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On this page you will find the bibliographical details of a number of Italian language books on Vampires, Vampirism and related subjects. In case you happen to know about other interesting titles, and have details on where I can find or order them, please be sure to let me know. Your help will be much appreciated.

anon. :

"Il Folklore - Tradizioni, Vita e Arti Popolari" (Conosci Italia volume XI) [1967]

Touring Club Italiano, Milano, Italy, 1967 - pp.304

Nicely illustrated book about Italian folklore.

anon. :

"Vampiri - Miti, leggende, letteratura, cinema, fumetti, multimedialità" [1998]

Casa Editirice Nord, Milano, Italy, 1998 - pp.160
ISBN: 88 429 1059 7

Tommaso Braccini :

"Prima di Dracula - Archeologia del Vampiro" [2011]

Il Mulino, Bologna, Italy, 2011 - pp.270
ISBN: 978 88 15 23363 9

Matei Cazacu :

"Dracula - la vera Storia di Vlad III l'Impalatore" [2004]

Mondadori, Milano, Italy, 2006 - pp.356
ISBN: 88 04 55392 8

Have not had a chance to go through it properly, but at a first glance it looks like something that would definitely interest the historical Dracula crowd.

Massimo Centini :

"Guida Insolita ai misteri, ai segreti, alle leggende, alle curiosità e ai luoghi del Italia dei Fantasmi" [2001]

Newton & Compton editori, Roma, Italy, 2001 - pp.378
IBSN: 88 8289 603 X

This book is part of an interesting series of Guide Books that reveal the mysteries and curiosities for most of the Italian cities and regions. And although Italy can hardly be considered to be one of the traditional European vampire countries, there is mention of some vampirical entities in this book.

"Sulle tracce dei Vampiri - alla ricerca delle creature dell'oscurità" [1997]

Laura Rangoni Editore, Pioltello, Italy, 1997 - pp.126
ISBN: 88 86513 66 6

"Il Vampirismo" [2000]

Xenia Edizione, Milano, Italy, 2000 - pp.126
ISBN: 88 7273 417 7

Arianna Conti & Franco Pezzini :

"Le Vampire - Crimini e Misfatti delle Succhiasangue da Carmilla a Van Helsing" [2005]

Alberto Castelvecchi Editore, Roma, Italy, 2005, pp.410
ISBN: 88 7615 023 4

One of the most interesting and intelligent books about vampire films that I have seen in years. If you do read Italian, make sure that you get your copy. If you don't, all you can do is hope and pray for an edition in your own language.

Giuseppe Davanzati (1665-1755) :

"Dissertatione sopra i Vampiri" [1774]

Besa, Bari, Italy, 1998 - pp.160
ISBN: 88 86730 49 7

This interesting and important book, which first saw publication almost 2 decades after Davanzati's death, was actually written before Dom Calmet wrote his famous work on vampires. Davanzati's opus is one of the classic works on vampires. For obvious reasons, it is practically impossible to find an original edition these days, which is why I am very pleased that someone has had the good sense to do a reprint of it.

Miriam Ferraris :

"Vampiri - Narrazioni e Realta' sui Risurgenti" [1993]

Dexonis, Italy, 1993 - pp.102

Charming little book published in an edition of 500 numbered copies. Some material by Dom Calmet, Davanzati, Agrippa, Blavatsky plus some well-known fiction by Polidori and LeFanu.

Fabio Giovannini :

"Il Libro dei Vampiri" [1997]

Edizioni Dedalo, Bari, Italy, 1997 - pp.246
ISBN: 88 220 4538 6

Although it is mainly concentrating on vampire fiction, this book is not without interest. As a bonus, it is also very nicely illustrated.

Massimo Introvigne :

"La Stirpe di Dracula - Indagine sul Vampirismo dall'Antichità ai nostri Giorni" [1997]

Mondadori, Milano, Italy, 2005 - pp.474
ISBN: 88 04 42735 3

Charles Godfrey Leland :

"Streghe, Esseri Fatati ed Incantesimi nell'Italia del Nord" [1892]

Elfi Edizioni, Bologna, Italy, 2004 - pp.270
ISBN: 88 89296 09 7

Italian translation, sadly somewhat abridged, of Leland's classic "Etruscan Roman Remains in Popular Tradition".

Massimo Mantovani :

"Gli Angeli Custodi" [2001]

Xenia Edizioni, Milano, Italy, 2001 - pp.126
ISBN: 88 7273 434 7

Marina Montesano :

"Le Streghe" [1996]

Giunti Gruppo, Firenze, Italy, 1996 - pp.94
ISBN: 88 09 02305 6

Claudio Mutti :

"Miti e Leggende di Dracula e della Transilvania" [1996]

Newton & Compton Editori, Roma, Italy, 2004 - pp.192
ISBN: 88 541 0027 7

Carla Corradi Musi :

"Vampiri Europei e Vampiri dell'Area Sciamanica" [1995]

Rubbettino, Messina, Italy, 1995 - pp.200
ISBN: 88 7284 327 8

Sadly, it is a rare thing to find a book about vampires that has been written by an author who has original ideas or some special angle on the subject. But we have once again managed to find another one. Carla Corradi Musi has written an excellent book that, in my opinion, ought to be translated into other languages.

