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On this page you will find the bibliographical details of a number of books about what can perhaps be best described as "the Vampire Scene". Sticking my head out and risking my neck, I have taken the liberty to include books that deal with "living vampires" and the like.

Michelle Belanger :

"The Psychic Vampire Codex - a Manual of Magick and Energy Work" [2004]

Weiser Books, Boston, USA, 2004 - pp.288
ISBN: 1 57863 321 4

Michelle Belanger (ed.) :

"Vampires in their own Words - an Anthology of Vampire Voices" [2007]

Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, Minnesota, USA, 2007 - pp.246
ISBN: 978 0 7387 1220 8

An interesting collection of articles about "living vampires" and their world, written by people who appear to have firsthand knowledge on this subect.

Mark Benecke (& others):

"Vampire unter uns ! (Band I)" [2009]

Edition Roter Drache, Rudolstadt, Germany, 2010 - pp.120
ISBN: 978 3 939459 24 8

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, but mainly concentrating on the vampire scene and the"Transylvanian Society of Dracula" in particular.

Mark & Lydia Benecke:

"Vampire unter uns ! (Band II)" [2010]

Edition Roter Drache, Rudolstadt, Germany, 2010 - pp.158
ISBN: 978 3 939459 42 2

Misled by the Benecke name I had been hoping for some corpse related material. But it is living vampires wherever we go. And preciously little about "our kind of vampire".

Norine Dresser :

"American Vampires" [1989]

W.W.Norton & Company, New York & London, 1989 - pp.256
ISBN: 0 393 02678 7

David Farrant :

"Dark Secrets" [2001]

B.P.O.S., London, UK, 2001 - pp.112
ISBN: 0 9517867 6 8

Rosemary Ellen Guiley :

"Vampires Among Us" [1991]

Pocket Books, New York, USA, 1991 - pp.270
ISBN: 0 671 72361 8

Jeff Guinn & Andy Grieser :

"Something in the Blood - the underground world of today's Vampires" [1996]

Summit Publishing Group, Arlington, USA, 1996 - pp.204
ISBN: 1 56530 209 5

V.M. Johnson :

"Dhampir - Child of the Blood" [1996]

Mystic Rose Books, Fairfield, CT, USA, 1996 - pp.140
ISBN: 0 9645960 1 6

Stephen Kaplan :

"Vampires Are" [1984]

ETC Publications, Palm Springs, USA, 1984 - pp.192
ISBN: 0 88280 102 3

Having heard all sorts of gossip from certain quarters, I was lead to believe that this would be no more than a load of nonsense. So - even though "living vampires" are definitely not my main interest - I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book by the late Stephen Kaplan happened to be well written and quite interesting to say the least. It can not be denied that he had his own original approach to the subject. The same can not be said about some of his critics, who seemed to be more than happy to copy some of Kaplan's angles for their own research.

Nancy Kilpatrick :

"The Goth Bible" [2004]

St.Martin's Griffin, New York, USA, 2004 - pp.282
ISBN: 0 312 30696 2

R. Monk Habjan :

"Revelations - An Interview With Vampyyri Adrian" [1994]

Coxland Press, Reading, UK, 1994 - pp.78
ISBN: 1 872543 36 7

Carol Page [b. 1949] :

"Bloodlust - Conversations with Real Vampires" [1991]

HarperCollins, New York, USA, 1991 - pp.192
ISBN: 0 06 016329 1

I am not too charmed by the author's attitude towards the people that she writes about, and that is putting it mildly. Nor do I approve of some of the things that she did to advertise her opus. But - let us be fair - there are little bits and pieces that - perhaps - are not without interest.

Katherine Ramsland :

"Piercing the Darkness" [1998]

HarperPrism, New York, USA, 1998 - pp.372
ISBN: 0 06 105062 8

I know for a fact that (unlike some) this author has put quite a bit of work into this book. And although there are bits and pieces where one could put down a question mark, it is probably the best attempt I have seen so far for a book of this kind. Katherine Ramsland does try to give a fair and honest description of the present day "vampire scene". Take it or leave it, like it or not.

Martin V. Riccardo :

"Liquid Dreams of Vampires" [1996]

Llewellyn Publications, St.Paul, USA, 1996 - pp.252
ISBN: 1 56718 571 1

Leonard Wolf :

"A dream of Dracula - in search of the living dead" [1972]

Popular Library ,New York, USA, 1972 - pp.326

Obviously, Dracula is playing the main part in this book. But there is quite a bit of other stuff that is worth reading. Not a bad book by any standard, especially if we look at the publication date. This is one of the earlier attempts to present us with material about "the vampire scene".

2012 by Rob Brautigam - NL - Last update January 2012
Photo: "Count Riny of the Dracula Vampire House of Horror" - 1998 by Rob Brautigam

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