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On this page you will find the bibliographical details of a number of French language books on Vampires, Vampirism and related subjects. In case you happen to know about other interesting titles, and have details on where I can find or order them, please be sure to let me know. Your help will be much appreciated.

Johannes van Aken :

"Histoire Vraie du Vampirisme" [1984]

Editions Famot, Geneve, Switzerland, 1984 - pp.252

Jacques Alexander :

"Les énigmes de la survivance" [1972]

Editions Gerard & Co, Verviers, Belgium, 1972 - pp.310

Robert Ambelain :

"Sacramentaire du Rose+Croix - Sacralisations, exorcismes, formules de défense et d'action" [1963]

Editions Bussière, Paris, France, 1994 - pp.292
ISBN: 2 85090 106 7

"Le Vampirisme - de la légende au réel" [1977]

Robert Laffont, Paris, France, 1977 - pp.240

I very much doubt that you will agree with all of Mr. Ambelain's ideas about vampires and vampirism. He appears to have been something of an expert in the field of the occult and seems to have known quite a bit about all sorts of half forgotten mysteries. The least we can say is that he did have his own original approach to the subject.

Robert Ambelain (ed.) :

"La Magie Sacrée ou Livre d'Abramelin le Mage" [1991]

Editions Bussière, Paris, France, 1991 - pp.252

A reasonably good version of the Abramelin book, not that it brings us many new facts if we compare it to the Mathers version. The main interest is in Ambelain's introduction, and in some of the things that he is suggesting, sadly without offering us any proof.

Pierre de l'Ancre :

"Tableau de l'Inconstance des Mauvais Anges et Demons, ou il est amplement traicté des Sorciers & de la Sorcelerie" [1612]

Jean Berjon, Paris, France, 1612 - pp.595

Ioanna Andreesco :

"Où sont passés les Vampires ?" [1997]

Éditions Payot, Paris, France, 1997 - pp.176
ISBN: 2 228 89100 2

This is an excellent book about contemporary Romanian popular belief in vampires. It seems a pity that the author has chosen to convert her fascinating and authentic material into a more or less fictional format. Nevertheless, there's more to be learnt from this book than from many other sources purporting to be serious nonfiction studies.

Ioanna Andreesco & Mihaela Bacou :

"Mourir à l'Ombre des Carpathes" [1986]

Éditions Payot, Paris, France, 1986 - pp.238
ISBN: 2 228 14140 2

Not exclusively about vampires. But a truly outstanding book that you really ought to read. It gives you a good insight and understanding of the Oltenian ideas about death, burial, and the transition of the deceased into the hereafter. There were so many things about contemporary Romanian belief in vampires that I did not understand. After I read this book, everything suddenly seemed to fall into place and made sense. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

anon. :

"Guide dans les Cimetières de Paris" [1865]

A. Fauré, Paris, France, 1865 - pp.294

anon. :

"Les Spectres et les Démons" [no date]

Bibliotheque de la Conversation, Paris, France, no date - pp.154

Curious little book that was probably published some time in the 19th Century.

Philippe Ariès :

"Essais sur l'Histoire de la Mort en Occident -
   du Moyen Age à nos Jours"

Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1975 - pp.242
ISBN: 2 02 004736 5

"L'Homme devant la Mort - I. Le Temps des Gisants"

Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1977 - pp.312
ISBN: 2 02 008944 0

"L'Homme devant la Mort - II. La Mort ensauvagé"

Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1977 - pp.350
ISBN: 2 02 008945 9

When it comes to the European ideas and rituals that have to do with Death and Burial, and with the history of such ideas and customs, then Philippe Ariès seems to be the expert who knows everything there is to know.

Maurice Aubenas :

"Les Vampires" [1930]

Bernardin-Béchet, Paris, France, 1930 - pp.126

This is a curious book, with interesting material about various "vampire killers". There is even a chapter which offers some fascinating speculations about "The Vampire of Düsseldorf", whose identity was still unknown at the time when the book was written.

Lucien Augé :

"Les Tombeaux" [1879]

Librairie Hachette, Paris, France, 1879 - pp.302

Benjamin Bardy :

"Les Légendes du Gévaudan" [1958]

Published by the author, Mende, France, 1985 - pp.68

Small book with local legends, which includes an even smaller chapter about the Beast of Gévaudan.