Francesca Orlando & Rosanna Righini :

"Amuleti e Talismani" [no date]

Gruppo Sigem, Modena, Italy, no date - pp.32

Giovanni Papini :

"Il Diavolo" [1954]

Vallecchi Editore, Firenze, Italy, 1954 - pp.398

Armando Pavese :

"Il Libro Nero della Magia - Maghi, Truffatori, Ciarlatani & Cialtroni in Italia Oggi" [2003]

Edizion Piemme, Casale Monferrato, Italy, 2003 - pp.192
ISBN: 88 384 6522 3

Franco Pezzini :

"Cercando Carmilla - la leggenda della donna vampira" [2000]

Ananke, Torino, Italy, 2000 - pp.160
ISBN: 88 86626 67 3

A substantial part of the book deals with vampire fiction, in particular with stories like LeFanu's "Carmilla" and Stoker's "Dracula's Guest". Stories that suggest that Steiermark or Styria is a "vampire region". Franco Pezzini has also investigated the theory that "Carmilla" might be based on a real historical figure: Barbara of Cilli, the 2nd wife of Emperor Sigismund of Luxemburg. And he has managed to unearth some rather interesting facts about this "vampire lady". Facts that you would not easily find elsewhere. Without a doubt, this is an excellent and original study that definitely deserves to be translated into other languages.

Franco Pezzini and Angelica Tintori :

"The Dark Screen - Il Mito di Dracula sul Grande e Piccolo Schermo" [2008]

Gargoyle Books, Roma, Italy, 2008 - pp.704
ISBN: 978 88 89541 28 9

This is a massive, informative, intelligent, serious and comprehensive study about the many ways in which Bram Stoker's DRACULA has been used, reused and abused in film and television productions. The authors have done a most commendable job, and must have spent weeks, months, years, watching and analyzing all those movies. I checked the book against some of the rarest and weirdest films from my personal collection. And I found that all of them were listed there. If you happen to be interested into Dracula films, or into vampire films in general, and you do read Italian, then do yourself a favor and make sure that you get yourself a copy of this outstanding publication. It is a brilliant and very nicely produced hardbound book which for reasons that are way beyond my comprehension appears to be selling at an incredibly sympathetic price.

Franco Pezzini and Angelica Tintori :

"Peter & Chris - I Dioscuri della Notte" [2010]

Gargoyle Books, Roma, Italy, 2010 - pp.416
ISBN: 978 88 89541 50 0

So what do we have here ? It is another massive and most informative book. As you might have guessed by looking at the cover, you will find that the book contains all that you could ever want to know about the films of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. This book is definitely comprehensive. It looks to me like the authors - well known for the outstanding way in which they conduct their research - must have set out to write the ultimate book upon the subject. In my opinion, they certainly have succeeded in doing that. If you are into Peter & Chris, make sure that you don't miss this one !!!

Frater Piarus :

"Vampiri" [2005]

Venexia Editrice, Roma, Italy, 2005 - pp. 200
ISBN: 88 87944 36 9

Stefano Rizzelli & Roberta Marcucci :

"Guida Insolita ai misteri, alle leggende, alle feste e alle curiosità del Sacro in Italia" [1999]

Newton & Compton editori, Roma, Italy, 1999 - pp.384
IBSN: 88 8289 309 X

This book is part of an interesting series of Guide Books that reveal the mysteries and curiosities for most of the Italian cities and regions.

Gerhard van Swieten :

"Vampyrismus" [1988]

S.E.Flaccovio, Palermo, Italy, 1988 - pp.80
ISBN: 88 7804 026 6

In this fascinating little book we find the 1787 version of Gerard van Swieten's "Considerazione intorno alla pretesa magia postuma per servire alla storia de' Vampiri". There is an interesting essay by Piero Violante about "I Vampiri di Maria Teresa". Also included are the "Decreti di Maria Teresa".

Ornella Volta & Valerio Riva (ed.) :

"I Vampiri tra Noi - presentati da Roger Vadim" [1960]

Feltrinelli Editori, Milano, Italy, 1960 - pp.788

Even though practically all the space is taken up by vampire fiction, the nonfiction part, small as it may be, is definitely worthy of our attention.

Nicola Zingarelli :

"Lo Zingarelli Minore - Vocabolario della Lingua Italiana" [1994]

Zanichelli Editore, Bologna, Italy, 1994 - pp.1184

And of course, where would we be without a good Italian dictionary ? I am sure that the big Zingarelli will be even better, and chances are that I will buy it one day. But for the moment these 1184 pages seem to be good enough for me.

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