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Of course there are links between Vampirism and Magic, Sorcery, Witchcraft. Sorcerers are often said to become vampires after their death. And Necromancers, through their rituals, may attempt to bring a corpse back to life, thus producing a Vampire. There are all sorts of Occultists who have written bits and pieces about their views on Vampirism. Reason enough for us to have our special page with books on this subject.

Robert Ambelain (ed.) :

"La Magie Sacrée ou Livre d'Abramelin le Mage" [1991]

Editions Bussière, Paris, France, 1991 - pp.252

A reasonably good version of the Abramelin book, not that it brings us many new facts if we compare it to the Mathers version. The main interest is in Ambelain's introduction, and in some of the things that he is suggesting, sadly without offering us any proof.

Kurt Aram :

"Magie und Zauberei in der alten Welt" [1927]

Deutsche Buch-Gemeinschaft, Berlin, Germany, 1927 - pp.380

Francis Barrett :

"The Magus or Celestial Intelliger - a complete system of occult philosophy" [1801]

Citadel Press, Secausus, N.J., USA, 1967 - pp.198
ISBN: 0 8065 0462 5

Barrett's classic which seems to have been the main inspiration for quite a few other authors.

Matthieu Baumier :

"Secrets d'Immortalité - Significations de la Mort dans les Pratiques alchimiques"

in: "La Mort et l'Immortalité - Encyclopédie des Savoirs et des Croyances"
Bayard, Paris, France, 2004 - pp.1686
ISBN 2 7028 9909 9

Jacques Beal :

"La Sorcellerie en Picardie" [no date]

Editions Horvath, Lyon, France, no date - pp.94
ISBN: 2 7171 0270 1

Guy Bechtel :

"Sorcellerie et Possession - un procès au Moyen Age: l'affaire Gaufridy" [1972]

Culture Art Loisirs, Paris, France, 1972 - pp.286

Johann Richard Beecken (ed.) :

"Die heilige Magie des Abramelin" [1957]

Verlag Richard Schikowski, Berlin, Germany, 1957 - pp.184

Another Abramelin book. Five small pages filled with large print by way of introduction. Plus a different version of the book itself. Of course it is always interesting to find another version for my collection. But I can not honestly say that this is my favourite edition.

Michelle Belanger :

"The Psychic Vampire Codex - a Manual of Magick and Energy Work" [2004]

Weiser Books, Boston, USA, 2004 - pp.288
ISBN: 1 57863 321 4

Octave Béliard :

"Sorciers - Rêveurs et Démoniaques" [1920]

Editions Stock, Paris, France, 1981 - pp.232

Kurt Benesch (ed.) :

"Magie der Renaissance" [1985]

Fourier Verlag, Wiesbaden, Germany, 1985 - pp.504
ISBN: 3-921695 91 0

Remarkable mix of works by Petrus von Abano, Georg Pictorius aus Vilingen, Plinius Secundus, Gerhard von Cremona, Arbatel and Johannes Tritheim, some of which is not without interest.

Jean-Luis Bernard :

"La Science Occulte Egyptienne" [1987]

Henri Veyrier, Paris, France, 1987 - pp.286

Stephan Beyer :

"Magic and Ritual in Tibet" [1988]

Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, India, 1988 - pp.542
ISBN: 81 208 0488 0

Pierre Bitard :

"Le Monde du Sorcier au Cambodge" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.24

Jean Bodin :

"Le Fleau des Demons et Sorciers" [1616]

David du Terroir, Nyort, France, 1616 - pp.578

Henri Boguet :

"Discours Exécrable des Sorciers" [1602]

Editions Le Sycomore, Paris, France, 1980 - pp.192
ISBN: 2 86262 070 X

Classic work by Henry Boguet (1550-1619), who was a "grand juge" from Burgundy, and whose work seems to have had quite a bit of influence on some of the other witch burning judges around him. Despite the fact that he seems to have opposed systematical torture during the interrogation of the unfortunates accused of witchcraft, in the end he sadly turned out to be no better than any of the other contemporary judges when it came to sending his victims to be burned to death.

