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Sadly, there have been, are, and will be bloodthirsty killers whose atrocities are often way beyond imagination. Not all of the disturbingly disturbed people about whom you will find books in this particular section, have actually been drinking blood. But that does not matter. For the newspapers, their crimes have been ghastly enough to label them as "vampire killers".

anon. :

"Infamous Murders" [1975]

Verdict Press, London, UK, 1975 - pp.150

Includes chapters about Peter Kürten and George Haigh.

Maurice Aubenas :

"Les Vampires" [1930]

Bernardin-Béchet, Paris, France, 1930 - pp.126

This is a curious book that I once bought in a small bookshop in Portugal. It features rather unique and interesting material about various "vampire killers". There is even a chapter which offers some fascinating speculations about "The Vampire of Düsseldorf", whose identity was still unknown at the time when the book was written.

D.A. Berents :

"Gilles de Rais - de moordenaar en de mythe" [1982]

Martinus Nijhof, 's Gravenhage, Netherlands, 1982 - pp.192
ISBN: 90 247 9125 1

How shall I put it ? Something like an "In Search of Gilles de Rais". Good and interesting reading.

Lt. Ray Biondi & Walt Hecox :

"The Dracula Killer" [1992]

Pocket Books, New York, USA, 1992 - pp.212
ISBN: 0 671 74003 2

Much information about the shocking case of "The Vampire of Sacramento".

Neil Blandford & Bruce Jones :

"The World's Most Evil Men" [1985]

Berkley Books, New York, USA, 1990 - pp.242
ISBN: 0 425 12268 9

The final chapter, titled "Blood Lust", features Vlad the Impaler, Gilles de Rais, Sawney Beane, Peter Kürten, Fritz Haarmann, and others.

Roger Boar & Nigel Blundell :

"The World's most infamous Murders" [1983]

Octopus Books, London, UK, 1984 - pp.192
ISBN: 0 7064 2148 5

Includes chapters about Peter Kürten, Fritz Haarmann, John Haigh and Ted Bundy.

Stéphanie Bourgoin :

"Le Vampire de Düsseldorf" [1998]

Éditions Méréal, Paris, France, 1998 - pp.192
ISBN: 2 909310 78 7

Brings us lots of information on the case of Peter Kürten, the Vampire of Düsseldorf.

Rob Brautigam :

"De Levende Vampier - van bloeddorst tot bloedworst" [1989]

Vampire Control, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mainly about bloodthirsty Vampire Criminals.

Docteur Cabanès :

"Le légendaire Barbe-Bleue" [no date]

in: "Légendes & Curiosités de l'Histoire" volume I
Librairie Albin Michel, Paris, France, no date - pp.408

Over a hundred pages of this book are about Gilles de Rais.

Wensley Clarkson :

"Hell Hath no Fury - True stories of women who kill" [1991]

Blake Paperbacks, London, UK, 1991 - pp.208
ISBN: 0 905846 93 1

Features a chapter called "The Lesbian Vampire Killers".

Roger Delorme :

"Les Vampires humains" [1979]

Albin Michel, Paris, France, 1979 - pp.204
ISBN: 2 226 00743 1

Includes chapters about Vlad Tepes, Sawney Beane, Countess Bathory, Peter Kürten, Sylvester Matuschka, Vera Renczi, John Haigh, Stanislas - the "Vampire of Galkowiek", Vlado Makaric, Harald Alexander and Kuno Hoffmann.

Denis Duclos :

"Le Complex du Loup-garou - la fascination de la violence dans la culture américaine" [1994]

Editions la Découverte, Paris, France, 1994 - pp.274
ISBN: 2 266 07741 4

David Everitt :

"Human Monsters - an illustrated encyclopedia of the world's most vicious murderers" [1993]

Contemporary Books, Chicago, USA, 1993 - pp.272
ISBN: 0 8092 3994 9

There are about a hundred killers in here, all of whom get about 2 pages of space each. Some of them, according to certain people, are "Vampire Killers". Chapters about Sawney Beane, Gilles de Rais, Vlad Tepes, Countess Bathory, Vincenz Verzeni, Fritz Haarmann, Peter Kürten, John George Haigh and others can be found here.

Jacques Finné :

"Erzsébet Bathory, monstre victime" [1974]

in : "Les Maudits" [1974]
Marabout, Verviers, Belgium, 1974 - pp.50

Magnus Hirschfeld :

"Geschlecht und Verbrechen" [date unknown]

Belrose Verlag, Rotterdam, Netherlands, no date - pp.410

Rather unpleasant reading. But what can you expect with a subject like this ?

Henner Kotte & Christian Lunzer :

"Mörder, Monster, Menschenfresser - Kannibalen und ihre Opfer" [2004]

Verlag Carl Ueberreuter, Vienna, Austria, 2004 - pp.208
ISBN: 3 8000 3922 2

Informative book that gives plenty of unpleasant reading, which may not be surprising in view of the subject. There is also material about one or two individuals who have been listed as "vampire killers" elsewhere.

Richard von Krafft-Ebing :

"Psychopathia Sexualis" [1886]

Ferdinand Enke, Stuttgart, Germany, 1903 - pp.438

Von Krafft-Ebing's classic masterpiece - "eine Medicinisch-Gerichtliche Studie für Ärtze und Juristen" - which includes material on people like Leger, Verzeni and Sergeant Bertrand.

Richard W. Larsen :

"Bundy - the deliberate Stranger" [1986]

Pocket Books, New York, USA, 1986 - pp.352
ISBN: 0 671 68693 3

The story (or should I say: one of the stories ?) of serial killer Ted Bundy.