Lucien Barou, Bernard Blethon, Tony Kocher, Daniel Palmer :

"Et délivrez-nous du Mal - Signes et Rites de Protection en Forez rural" [1998]

Publications de l'Université de Saint-Étienne, France, 1998 - pp.352
ISBN: 2 86272 129 8

Interesting and nicely illustrated study about symbols and signs of protection that are being used by the local population of Forez. Crosses, niches with statues of the Virgin and of Saints, the monogram or trigram of I.H.S., St.Jacob shells, hearts, stars, clogs, horseshoes, animal parts, etc., etc.

Jacques Barozzi :

"Guide des Cimetières Parisiens" [1990]

Éditions Hervas, Paris, France, 1990 - pp.192
ISBN: 2 903 118 57 4

If you are on a visit to Paris, and you want to see more cemeteries than just Père-Lachaise, then this is the book that you need. Maps, historical and other information, photos, lists of the graves of famous people, etc., etc.

Matthieu Baumier :

"Secrets d'Immortalité - Significations de la Mort dans les Pratiques alchimiques"

in: "La Mort et l'Immortalité - Encyclopédie des Savoirs et des Croyances"
Bayard, Paris, France, 2004 - pp.1686
ISBN 2 7028 9909 9

Jean-Pierre Bayard :

"Le Sens caché des rites Mortuaires" [1993]

Editions Dangles, St-Jean-de-Braye, France, 1993 - pp.330
ISBN: 2 7033 0385 8

This is an excellent study that reveals many of the ideas that are hidden behind funeral rituals. From prehistoric times to the present, from places all over the world.

Jacques Beal :

"La Sorcellerie en Picardie" [no date]

Editions Horvath, Lyon, France, no date - pp.94
ISBN: 2 7171 0270 1

Sieur de Beauvoys de Channincourt :

"Discours de la Lycantropie ou de la Transmutation des Hommes en Loups" [1599]

Jacques Rezé, Paris, France, 1599 - pp.32

Guy Bechtel :

"Sorcellerie et Possession - un procès au Moyen Age: l'affaire Gaufridy" [1972]

Culture Art Loisirs, Paris, France, 1972 - pp.286

Octave Béliard :

"Sorciers - Rêveurs et Démoniaques" [1920]

Editions Stock, Paris, France, 1981 - pp.232

Jean-Luis Bernard :

"La Science Occulte Egyptienne" [1987]

Henri Veyrier, Paris, France, 1987 - pp.286

Dom Bernardin :

"Les Grands Exorcismes" [1994]

Editions Bussière, Paris, France, 1994 - pp.128
ISBN: 2 85090 112 1

Dom Bernardin appears to be a man of action who does feel that he should not waste his time on introductions or further explanations. He simply gives you a chapter full of ancient prayers, a chapter with various blessings, a chapter with excorcisms, the prayers of Sainte Brigitte plus the litanies of Saint Expédit. And me ? I wish you the best of luck and success...

Jean-Marie Beurq & Bruno Lapeyre :

"Les Vampires" [1995]

Claire Vigne, 1995 - pp.288
ISBN: 2 84193 001 7

Very nice photographs by Bruno Lapeyre. Which - sadly - seems to be the kindest thing that I can say...

Jacques-Louis Binet :

"Le Sang et les Hommes" [1988]

Gallimard, France, 1988 - pp.128
ISBN: 2 07 053047 7

Nice little book with a large number of rare and beautiful illustrations. There have been editions in many different languages. It is a good introduction to the subject.

Pierre Bitard :

"Le Monde du Sorcier au Cambodge" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.24

Edmond le Blant :

"Les Sarcophages Chrétiens de la Gaule" [1886]

Imprimerie Nationale, Paris, France, 1886 - pp.242

Jean Bodin :

"Le Fleau des Demons et Sorciers" [1616]

David du Terroir, Nyort, France, 1616 - pp.578

Henri Boguet :

"Discours Exécrable des Sorciers" [1602]

Editions Le Sycomore, Paris, France, 1980 - pp.192
ISBN: 2 86262 070 X

Classic work by Henry Boguet (1550-1619), who was a "grand juge" from Burgundy, and whose work seems to have had quite a bit of influence on some of the other witch burning judges around him. Despite the fact that he seems to have opposed systematical torture during the interrogation of the unfortunates accused of witchcraft, in the end he sadly turned out to be no better than any of the other contemporary judges when it came to sending his victims to be burned to death.

