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If we are going to try and find out how certain ideas and superstitions may at one time have been transferred from one people to another, it will be useful to know a little more about History. For obvious reasons our main interest will be concentrated on the old history of Europe. We need to know more about the people who originally lived here. We need to know more about their movements from one region to another. And, at the same time, we need to know more about invaders and immigrants who may (or may not) have introduced foreign ideas into Europe.

Michael Balfour :

"Megalithic Mysteries - an illustrated Guide to Europe's Ancient Sites" [1992]

Parkgate Books, London, UK, 1997 - pp.192
ISBN: 1 85585 355 8

Very nicely illustrated overview of the different types of megalithic monuments that can be found all over Europe.

O. Böckel :

"Die Totenklage bei den Germanen" [1920]

in: "Bilder aus der Volkskunde" [1920]
Verlag Moritz Diesterweg, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 1920 - pp.288

Ralf Busch, Torsten Capelle & Friedrich Laux :

"Opferplatz und Heiligtum - Kult der Vorzeit in Norddeutschland" [2000]

Wachholtz Verlag, Neumüntser, Germany, 2000 - pp.256
ISBN: 3 529 02010 9

Comprehensive survey of sacred places and places of sacrifice. As a bonus, there is an interesting chapter about "Moorleichen".

Felix Dahn :

"Die Goten - Ostgermanen - die Völker der Gotischen Gruppe" [1899]

Emill Vollmer Verlag, Germany, no date - pp.544
ISBN: 3 88851 180 1

Jean Delumeau :

"La Peur en Occident (XIVe-XVIIIe siècles)" [1978]

Le livre de Poche, Paris, France, 1980 - pp.608
ISBN: 2 253 02436 8

Mamoun Fansa (ed.) :

"Wohin die Toten gehen - Kult und Religion in der Steinzeit" [2000]

Isensee Verlag, Oldenburg, Germany, 2000 - pp.92
ISBN: 3 89598 744 1

Companion book to a special exhibition that took place in the Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde und Vorgeschichte in Oldenburg.

F.E. Farwerck :

"Noordeuropese Mysteriën en hun sporen tot Heden" [1970]

Uitgeverij Ankh-Hermes, Deventer, Netherlands, 1978 - pp.640

S. Fischer-Fabian :

"Die ersten Deutschen - Der Bericht über das rätselhafte Volk der Germanen" [1975]

Knaur, München, Germany, 1993 - pp.244
ISBN: 3 426 77063 6

Wilhelm Grönbech :

"Kultur und Religion der Germanen - I" [2000]

Primus Verlag, Darmstadt, Germany, 2002 - pp.440
ISBN: 3 89678 229 0

"Kultur und Religion der Germanen - II" [2000]

Primus Verlag, Darmstadt, Germany, 2002 - pp.428
ISBN: 3 89678 229 0

Hans-Peter Hasenfratz :

"Die religiöse Welt der Germanen" [1992]

Herder, Freiburg, Germany, 1999 - pp.140

Small, but interesting book.

Johan Huizinga :

"Herfsttij der Middeleeuwen" [1919]

Uitgeverij Contact, Netherlands, 1997 - pp.416

Huizinga's well-known study of the later Middle Ages, in a beautiful edition that features a wealth of brilliant illustrations.

Jean Markale :

"Histoire Secrète de la Bretagne" [1977]

Editions Albin Michel, Paris, France, 1977 - pp.250
ISBN: 2 226 00458 0

Donald Matthew :

"Atlas of Medieval Europe" [1983]

Equinox, Oxford, UK, 1989 - pp.240

Nice and useful book. Although - in view of its title - I would have prefered to see a few more maps and a little less text and illustrations.

Michael Müller-Wille :

"Opferkulte der Germane und Slawen" [1999]

Konrad Theiss Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany, 1999 - pp.102
ISBN: 3 8062 1443 3

Nicely illustrated book about sacrificial cults among the Germans and the Slavs, that spans the period from the younger stone age to the time of the Vikings and the Slavs.

Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini [1405-1464] :

"Historia Bohemica" [1458]

Böhlau Verlag, Köln, Germany, 2005 - pp.666
ISBN: 3 412 15504 7

Very nice edition with plenty of comments and such. It has the original latin text next to a German translation.

Anne Ross :

"The Pagan Celts" [1970]

John Jones, Ruthin, UK, 1998 - pp.224
ISBN: 1 871083 61 3

Hartmann Schedel :

"Weltchronik 1493" [1493]

Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005 - pp.680
ISBN: 3 8289 0803 9

Wonderful facsimile reprint in color of Schedel's comprehensive masterpiece about the 15th Century world. I love it !

Helmut Schröcke :

"Germanen / Slawen - Vor- und Frühgeschichte des ostgermanische Raumes" [2000]

Panorama Verlag, Wiesbaden, Germany, 2000 - pp.466
ISBN: 3 926642 20 3

Interesting and informative book in which professor Schröcke offers us all kinds of facts that are meant to support his theory that the Slavic people are no foreign invaders but have in fact evolved from the Eastern German tribes.

Lewis Spence :

"The Magic Arts in Celtic Britain" [date unknown]

Barnes & Noble, New York, USA, 1993 - pp.198
ISBN: 0 88 29 984 3

The Magic Arts among the Celts, Druidism, the Celtic spirit world, Necromancy, Prophecy and Divination, Reincarnation, Mysticism, Arthur, the Grail, Second Sight, etc., etc.

"The Mysteries of Britain" [date unknown]

Studio Editions, London, UK, 1993 - pp.256
ISBN: 1 85891 053 6

Megalithic people, Druids, The Cult of the Dead, Arthurian legends, the Holy Grail, etc., etc.

Yuri Stoyanov :

"The Hidden Tradition in Europe - the secret history of medieval Christian heresy" [1994]

Penguin Books, London, UK, 1994 - pp.310
ISBN: 0 14 019319 7

Fascinating book that, among lots of other things, traces back the historical and ideological roots of the Cathars and the Bogomils.

various authors :

"Dumont Atlas der Weltgeschichte" [2000]

Dumont Reiseverlag, Köln, Germany, 2002 - pp.352
ISBN: 3 7701 5095 3

various authors :

"Geschichte Schlesiens - Band I - von der Urzeit bis zum Jahre 1526" [1961]

Brentano Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany, 1961 - pp.620

various authors :

"Südosteuropa unter dem Halbmond - Untersuchungen über Geschichte und Kultur der südosteuropäischen Völker während der Türkenzeit" [1975]

Rudolf Trofenik, München, Germany, 1975 - pp.290

Hermann Wendel :

"Der Kampf der Südslawen um Freiheit und Einheit" [1925]

Frankfurter Societäts-Druckerei, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 1925 - pp.798

Quite a bit of interesting historical material about the South-East European countries that have been under Turkish rule for such a long time.

Lothar F. Zotz :

"Erlebte Vorgeschichte - Wie ich in Deutschland ausgrub" [1934]

Franckh'sche Verlagshandlung, Stuttgart, Germany, 1934 - pp.80

Small but interesting book that has a special chapter about superstition regarding the dead, nicely supported by archaeological evidence.

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