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Ghost Hunting and other research into the Paranormal appear to be getting rather popular these days. Which could be a good thing, but also has its dangers. So before you rush into a haunted house make sure that you know what you may be letting yourself in for. Some of these books give practical advice and may hopefully be of help to you or even save your life. But if you prefer to learn things the hard way, by al means do. I have never listened to advice myself so I am not going to stop you. As long as you know that it'll be your decision.

Derek Acorah :

"Ghost Hunting with Derek Acorah" [2005]

Harper Collins, London, UK, 2005 - pp.256
ISBN 0 00 718348 8

I have already seen Derek Acorah doing his thing on "Most Haunted". No idea what the book will be like. I suppose that we will find out, eventually. Further information to follow.

Loyd Auerbach :

"Hauntings and Poltergeists" [2004]

Ronin Publishing, Oakland, USA, 2004 - pp.192
ISBN 1 57951 067 1

This book is another recent arrival, so I have not had a chance to read it yet. But at first sight it looks like a useful book that covers quite a bit of material. Of course I have already seen and heard Loyd Auerbach on various of my DVDs like the "Fright Night" series. So I have reasonably high expectations of this. Further information to follow.

Theresa Cheung :

"The Element Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Hauntings" [2006]

Harper Collins, London, UK, 2006 - pp.558
ISBN 978 0 00 729906 5

Despite the fact that books of this kind obviously have their limits, there is quite a bit of useful information in there.

Nandor Fodor :

"On the Trail of the Poltergeist" [1958]

Citadel Press, New York, USA, 1958 - pp.222

Nice old book which I must have found during one of my many visits to London. It's not just Poltergeists. If my memory does not deceive me there must even be a vampire in there somewhere. Further information to follow.

John Fraser :

"Ghost Hunting - a Survivor's Guide" [2010]

The History Press, Stroud, UK, 2010 - pp.192
ISBN 978 0 7254 5414 6

Not a bad book at first glance. Will it help you to survive ? Let us hope so.

Andrew Green :

"Ghost Hunting - a practical guide" [1973]

Mayflower Books, St. Albans, UK, 1976 - pp.160

Now where the heck did I put this one ? Or have the ghosts spirited it away ?

Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson and Michael Jan Friedman :

"Ghost Hunting" [2007]

Simon and Schuster, New York, USA, 2007 - pp.274
ISBN 1 4165 4113 6

The photos are rather nice for a start. You will hear more about it as soon as I have had a chance to properly read the book. Sadly there is no index. It is not as if I am too lazy to do a bit of work. But I do hate to waste my time and energy on something that in theory should be quite unnecessary. Damned publishers !

Thomson Jay Hudson :

"The Law of Psychic Phenomena - a working hypothesis" [1892]

A.C. McClurg, Chicago, USA, 1925 - pp.410

Interesting old book with all kinds of theories, ideas and speculation. It is in old books like these that you often find original ideas that maybe were rejected at the time, but could still be valid. Or open for new research.

Jason Karl :

"21st Century Ghosts" [2007]

New Holland Publishers, London, UK, 2007 - pp.160
ISBN 978 1 84537 537 9

Jason Karl is another familiar face that we have already seen on programs like "Most Haunted", scribbling down notes and doing all kinds of measurements. This is a very nicely produced full size book with lots of illustrations.

Jason Karl :

"An Illustrated History of the Haunted World" [2007]

New Holland Publishers, London, UK, 2007 - pp.160
ISBN 978 1 84537 6871

And - look what else I found, with a little help of my friends at Amazon - here is another Jason Karl production: a very nicely produced full size book with lots of interesting illustrations. More information to follow.

le P.A. Matignon S.J. :

"L'Évocation des Morts" [1902]

Librairie B. Bloud, Paris, France, 1902 - pp.64

Curious little old book about spirits written by the Reverend Father Matignon, a French Jesuit Priest.

Brian Roesch :

"Hunting the Dead - Methods of Ghost Chasing" [2001]

Writers Club Press, New York, USA, 2001 - pp.186
ISBN 0 595 19310 2

Not quite sure about this one, which at first sight looks like it should perhaps be retitled to "Ghost Hunting for Idiots". But as we all know first impressions can be deceptive. Perhaps the book is meant for juvenile readers. Perhaps it has been written by a school teacher for there are plenty of blank pages meant for you to take notes and there is even a test at the end of the book. You will hear more as soon as I have properly read it, filled out the test and - hopefully - got my degree in "Hunting the Dead".

John Spencer & Tony Wells :

"Ghost Watching - the Ghosthunters' Handbook" [no date]

Virgin, London, UK, no date - pp.278
ISBN: 0 86369 719 4

Sadly there is no date of publication. But the Reading List suggests that it must have been published in the second half of the nineteen-nineties. There appears to be quite a lot of useful information in this book. I can't remember where I picked it up, possibly at an airport somewhere, or maybe in the Virgin store in London. Whatever, wherever. It is not a bad book at all.

Paul Tabori :

"Harry Price - the Biography of a Ghost-hunter" [1950]

Sphere Books, London, UK, 1974 - pp.304
ISBN: 0 7221 8326 7

Nice reprint of an interesting book about the life and works of the great ghost-hunter Harry Price. Amusing pictures !

Joshua P. Warren :

"How to hunt ghosts - a practical guide" [2003]

Simon and Schuster, New York, USA, 2003 - pp.238
ISBN 0 7432 3493 6

Anothere recent arrival that I still have to read. Just going through the index I'd say that it covers quite a lot of ground. And the fact that the book does have an index always scores high with me. It makes life so much easier. Further information to follow.

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