Michel-Vital Le Bossé :

"Récits de Sorts de Mort et d'Après-Mort" [1986]

Editions de Neustrie, Caen, France, 1986 - pp.166
ISBN: 2 905835 06 0

Jean-Paul Bourre :

"Envoûtement" [2000]

Editions Pardès, Puiseaux, France, 2000 - pp.128
ISBN: 2 86714 203 2

I have read quite a few things written by this author that, at first sight, I could only classify as nonsense. Having said this, I must hand it to him that practically all of his books somehow make a good read. This one is no exception. As a bonus, there are a couple of pages about vampires too.

Louis Chochod :

"Occultisme et Magie en Extrême-Orient - Inde - Indochine - Chine" [1945]

Editions Payot, Paris, France, 1945 - pp.406

Aleister Crowley :

"Magick in Theory and Practice" [1929]

Castle Books, Secausus, N.J., USA, 1991 - pp.436
ISBN: 1 55521 766 4

I am only giving you this one title because in my opinion it is Crowley's best and most general introduction to his particular kind of "Magick". Practically everything that Crowley has ever written can be found for free on the internet. And, yes, a number of his works do contain material that has a connection with "vampirism". However, it is definitely not the kind of vampirism that is the main subject of our pages.

René Crozet :

"La France Ensorcelée" [1993]

Editions Horvath, Lyon, France, 1993 - pp.222
ISBN: 2 7171 0910 2

Christoph Daxelmüller :

"Magie zwischen Religion und Wissenschaft am Hof Rudolphs II. von Habsburg in Prag"

in: Wünsch (ed.): "Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa" [2006]
LIT Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2006 - pp.340
ISBN: 3 8258 9273 5

Alexandra David-Neel :

"Magic and Mystery in Tibet" [1967]

HarperCollins, London, UK, 1992 - pp.224
ISBN: 0 04 291019 6

A. Debay :

"Histoire des Sciences Occultes depuis l'antiquité jusqu'a nos jours" [no date]

E. Dentu - Libraire-Editeur, Paris, France, 1883 - pp.536

Georg Dehn (ed.):

"Die egyptischen grossen Offenbarungen oder des Juden Abraham von Worms Buch der wahren Praktik in der uralten Göttlichen Magie und in erstaunlichen Dingen, wie sie durch die heilige Kabala und durch Elohym mitgeteilt wurden" (2 volumes) [1984]

Verlag und Versand Packpapier, Osnabrück, Germany, 1984 - pp.60

"Buch Abramelin - das ist Die egyptischen grossen Offenbarungen oder des Abraham von Worms Buch der wahren Praktik in der uralten Göttlichen Magie" [1995]

Edition Araki, Leipzig, Germany, 1995 - pp.512
ISBN: 3 89060 408 0

"Buch Abramelin - das ist Die egyptischen grossen Offenbarungen oder des Abraham von Worms Buch der wahren Praktik in der uralten Göttlichen Magie" [2001]

Edition Araki, Leipzig, Germany, 2001 - pp.416
ISBN: 3 936149 00 3

"The Book of Abramelin - a new Translation" [2006]

Ibis Press, Lake Worth, Florida, USA, 2006 - pp.300
ISBN: 978 0 89254 127 0

Georg Dehn's most recent editions of the Abramelin book are without a doubt superior to everything else that has ever been published on the subject. By translating and comparing all the different original manuscripts that are known to us, he has come up with the ultimate reconstruction of the Abramelin text. Not satisfied with that, he has travelled to Egypt to find the place where Abraham of Worms came into touch with the mysterious Abramelin. With plenty of photographic copies of pages from the original manuscripts and Georg Dehn's brilliant comments, this is without a doubt the very best Abramelin book that I have ever read. The American edition can be ordered through Amazon. The German book can be ordered through  WWW.AMAZON.DE  or in case you prefer to order it straight from the publishers :  WWW.ARAKI.DE 

Anne Denieul :

"Le Sorcier Assassiné - Jeteurs de sorts d'hier, chamans et chercheurs d'aujourd'hui" [1981]

Librairie Académique Perrin, no place, France, 1981 - pp.296
ISBN: 2 262 00212 6

Edmond Doutté :

"Magie et Religion dans l'Afrique du Nord" [1908]

Adolphe Jourdan, Alger, Algeria, 1908 - pp.618

Maurice Durand :

"Le Monde du Sorcier au Vietnam" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.24

Mircea Eliade :

"Le Chamanisme et les techniques archaïques de l'extase" [1951]

Editions Payot, Paris, France, 1968 - pp.406
ISBN:2 228 14451 7

"Occultism, Witchcraft, and Cultural Fashions" [1976]

University of Chicago Press, Chicago, USA, 1976 - pp.148
ISBN: 0 226 20391 3

Of special interest are the essays "Mythologies of Death" and "Some Observations on European Witchcraft".

