's "Carmilla" and Stoker's "Dracula's Guest". Stories that suggest that Steiermark or Styria is a "vampire region". Franco Pezzini has also investigated the theory that "Carmilla" might be based on a real historical figure: Barbara of Cilli, the 2nd wife of Emperor Sigismund of Luxemburg. And he has managed to unearth some rather interesting facts about this "vampire lady". Facts that you would not easily find elsewhere. Without a doubt, this is an excellent and original study that definitely deserves to be translated into other languages.

Frater Piarus :

"Vampire und Blutrituale" [2003]

Bohmeier Verlag, Leipzig, Germany, 2003 - pp.144
ISBN: 3 89094 381 0

"Vampiri" [2005]

Venexia Editrice, Roma, Italy, 2005 - pp. 200
ISBN: 88 87944 36 9

Katherine Ramsland :

"The Science of Vampires" [2002]

Berkley Boulevard Books, New York, USA, 2002 - pp.278
ISBN: 978 0 425 18616 9

To me it seems like this book is an unusual but thought stimulating attempt to focus on the vampire. In the widest sense of the word, and from every possible angle. It would have been easy for me to lose direction among all those interesting bits of information, so I do appreciate the fact that the book comes with a very complete index. If you have a somewhat wider interest in vampires, then do yourself a favour and make sure you get yourself a copy.

Michael Ranft :

"De la Mastication des Morts dans leur Tombeaux" [1728]

Jérôme Millon, Grenoble, France, 1995 - pp.126

I am always delighted and excited when I find that a classical non-fiction book on vampires has been reprinted. In this case I am even more happy because the publisher has had the good sense to have the book translated from Latin into French, thus saving me many hours of misery. With an intelligent introduction by the translator Danielle Sonnier, this was a great find. I am much indebted to both publisher and translator. And I'd also like to say "thank you" to the good people at Amazon France without whose amazing catalogue I would never have discovered this brilliant reprint.

"Traktat von dem Kauen und schmatzen der Toten in Gräbern" [1733]

Ubooks, Diedorf, Germany, 2006 - pp.162
ISBN: 3 86608 015 8

German version edited by Nicolaus Equiamicus.

Eric J. Rebel :

"De Vampier - een beschouwing" [1972]

Unpublished manuscript, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1972 - pp.23

Laurence A. Rickels :

"The Vampire Lectures" [1999]

University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, USA, 1999 - pp.358
ISBN: 0 8166 3392 4

Just a little bit too much material on vampire fiction for the likes of me. But there are more than enough other interesting bits and pieces. "Incredibly rich and thought provoking", according to Anne Rice. Well, who am I to argue with that.

Gabriel Ronay :

"The Dracula Myth" [1972]

Pan Books, London, UK, 1972 - pp.190
ISBN: 0 330 24246 6

Much about Vlad Tepes and Elizabeth Bathory, with additional chapters about Ivan the Terrible, Nazi Germany and the Cold War.

Jean-Paul Ronecker :

"Encyclopaedia Vampirica" [2009]

Editions Le Temps Présent, Agnières, France, 2009 - pp.458
ISBN: 2 35185 035 1

I know that it is quite impossible to cover the complete subject in a book like this. But I must admit that this seems like one of the better attempts that I have seen. It is a very nice book indeed.

"Vampires" [2001]

Editions Pardès, Puiseaux, France, 2001 - pp.124
ISBN: 2 86714 195 8

Daniel C. Scavone :

"Vampires" [1990]

Greenhaven Press, San Diego, USA, 1990 - pp.80
ISBN: 0 89908 080 4

Hagen Schaub :

"Vampire - Dem Mythos auf der Spur" [2011]

MarixVerlag, Wiesbaden, Germany, 2011 - pp.320
ISBN: 978 3 86539 255 8

Don't be put off by the picture on the front cover. You might easily mistake this for yet another 3rd rate vampire novel. And that would be a serious mistake. In fact this is an excellent book that contains a wealth of useful information. If you do read German, then make sure that you get yourself a copy.

Jean-Claude Schmitt :

"Récits d'Outre-Tombe - Les Revenants au Moyen Age"

in: "La Mort et l'Immortalité - Encyclopédie des Savoirs et des Croyances"
Bayard, Paris, France, 2004 - pp.1686
ISBN 2 7028 9909 9

Thomas Schürmann :

"Nachzehrerglauben in Mitteleuropa" [1990]

Elwert Verlag, Marburg, Germany, 1990 - pp.160
ISBN: 3 7708 0938 6

Without a doubt the best book on Nachzehrer that I have ever seen.