Gustave le Bon :

"De la Mort apparente - et des inhumations prématurées" [1866]

Librairie d'Adrien, Paris, France, 1866 - pp.212

Marc Bonnard & Elisabeth Le Dru :

"Les Rituels de Mort dans la Chine ancienne" [1986]

Dervy-Livres, Paris, France, 1986 - pp.118
ISBN: 2 85076 009 9

The first and largest part of the book is all about the funeral and mourning of a prince. Fortunately the second part also brings us more general information.

Jocelyne Bonnet-Carbonell (ed.) :

"Malmorts, Revenants et Vampires en Europe" [2005]

L'Harmattan, Paris, France, 2005 - pp.322
ISBN 2 7475 9802 0

This is an excellent book with lots of different articles on various aspects of European belief in the return of the dead.

Michel-Vital Le Bossé :

"Récits de Sorts de Mort et d'Après-Mort" [1986]

Editions de Neustrie, Caen, France, 1986 - pp.166
ISBN: 2 905835 06 0

Messaoud Boudjenoun :

"Djinns & Démons - selon le Coran et la Sunna" [2002]

Tawhid, Lyon, France, 2002 - pp.126
ISBN: 2 909087 46 8

Stéphanie Bourgoin :

"Le Vampire de Düsseldorf" [1998]

Éditions Méréal, Paris, France, 1998 - pp.192
ISBN: 2 909310 78 7

Brings us lots of information on the case of Peter Kürten, the Vampire of Düsseldorf.

Jean-Paul Bourre :

"Le Culte du Vampire aujourd'hui" [1978]

Alain Lefeuvre, Nice, 1978 - pp.228
ISBN: 2 902639 11 2

"Dracula et les Vampires" [1981]

Éditions du Rocher, Monaco, 1981 - pp.162
ISBN: 2 268 00104 0

"Envoûtement" [2000]

Editions Pardès, Puiseaux, France, 2000 - pp.128
ISBN: 2 86714 203 2

"Messes Rouges et Romantisme Noir" [1980]

Alain Lefeuvre, Nice, 1980 - pp.206
ISBN: 2 902639 44 9

"Le Sang, la Mort et le Diable" [1985]

Henri Veyrier, Paris, 1985 - pp.184
ISBN: 2 85199 362 3

"Satanisme" [2000]

Editions Pardès, Puiseaux, France, 2000 - pp.128
ISBN: 2 86714 215 6

"Les Sectes Lucifériennes aujourd'hui" [1978]

Pierre Belfond, Paris, France, 1978 - pp.216
ISBN: 2 7144 1177 0

"Les Vampires" [1986]

MA Editions, Paris, 1986 - pp.158
ISBN: 2 86 676 230 4

Ok, so maybe I don't consider Jean Paul Bourre to be "vampire researcher number one", but I have to hand it to him that his books (and often pretty wild stories) are practically always fascinating and entertaining. Every time I find one of his books, I am quite happy to add it to my collection.

Patrice Boussel :

"Guide de l'Ile-de-France Mystérieuse" [1976]

Editions Tchou, Paris, France, 1976 - pp.768

This book is part of an excellent series of Guide Books, all about mysteries and legends from different parts of France. In this particular volume there is a short chapter called "D'Adelaïde au vampires".

Jean-Baptiste de Boyer, Marquis d'Argens [1704-1771] :

"Lettres Juives - ou Correspondance Philosophique, Historique, et Critique, entre un Juif Voyageur à Paris & ses Correspondans en divers Endroits" [1736-1737]

Paul Gautier, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1736-1737 - 6 volumes, pp.2290

You can find the chapter about vampires in our section of "Source Material".