Toufy Fahd :

"Le Monde du Sorcier en Islam" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.50

Jeanne Favret-Saada :

"Die Wörter, der Zauber, der Tod" [1977]

Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt, Germany, 1979 - pp.356

Adam Fijalkowski :

"Magie im 'Speculum maius' des Vinzenz von Beauvais O.P. (+1264) und die Reflexe in Ostmitteleuropa während des späten Mittelalters"

in: Wünsch (ed.): "Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa" [2006]
LIT Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2006 - pp.340
ISBN: 3 8258 9273 5

Hans Findeisen :

"Das Tier als Gott, Dämon und Ahne - eine Untersuchung über das Erleben des Tieres in der Altmenschheit" [1956]

Kosmos, Stuttgart, Germany, 1956 - pp.80

Martí Fló, Valentin Ferrán Redero & Jordi Ardanuy Baró :

"Vampiros: Magia postúma dentro y fuera de España" [1994]

Luna Negra Ediciones, Barcelona, Spain, 1994 - pp.182

Interesting little book that I have finally managed to get hold of. To me, the most fascinating part without a doubt is Jordi Ardanuy's chapter about "Vampirismo en España". The bibliography also features some further titles that sound of interest.

Sir James George Frazer :

"The Golden Bough - A Study in Magic and Religion" [1922]

Macmillan & Co, London, UK, 1970 - pp.972

Marguerite Gillot :

"Des Sorciers, des envoûteurs, des Mages" [1961]

La Table Ronde, Paris, France, 1961 - pp.200

Carlo Ginzburg :

"Les Batailles Nocturnes - sorcellerie et rituels agraires en Frioul XVI - XVIIe siècle" [1966]

Editions Verdier, Lagrasse, France, 1980 - pp.244
ISBN: 2 86432 005 3

Kenneth Grant :

"The Magical Revival" [1972]

Frederick Muller, London, UK, 1972 - pp.244

There are quite a few other titles by this author, but I am only giving you this one. Many of Kenneth Grant's books make reference to what he considers to be "vampirism". It is not an awful lot. If you put it all together it will probably fit on one sheet of paper. Having said that, I have to admit that some of it is not without interest.

Francesco Maria Guazzo :

"Compendium Maleficarum, ex quo nefandissima in genus humanum opera venesica, ac ad illa vitanda remedia conspiciuntur " [1626]

Ambrosiani typographia, Milano, Italy, 1626 - pp.392

Peter Haining :

"Anatomy of Witchcraft" [1972]

Tandem Books, London, UK, 1974 - pp.192

Michael Harrison :

"The Roots of Witchcraft" [1973]

Tandem Books, London, UK, 1975 - pp.286

James Haskins :

"Witchcraft, Mysticism and Magic in the Black World" [1974]

Dell, New York, USA, 1974 - pp.144

Gérard Hayart-Neuez :

"Croyances Magies et Sorcellerie d'Hier et d'Aujourd'hui" [no date]

Editions Horvath, Lyon, France, no date - pp.134
ISBN: 2 7171 0268 X

Ronald Holmes :

"Witchcraft in British History" [1974]

Tandem Books, London, UK, 1976 - pp.272

Rossell Hope Robbins :

"The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology" [1959]

Spring Books, London, UK, 1970 - pp.572
ISBN: 0 600 01183 6

Claude Jacques :

"Le Monde du Sorcier en Inde" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.48

Bernhart Jähnig :

"Magie im alten Ordensland - Zum Nachleben vorchristlicher Vorstellungen im Herzogtum Preussen"

in: Wünsch (ed.): "Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa" [2006]
LIT Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2006 - pp.340
ISBN: 3 8258 9273 5

Kenneth Johnson :

"Slavic Sorcery" [1998]

Llewellyn, St.Paul, USA, 1998 - pp.224
ISBN: 1 56718 374 3

K.H.E. de Jong :

"De Magie bij de Grieken en Romeinen" [1921]

De Erven F. Bohn, Haarlem, Netherlands, 1921 - pp.246

"De Zwarte Magie" [1955]

H.P. Leopolds Uitgeversmij, 's Gravenhage, Netherlands, 1955 - pp.274

Richard Kieckhefer :

