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On this page you will find the bibliographical details of a number of Spanish language books on Vampires, Vampirism and related subjects. Not to complicate things, we will also use this page to list books in Catalan and the other languages of the country, supposing that we find them. In case you happen to know about other interesting titles, and have details on where I can find or order them, please be sure to let me know. Your help will be much appreciated. Here are links to a couple of Spanish sites that you really ought to visit:
Cercle-V      and      Sociedad Española de Estudios sobre Vampiros (CEEV)

anon :

"Langenscheidt Praktisches Wörterbuch Spanisch" [no date]

Langenscheidt, Berlin and München, Germany, no date - pp.576
ISBN: 3 468 73059 4

Once again, now where would we be without a dictionary ? I know, this is a rather modest and minimal one. And I will probably try to find myself something better one day. Then again, it is a rare thing for me to read or translate "Spanish" (or "Castilian" as seems to be the official name of that language). Plus there is the complicating circumstance that there are various regions of Spain where other languages are spoken. The "Catalan" language has a close relation to Spanish. There is "Galician", which is related to "Portuguese" or so I have been told. And there is "Euskera", which is the kind of language of which I do not understand one single word.

Miguel G. Aracil [b.1955] :

"Vampiros - Mito y Realidad de los No-Muertos" [2002]

Editorial EDAF, Madrid, Spain, 2003 - pp.190
ISBN: 84 414 1242 1

This is a rather interesting book without a doubt. Apart from the usual material that we could more easily have found elsewhere, there is the 3rd part of this book, which consists of two chapters. The first one is about vampirism in Spain, and the other (rather shocking) chapter is about the so-called "Sacamantecas". This is the kind of book that we need. New material about European vampirism. Preferably (as in this case) well researched and written by a local expert. Can we have some more, please ?

Jordi Ardanuy [b.1965] :

"Los Vampiros" [2009]

Editorial Laetoni, Pamplona, Spain, 2009 - pp.132
ISBN: 978 84 92422 08 1

This book - written by the well-known vampire expert Jordi Ardanuy - starts with an intelligent overview of the ancient type of vampires. Followed by many classical cases of vampirism. Then follows an extremely interesting chapter called "Escepticismo y critica ilustrada". This is absolutely brilliant stuff and should by itself be sufficient reason for you to buy the book. I have read a lot of material about the old discussions about vampires. But here we get to learn more about the Spanish participation in those discussions. Which is something I had been sadly unaware of so far. And, being the miserable non-fiction vampire person that I am, I was also pleased to find that almost all of this book is indeed about "our kind of vampire" and that the presence of the ficitional vampire from film and literature has been limited to about a dozen pages. Don't let the Dracula cartoon on the cover fool you. This is an important book. If you do read Spanish, make sure that you get yourself a copy while you can !

Francisco Javier Arries :

"Vampiros - Bestiario de Ultratumba" [2007]

Ediciones Minotauro, Barcelona, Spain, 2007 -pp.398
ISBN: 978 84 08 06355 1

This is a very nicely produced hardcover book, written by a serious investigator who appears to have a much broader interest in occult matters than "just vampires". The book has been well written and gives an inteligent almost comprehensive overview of the many things that do have a vampire connection. Obviously, and as usual, I am less interested in the chapter about old Vlad Tepes or the section called "Art and the Vampire". Having said that, there is plenty of other material that is of much more interest, even to an old madman like myself. There is an interesting overview of vampires around the world. There is a large chapter about the "Historia del Vampirismo Europeo". There is quite a lot of material about blooddrinking criminals. If you are looking for a good introduction and overview of vampirism, and supposing that you do read Spanish, then make sure that you buy yourself a copy of this book.

It may be nice to know that the author of this excellent book does have a website. Go check it out !    Javier Arries

Luis García Chapinal :

"Vampirismo - Entre la Realidad y la Leyenda" [2000]

Eride Editorial, Madrid, Spain, 2003 - pp.160
ISBN: 84 89995 42 7

Let us just say that - to me - the ghost of Montague Summers appears to be heavily present in large parts of this book. Having said that, I will be happy to admit that there are quite a few interesting bits and pieces as well.

Martí Fló, Valentin Ferrán Redero & Jordi Ardanuy Baró :

"Vampiros: Magia postúma dentro y fuera de España" [1994]

Luna Negra Ediciones, Barcelona, Spain, 1994 - pp.182

Interesting little book that I have finally managed to get hold of. To me, the most fascinating part without a doubt is Jordi Ardanuy's chapter about "Vampirismo en España". The bibliography also features some further titles that sound of interest.

Juan Gomez-Alonso [b.1945] :

"Los Vampiros a la Luz de la Medicina" [1995]

Neuropress S.L., Vigo, Spain, 1995 - pp.206
ISBN: 84 605 2916 9

An original and interesting book written by a medical specialist from Galicia who investigates the possible link between vampires and rabies.

Renzo Vitallini  (pseud. of Miguel Giménez Saurina) :

"Brujas, Hombres-Lobo y Vampiros" [2002]

Grupo Editorial GRM, Barcelona, Spain, 2002 - pp.158
ISBN: 84 96020 1903

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