Wolfgang Schwerdt :

"Vampire, Wiedergänger und Untote" [2011]

Vergangenheitsverlag, Berlin, Germany, 2011 - pp.158
ISBN: 978 3 940621 39 9

Harry A. Senn :

"Were-Wolf and Vampire in Romania" [1982]

Columbia University Press, New York, USA, 1982 - pp.148
ISBN: 0 914710 93 1

A little bit overpriced if you ask me. Nevertheless, this book brings you some interesting background material that you will not easily find elsewhere.

Jacques Sirgent :

"Le Vampire en France" [2010]

Editions Juste Pour Lire, France, 2010 - pp.190
ISBN 2 3615 1002 2

David J. Skal :

"V is for Vampire" [1996]

Plume (Penguin Books), New York & London, 1996 - pp.288
ISBN: 0 452 27173 8

Another attempt at creating a true "Vampire Encyclopedia", or at least some sort of vampire A-Z.

Lionel St. Clyde :

"Der Vampyrismus" [no date]

Edition Geheimes Wissen, Austria, 2007 - pp.72

Otto Steiner :

"Vampirleichen - Vampirprozesse in Preussen" [1959]

Kriminalistik, Hamburg, Germany, 1959 - pp.60

Small but rare and interesting book with the juridical analysis of a couple of historical "vampire trials" written by no one less than a regular "Oberstaatsanwalt". Another great book that - after many years of searching - I finally managed to get hold of, thanks to the miracle of eBay !

Eric W. Steinhauer :

"Vampyrologie für Bibliothekare" [2010]

Eiesnhut Verlag, Hagen-Berchum, Germany, 2011 - pp.102
ISBN: 978 3 942090 06 3

Petr Stepan :

"Kniha Nosferatu - Vampyrska bible" [2003]

Adonai, Prague, Czech Republic, 2003 - pp.158
ISBN: 80 7337 012 3

"The Book Nosferatu - Vampire Bible", is a book about vampirism written by Czech pop-musician Petr Stepan. For people like myself the final chapter is the most interesting of the book as it is all about the "vampire cemetery" of Celakovice.
In the meantime (and we are talking 2008 now) a new edition of the book has been published. Plus a special numbered edition limited to 666 copies, which have been signed by the author and come with a CD by Petr Stepan's band "XIII. stoleti".

Dieter Sturm & Klaus Völker (ed.) :

"Von denen Vampiren oder Menschensaugern - Dichtungen und Dokumente" [1968]

Carl Hanser Verlag, München, Germany, 1973 - pp.610
ISBN: 3 446 11437 8

Although a substantial part of the book is filled with fiction, there are a lot of good things to be found in there. The section titled "Dokumente" contains much valuable material. The essay "Historischer Bericht" by Klaus Völker is also quite interesting. It may be worth mentioning that there have been later editions where the fiction was published seperate from the more interesting non-fiction material.

Montague Summers [1880-1948] :

"The Vampire - his kith and kin" [1928]

University Books, New York, USA, 1960 - pp.356

Well-known work on vampires by the eccentric Summers. It has served as an example and resource book for dozens of "writers" who were too lazy to sit down and create their own books about vampires. Often criticised, and rightfully so, it remains a great piece of work. At the time that it was first published, there simply wasn't anything like it.

"The Vampire in Europe" [1929]

Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, London, UK, 1929 - pp.330

Summers' follow-up to his first vampire book. More concentrated on the traditional vampire than the first volume. No vampire library should be without these books. Especially since both books have recently been reprinted by Studio Editions of London, UK. These reprints, large paperbacks, cost next to nothing.

Gerhard van Swieten :

"Vampyrismus" [1988]

S.E.Flaccovio, Palermo, Italy, 1988 - pp.80
ISBN: 88 7804 026 6

In this fascinating little book we find the 1787 version of Gerard van Swieten's "Considerazione intorno alla pretesa magia postuma per servire alla storia de' Vampiri". There is an interesting essay by Piero Violante about "I Vampiri di Maria Teresa". Also included are the "Decreti di Maria Teresa".

Tony Thorne :

"Children of the Night - of Vampires and Vampirism" [1999]

Victor Gollancz, London, UK, 1999 - pp.296
ISBN: 0 575 06646 6

Malinka A.N. Tschernigow :

"Ukrainische Dämonologie - Überlieferte Ursprünge und kultischer Brauchtum der Hexen und Hexer über das Leben der Toten, der Geister, Werwölfe und Vampire" [1886]

Bohmeier Verlag, Lübeck, Germany, 2001 - pp.80
ISBN: 3 89094 346 2

Aylin Ünal, Fatih Danaci & Giovanni Scognamillo :

"Vampir Manifestolari" [2009]

Kitap, Istanbul, Turkey, 2009 - pp.304

A book written by three Turkish vampire experts. It seems to cover many aspects of vampires and vampirism: among other things there are vampire killers, vampires in literature, vampire music, and a large section on vampire films.