"Magic at Innsbruck: The Case of 1485 Reexamined"

in: Wünsch (ed.): "Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa" [2006]
LIT Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2006 - pp.340
ISBN: 3 8258 9273 5

F.S. Knipscheer :

"Bijgeloof uit alle Tijden - I - De Duivel" [no date]

"Bijgeloof uit alle Tijden - II - Satansdienst" [no date]

"Bijgeloof uit alle Tijden - III - Hekserij" [no date]

"Bijgeloof uit alle Tijden - IV - Demonen" [no date]

"Bijgeloof uit alle Tijden - V - Verhalen uit De Betoverde Weereld" [no date]

Hollandia Drukkerij, Baarn, Netherlands, no date - pp.258

Konstantinos :

"Vampires - The Occult Truth" [1996]

Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, USA, 1996 - pp.194
ISBN: 1 56718 380 8

Heinrich Krämer & Jacob Sprenger :

"Der Hexenhammer" [1487]

Reprint Verlag Leipzig, Holzminden, Germany, no date - pp.550
ISBN 3 8262 0808 0

A most welcome, beautifully hardbound reprint of the 1937/1938 German edition of the infamous "Malleus Maleficarum".

"Malleus Maleficarum" [1487]

Arrow Books, London, UK, 1971 - pp.576
ISBN: 0 09 004150 X

A pocket edition of Montague Summer's interpretation of the same.

Charles Lancelin :

"L'Evocation des Morts" [1924]

Editions H. Durville, Paris, France, 1973 - pp.62

Perhaps not quite as exciting as the title appears to suggest, but this little book is interesting to say the least. According to Lancelin, there are seven different ways in which we can communicate with the Dead. Each one of them has been given its own little chapter.

"La Sorcellerie des Campagnes" [1968]

Editions H. Durville, Paris, France, 1981 - pp.400
ISBN: 2 901369 28 6

Charles Lancelin's study on Sorcery and Magic does include special sections on Lycanthropy and Vampirism.

Pierre de Lancre :

"Tableau de l'Inconstance des mauvais Anges et Demons ou il est aplement traicté des Sorciers & de la Sorcelerie" [1612]

Iean Berjon, Paris, France, 1612 - pp.596

Benedek Lang :

"The Criminalization of Possessing Necromantic Books in Fifteenth-century Krakow"

in: Wünsch (ed.): "Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa" [2006]
LIT Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2006 - pp.340
ISBN: 3 8258 9273 5

Eliphas Levi :

"The History of Magic" [1913]

Rider & Company, London, UK, 1969 - pp.384

"Transcendental Magic" [1896]

Rider & Company, London, UK, 1970 - pp.438

A.W. MacDonald :

"Le Monde du Sorcier au Népal" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.24

S. L. MacGregor Mathers :

"The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage" [1900]

Dover Books, New York, USA, 1975 - pp.268

Obviously, this version does not compare to Georg Dehn's masterpiece. But if we remember that Mathers had to make do with just one of the Abramelin manuscripts, I think that he has done a pretty good job. His comments too are not without interest.

Jean Markale :

"Les Mystères de la Sorcellerie" [1992]

France Loisirs, Paris, France, 1993 - pp.304
ISBN: 2 7242 7144 0

N. A. Molina :

"O Livro Negro de São Cipriano" [no date]

Editora Espiritualista, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, no date - pp.320

Saint Cyprian, or so Molina informs us, was born on an unspecified date in the town of Antioch, somewhere in Asia Minor. His "Black Book of Saint Cyprian" is a Grimoire with lots of remarkable ceremonies and magical spells. Predictably, the structure and contents are not completely unlike other grimoires, such as the "Gremoire du Pape Honorius", or the Abbé Julio's "Le Livre Secret". There are exorcisms to cast out devils. But Saint Cyprian (or is it Molina ?) also seems to have taken an interest in things like astrology, palm-reading and cartomancy, to name but a few. The book presents an amusing mix of Christian prayers, black magic, love-spells and other things. Its endearing naivety makes a refreshing change from some of the heavy stuff written by more "serious occultists".

