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On this page you will find the bibliographical details of a number of Romanian language books on Vampires, Vampirism and related subjects. In case you happen to know about other interesting titles, and have details on where I can find or order them, please be sure to let me know. Your help will be much appreciated.

anon :

"Langenscheidt Universal-Wörterbuch Rumänisch" [1968]

Langenscheidt, Berlin, Germany, 1968 - pp.398

Small but useful translating dictionary.

C. Brailoiu, E. Comisel & T. Galusca-Cirsmariu :

"Folclor din Dobrogea" [1978]

Editura Minerva, Bucharest, Romania, 1978 - pp.614

Massive book with lots of interesting bits and pieces about the folklore and popular beliefs of this particular area.

Vasile Breban :

"Dictionar al Limbii Romane Contemporane de Uz Curent" [1980]

Editura Stintifica si Enciclopedica, Bucharest, Romania, 1980 - pp.680

I have said it before and I will keep saying it again and again. Now where would we be without a dictionary ? I bet there wil be much larger ones than this one, and I think that I have reached the stage where it might be a good idea to get me a better one, but for the moment I am quite happy with all the help that this book has given me over the years.

C.D. Chirita, C. Paunescu and D. Teaci :

"Solurile Romaniei" [1967]

Editura Agro Silvica, Bucharest, Romania, 1967 - pp.384

This is an excellently illustrated book that gives us a complete overview of every kind of situation that you may find when you start digging a hole into the Romanian ground somewhere, anywhere. Essential information for those who take things literal when they say that they want to dig into those Romanian vampire cases.

Maria Cioara :

"Zona Etnografica Radauti" [1979]

Editura Sport Turism, Bucharest, Romania, 1979 - pp.156

Traian Herseni :

"Forme Stravechi de Cultura Poporana Romaneasca - Studiu de Paleoetnografie a cetelor de Feciori din Tara Oltului" [1977]

Editura Dacia, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 1977 - pp.340

Not about vampires as such, but quite interesting indeed. Especially the bits about traditional male fraternities may be of interest to our research.

Maria Iliescu, Valeria Neagu, Carmen Nedelcu & Gabriela Scurtu :

"Vocabularul Minimal al Limbii Romane pentru Studenti Straini" [1981]

Editura Didactica si Pedagogica, Bucharest, Romania, 1980 - pp.252

Nothing to do whatsoever with our interest in undead corpses. But an extremely useful book in case you quickly want to learn the Romanian language. Specifically meant as a fast track course for foreign students, the book gives you a basic grammar plus 3200 of the most useful Romanian words. Together with their translation in English, French and Spanish. What more do you want ?

Leon D. Levitchi and others :

"Balade Populare Romanesti" [1980]

Editura Minerva, Bucharest, Romania, 1980 - pp.472

This also is a nice book if you want to learn to read Romanian. This anthology of Romanian folk-balads offers you an English translation/interpretation next to the original Romanian texts.

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