Laurent-Martin :

"Le Roi des Assassins - Vie errante et mystérieuse de Vacher l'Eventreur" [1897]

Librairie Universelle, Paris, France, 1897 - pp.288

Interesting report on the crimes of French serial killer Joseph Vacher, published during his trial (and before his execution).

Elisabeth Lenk & Katharina Kaever :

"Peter Kürten - genannt der Vampir von Düsseldorf" [1997]

Eichborn Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 1997 - pp.348
ISBN: 3 8218 4156 7

This happens to be quite good. If you are into the case of Peter Kürten, the Vampire of Düsseldorf, then you should definitely try to get yourself a copy.

Joe Lederer :

"Vampier - de zaak Peter Kürten" [no date]

De Boekerij, Baarn, Netherlands, no date - pp.228

Theodor Lessing :

"Haarmann - der Geschichte eines Werwolfs" [19??]

Luchterhand, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 1989 - pp.316
ISBN: 3 630 61865 0

This, of course, is Theodor Lessing's classic about Fritz Haarmann, the Vampire of Hannover. About his crimes, his trial and execution.

"De Wolfsmens - de zaak Friedrich Haarmann" [no date]

De Boekerij, Baarn, Netherlands, no date - pp.232

The same, or at least an edited version of the same, translated into Dutch.

Clifford L. Linedecker :

"The Vampire Killers" [1998]

St.Martin's Paperbacks, New York, USA, 1998 - pp.276
ISBN: 0 312 96672 5

Definitely not about van Helsing !

Ronald Markman & Dominick Bosco :

"Alone with the Devil" [1989]

Bantam Books, New York, USA, 1990 - pp.378
ISBN: 0 553 28520 3

Features a chapter about "The Vampire of Sacramento"

Raymond T. McNally :

"Dracula was a woman" [1983]

Robert Hale, London, UK, 1984 - pp.254
ISBN: 0 7090 1556 9

McNally's study about "the Blood Countess".

Raymond T. McNally & Radu R. Florescu :

"Dracula - A Biography of Vlad the Impaler 1431-1476" [1973]

Hawthorn Books, New York, USA, 1973

"Dracula, Prince of many faces - His Life and His Times" [1989]

Little, Brown & Company, Boston, Toronto, London, 1989 - pp.262
ISBN: 0 316 28655 9

"In search of Dracula" [1972]

Galahad Books, New York, USA, 1972 - pp.224
ISBN: 0 88365 270 6

Richard Monaco & Bill Burt :

"The Dracula Syndrome" [1993]

Avon Books, New York, USA, 1993 - pp.168
ISBN: 0 380 77062 8

No less than 17 different murderers. There is a substantial number among them who could be considered to be "vampire killers".

Richard Noll :

"Vampires, Werewolves & Demons - 20th Century Reports in the Psychiatric Literature" [1992]

Bruner/Mazel Publishers, New York, USA, 1992 - pp.244
ISBN: 0 87630 632 6

Valentine Penrose :

"Erzsébet Bathory - la Comtesse Sanglante" [1962]

Mercure de France, France, 1962 - pp.236

An excellent book giving lots of information about the "Countess Dracula". There is an English translation, published by Calders & Boyar, London, UK.

J. Paul de River :

"The Sexual Criminal - a psychoanalytical study" [1950]

Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, USA, 1956 - pp.362

Eugène Quinche :

"Haarmann - Le Boucher de Hanovre" [date unnown]

Editions Henry-Parville, Paris, France, no date - pp.182

Anne Rule :

"The Stranger Beside Me" [1980]

Signet Books, New York, USA, 1989 - pp.498
ISBN: 0 451 16493

Another opus about serial killer Ted Bundy.

Brad Steiger :

"Bizarre Crime" [1992]

Signet Books, New York, USA, 1992 - pp.266
ISBN: 0 71162 00499

"The Bloody Bite of Real-Life Vampires", "The Werewolf of San Francisco", "Man Who Claimed to be Evil Undead Hacked to Pieces by Fearful Vampire Killer"... Need I say more ?

Roland Villeneuve :

"Gilles de Rays - une grande figure diabolique" [1973]

Marabout, Verviers, Belgium, 1973 - pp.248

Renzo Vitallini :

"Brujas, Hombres-Lobo y Vampiros" [2002]

Grupo Editorial GRM, Barcelona, Spain, 2002 - pp.158
ISBN: 84 96020 1903

Friedhelm Werremeier :

"Haarmann - Der Schlächter von Hannover" [1992]

Heyne, München, Germany, 1995 - pp.218
ISBN: 3 453 08907 3

This is a real good book if you happen to be interested in the weird case of serial killer Fritz Haarmann, "The Vampire of Hannover". Plenty of fascinating facts in there. The illustrations by themselves would be well worth the price of the book.

Colin Wilson & Donald Seaman :

"Encyclopaedia of Modern Murder" [1983]

Pan Books, London, UK, 1986 - pp.376
ISBN: 0 330 28299 9

Obviously there is a limit to the amount of entries that you can put into an "Encyclopaedia" of 376 pages. So there are always going to be miserable people like myself who are wondering, why is that one in there and why have they left out the other one ? Having said that, it is quite a good and informative book. Well written, as most of Colin Wilson's stuff.

Colin Wilson & Patricia Pitman :

"Encyclopaedia of Murder" [1961]

Pan Books, London, UK, 1984 - pp.672
ISBN: 0 330 28300 6

The same criticism again, even though this one is no less than 672 pages. Once again I find that the title "Encyclopaedia" seems slightly misplaced. And once again, having said that, I think it is a good and useful book, well worthy of our attention.

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