Marina Montesano :

"Le Streghe" [1996]

Giunti Gruppo, Firenze, Italy, 1996 - pp.94
ISBN: 88 09 02305 6

Margaret A. Murray :

"The Witch-Cult in Western Europe" [1921]

Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 1971 - pp.304
ISBN: 0 19 881053 9

James H. Neal :

"Jungle Magic" [1966]

New English Library, London, UK, 1967 - pp.160

Geoffrey Parrinder :

"Witchcraft" [1959]

Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, UK, 1958 - pp.208

Armando Pavese :

"Il Libro Nero della Magia - Maghi, Truffatori, Ciarlatani & Cialtroni in Italia Oggi" [2003]

Edizion Piemme, Casale Monferrato, Italy, 2003 - pp.192
ISBN: 88 384 6522 3

Joël Pérocheau :

"La Sorcellerie en Vendée - pratiques démoniaques et croyances légendaires" [1978]

Le Cercle d'Or Rivages, La Chaume, France, 1978 - pp.142
ISBN: 2 7188 0997 3

Albert Poulain :

"Sorcellerie, Revenants et Croyances en Haute-Bretagne" [1997]

Editions Ouest-France, Rennes, France, 1997 - pp.334
ISBN: 2 7373 1697 9

Erica Reiner :

"La Magie Babylonienne" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.32

Jean-Paul Roux :

"Le Chaman" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.28

Jean-Michel Sallmann :

"Les Sorcières - fiancées de Satan" [1989]

Gallimard, France, 1989 - pp.192
ISBN: 2 07 053077 9

This title is part of a series of brilliantly illustrated little books that has been published in a lot of different countries and has been translated into various languages. So it should not be very hard to find yourself a copy of it.

Serge Sauneron :

"Le Monde du Magicien Egyptien" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.40

Martin Scheutz :

"Die grosse Hoffnung, die Abstiegangst und die Magie - Schatzgräber und -beter in den österreichischen Erbländern der Frühen Neuzeit"

in: Wünsch (ed.): "Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa" [2006]
LIT Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2006 - pp.340
ISBN: 3 8258 9273 5

Johan Schouten :

"Heksenwaan en Heksenwaag in oude Prenten" [1973]

Repro-Holland, Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands, 1973 - pp.44

Reginald Scott :

"The Discoverie of Witchcraft" [1584]

Dover Publications, New York, USA, 1972 - pp.284
ISBN: 0 486 22880 0

This is a reprint of Montague Summers' 1930 translation of Reginald Scott's classic work on Witchcraft. In his times, Scott went as far as to try and prove that witches did not exist. Reason enough for King James to order that all copies of his book should be burned.

Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorf :

"Orientalische Magie" [no date]

Edition Geheimes Wissen, Graz, Austria, 2008 - pp.82

"Die Praxis der alten Türkischen Freimaurerei - der Schlüssel zum Verständnis der Alchemie - eine Darstellung des Rituals der Lehre der Erkennungszeichen Orientalischer Freimaurer" [no date]

Verlag Ralph Tegtmeier Nachf., Büllingen, Belgium, 1993 - pp.48

René Sieffert :

"Le Monde du Sorcier au Japon" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.38

Lewis Spence :

"The Magic Arts in Celtic Britain" [no date]

Barnes & Noble, New York, USA, 1993 - pp.198
ISBN: 0 88 29 984 3

Karl Spiesberger :

"Naturgeister - wie Magier sie rufen - Märchengestalten oder beseelte Naturkräfte ?" [1978]

Verlag Richard Schikowski, Berlin, Germany, 1978 - pp.264

Henri J. M. Stephen :

"Winti - Afro-Surinaamse religie en magische rituelen in Suriname en Nederland" [1985]

Uitgeverij Karnak, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1985 - pp.134
ISBN: 90 6350 029 7

Montague Summers :

"The Geography of Witchcraft" [1927]

University Books, New York, USA, 1965 - pp.624

"The History of Witchcraft and Demonology" [1926]

Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, UK, 1973 - pp.354
ISBN: 0 7100 7613 4

"Witchcraft and Black Magic" [1946]

Rider & Co, London, UK, 1946 - pp.228

René Thimmy :

"La Magie à Paris" [1934]

Les Editions de France, Paris, France, 1934 - pp.284

"La Magie aux Colonies" [1935]

Les Editions de France, Paris, France, 1935 - pp.234

Malinka A.N. Tschernigow :

"Ukrainische Dämonologie - Überlieferte Ursprünge und kultischer Brauchtum der Hexen und Hexer über das Leben der Toten, der Geister, Werwölfe und Vampire" [1886]