Peter Underwood (ed.) :

"The Vampire's Bedside Companion" [1975]

Leslie Frewin, London, UK, 1975 - pp.248
ISBN: 0 85632 101 X

Although the main part of this book is filled with vampire fiction, the first part is not without interest. It is quite interesting to compare a certain gentleman's original report about "The Highgate Vampire" with some of his more recent revisions. Uh. . . revisions ? Not really, let's be more precise and call them "fantasies".

Roland Villeneuve :

"Loups-Garous et Vampires" [1960]

Editions J'ai Lu, Paris, France, 1970 - pp.188

"Loups-Garous et Vampires" [1991]

Pierre Bordas & Fils, 1991 - pp.342
ISBN: 2 86311 211 2

Generally speaking - and disregarding the few excellent exceptions - I find that the average English or American book about vampires hardly ever comes up with material that you have not seen before. So it is nice to note that French books on the subject, even the bad or mediocre ones, usually tend to be much more original. Having said that, I'd like to stress the fact that this particular book is not bad or mediocre at all. As a bonus, the later edition also features some very nice illustrations.

Roland Villeneuve & Jean-Louis Degaudenzi :

"Le musée des vampires" [1976]

Henri Veyrier, Paris, France, 1976 - pp.368
ISBN: 2 85199 120 05

This is a great book with loads of fascinating illustrations, which covers many aspects of vampires and vampirism.

Ornella Volta & Valerio Riva (ed.) :

"I Vampiri tra Noi - presentati da Roger Vadim" [1960]

Feltrinelli Editori, Milano, Italy, 1960 - pp.788

Even though practically all the space is taken up by vampire fiction, the nonfiction part, small as it may be, is definitely worthy of our attention.

"Roger Vadim présente: Histoires de Vampires" [1961]

Éditions Robert Laffont, Paris, France, 1961 - pp.594

French translation/edition of the above book.

Nathan Wachtel :

"Dieux et Vampires - Retour à Chipaya" [1992]

Editions du Seuil, France, 1992 - pp.188
ISBN: 2 02 044476 4

Very interesting book about Bolivian indians and the rather extreme ways in which they protect themselves from vampires.

Pérel Wilgowicz :

"Le Vampirisme - de la Dame Blanche au Golem - essai sur la pulsion de mort et sur l'irreprésentable" [2000]

Césura, Meyzieu, France, 2000 - pp.354
ISBN: 2 905709 83 9

Written by a "member of the Société Psychanalytique de Paris", who appears to know an awful lot about such matters as literature, mythology, psychoanalysis, and God knows what else, this definitely isn't the sort of book that could ever be labeled as "easy-reading". Nevertheless, it is worth the effort if you are interested in getting to see the vampire from a different angle.

Rowan Wilson :

"Vampires - Bloodsuckers from beyond the grave" [1997]

Parragon, Bristol, 1997 - pp.170
ISBN: 0 75252 136 5

I will quote the back cover: "Before reading this book, buy a cross and some garlic. And be prepared to sleep with the cover pulled up around your neck tonight." Uh, yeah... The chapters about old Vlad and about "the Vampire in Literature" do not have anything new to offer. But the last part of the book, about Vampire Murderers and Flesh Eaters, is not without interest.

Daniel J. Wood :

"Realm of the Vampire - History and the Undead" [2011]

Galde Press, Lakeville, Minnesota, USA, 2011 -pp.160
ISBN: 978 1 931942 86 7

To me, it is a rare pleasure to read a book as interesting as this. Frankly, I can't imagine why the book hasn't got some reference to Poland in its title. For that is what it's all about. True, there is a very nice chapter about the New England vampires. But I am delighted to report that the main part of the book is all about various Polish superstitions and - better still - about the Polish belief in vampires. Until now, I have found that practically all of the existing material that has been published about Polish vampirism is either in Polish or in German, which makes it less accessible to a lot of people. Here we do not have that problem. Daniel J. Wood's book, which is very well written, presents us with a wealth of fascinating information about the Polish Undead. Where possible, all things have been nicely put into the context of Poland's often tragic and tumultuous history. And there is a lot of relevant material that you won't find anywhere else. Without a doubt the very best book on the subject of Polish vampires that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. If only we could have books like this about all the European vampire regions...

Dudley Wright :

"Vampires and Vampirism" [1914]

William Rider & Son, London, 1924 - pp.220

Recommended ? I hardly think so. The book is incredibly inaccurate. Names and other facts are messed up beyond recognition. We can find how one and the same case is presented twice as different cases. There are plenty of serious reasons for criticism. And yet, despite all of its shortcomings, it remains an effort that should at least get a mention as a first of its kind. For the book does antedate and seems to have had quite some influence on the vampire books of Montague Summers.

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