Bohmeier Verlag, Lübeck, Germany, 2001 - pp.80
ISBN: 3 89094 346 2

Christa Tuczay :

"Magie und Magier im Mittelalter" [2003]

Area Verlag, Erftstadt, Germany, 2006 - pp.396
ISBN: 10 3 89996 852 2

George Vajda :

"La Magie en Israël" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.28

Aba Vangh :

"Dagydes et Envoutements" [1994]

Editions Savoir pour Etre, Brussels, Belgium, 1994 - pp.48

"Magie de l'Italie Méridionale" [1994]

Editions Savoir pour Etre, Brussels, Belgium, 1993 - pp.56

"Magie et Religions du Népal" [1994]

Editions Savoir pour Etre, Brussels, Belgium, 1994 - pp.144
ISBN: 2 87387 080 X

"La Magie Grecque" [1994]

Editions Savoir pour Etre, Brussels, Belgium, 1994 - pp.60
ISBN: 2 87387 033 8

"Magie Mongole" [1994]

Editions Savoir pour Etre, Brussels, Belgium, 1994 - pp.72
ISBN: 2 87387 001 X

"Magie Tibetaine" [1993]

Editions Savoir pour Etre, Brussels, Belgium, 1993 - pp.122

Maurice Vieyra :

"Le Sorcier Hittite" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.28

Roland Villeneuve :

"Le Fléau des Sorciers - Histoire de la Diablerie Basque au XVIIe Siècle" [1983]

Flammarion, France, 1983 - pp.234
ISBN: 2 08 064586 2

Casimir K. Visser :

"Van de Heksenwaag te Oudewater - en andere te weinig bekende zaken" [no date]

Uitgevers-Mij De Tijdstroom, Lochem, Netherlands, no date - pp.118

Renzo Vitallini :

"Brujas, Hombres-Lobo y Vampiros" [2002]

Grupo Editorial GRM, Barcelona, Spain, 2002 - pp.158
ISBN: 84 96020 1903

Rita Voltmer & Franz Irsigler [Ed.]:

"Incubus - Succubus - Hexen und ihre Henker bis Heute" [2000]

Musée d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, Luxemburg, 2000 - pp.234
ISBN: 2 919878 18 2

Magnificent Catalogue of a brilliant witchcraft exhibition that I had the pleasure to see on a visit to Luxemburg. Apart from a number of outstanding illustrations, there is a great number of essays by various experts who all give us lots of information about the Witchcraft trials plus the demonological thoughts and ideas that are at the bottom of them, from Luxemburg itself and the regions around it.

Elisabeth Wallinger :

"Hekates Töchter - Hexen in der römischen Antike" [1994]

Wiener Frauen Verlag, Wien, Austria, 1994 - pp.242
ISBN: 3 900399 96 4

Leilah Wendell :

"The Necromantic Ritual Book" [1991]

Westgate Press, New Orleans, USA, 1992 - pp.50
ISBN: 0 944087 03 5

If you want to learn more, much more and even more about Leilah Wendell's fascinating work, then I recommend that you visit her website at the Westgate.

Beata Wojciechowska :

"Magic in Annual Rites in Late Medieval Poland"

in: Wünsch (ed.): "Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa" [2006]
LIT Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2006 - pp.340
ISBN: 3 8258 9273 5

Hans-Jürgen Wolf :

"Hexenwahn und Exorzismus - ein Beitrag zur Kulturgeschichte" [1979]

Historia Verlag, Kriftel, Germany, 1980 - pp.694
ISBN: 3 9800257 0 5

This work is like a regular Encyclopedia. There is such an amazing wealth of information like I have never seen in any of the other books that I have read on the subject. I have to hand it to those Germans, once they have got their teeth into something, they don't let go until it is completely finished. This is a brilliant book !

Harry B. Wright :

"Witness to Witchcraft" [1957]

Souvenir Press, London, UK, 1957 - pp.218

Thomas Wünsch (ed.) :

"Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa - Spielräume theologischer Normierungsprozesse in Spätmittelalter und Früher Neuzeit" [2006]

LIT Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2006 - pp.340
ISBN: 3 8258 9273 5

Very interesting anthology with many fascinating articles, some of them in English. The only thing that I could possibly find wrong with it is the lack of an index, but that - sadly - is something that is usually missing in this type of publication. Otherwise, it is an absolutely brilliant book.

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