Anatole Le Braz :

"La Fête des Morts en Bretagne" [1894]

Séquences, France, 1991 - pp.40

"La Légende de la Mort"

Editions Jeanne Laffitte, Marseille, France, 1982 - pp.488
ISBN: 2 7348 0010 1

"La Légende de la Mort chez les Bretons Armoricains" - volume 1 [1994]

Terre de Brume Editions, Marseille, France, 1996 - pp.360
ISBN: 2 908021 29 3

"La Légende de la Mort chez les Bretons Armoricains" - volume 2 [1994]

Terre de Brume Editions, Marseille, France, 1997 - pp.348
ISBN: 2 908021 30 7

Practically all of the books that Anatol Le Braz has written on this subject are of interest. Bretagne happens to be a part of the world where most of the local legends and superstitions have to do with Death and the Dead.

Docteur Cabanès :

"Le légendaire Barbe-Bleue" [no date]

in: "Légendes & Curiosités de l'Histoire" volume I
Librairie Albin Michel, Paris, France, no date - pp.408

Over a hundred pages of this book are about Gilles de Rais.

"Moeurs intimes du Passé : Les Fléaux de l'Humanité - Peste - Lèpre - Choléra - Variole - Grippe" [1955]

Editions Albin Michel, Paris, France, 1955 - pp.480

The larger outbreaks of Vampirism often coincided with the outbreak of epidemical diseases like cholera and the plague. So it may be useful to know a little more about such epidemics.

Dom Augustin Calmet [1672-1757] :

"Traité sur les apparitions des Esprits et sur les Vampires ou les Revenans de Hongrie, de Moravie &c."

Debure l'Aîné, Paris, 1751 - Volume I - pp.486

"Dissertation sur les Revenants en Corps, les Excommuniés, Les Oupirs ou Vampires, Brucolaques, etc." [1751]

Debure l'Aîné, Paris, 1751 - Volume II - pp.488

This is an important book, a real classic. It is my opinion that in his heart Dom Calmet was a true scientist and philosopher. Unfortunately, the fact that he also was a Catholic priest did put a certain limit on the things that he was allowed to write down. But these limitations do not seem to have clouded his views.

"Dissertation sur les Revenants en Corps, les Excommuniés, Les Oupirs ou Vampires, Brucolaques, etc." [1751]

Éditions Jérôme Millon, Paris, 1986 - pp.350

This is a modern reprint of Volume II of Dom Calmet's "Traité sur les apparitions des Esprits et sur les Vampires ou les Revenants de Hongrie, de Moravie etc."

François Dunois Canette :

"Les Prêtres Exorcistes - Enquête et Témoignages" [1993]

Editions J'ai Lu, Paris, France, 1994 - pp.256
ISBN: 2 277 23803 1

Interesting book, written by a journalist who seems to have done some serious research into the subject and who has spoken to a number of priests who are into exorcism.

Marie Capdecomme :

"La Vie des Morts - Enquete sur les Fantomes d'Hier et d'Aujourd'hui" [1997]

Editions Imago, Paris, France, 1997 - pp.330
ISBN: 2 911416 02 3

Interesting material about Revenants.

François Caradec & Jean-Robert Masson (Ed.) :

"Guide de Paris Mystérieux" [1985]

Editions Tchou, Paris, France, 1985 - pp.766
ISBN: 2 7107 0322 X

This book is part of an excellent series of Guide Books, all about mysteries and legends from different parts of France. In this particular volume there is a chapter called "Le vampire de Montparnasse" which is about Sergeant Bertrand.

Geneviève Carbone :

"La Peur du Loup" [1991]

Gallimard, France, 1991 - pp.176
ISBN: 2 07 053127 9

Part of a series that is widely available and has been translated into various languages, this is a small but interesting book. The brilliant illustrations by themselves are well worth the price.

Gérard Chauvin :

"Mort - volume I" [2002]

MA Editions, Paris, France, 2002 - pp.128
ISBN: 2 86714 279 2

"Mort - volume II" [2002]

MA Editions, Paris, France, 2002 - pp.128
ISBN: 2 86714 280 6

Abel Chevalley :

"La Bête du Gévaudan" [1936]

Librairie Gallimard, Paris, France, 1970 - pp.182

A book about the mysterious "Beast of Gévaudan".

Louis Chochod :

"Occultisme et Magie en Extrême-Orient - Inde - Indochine - Chine" [1945]

Editions Payot, Paris, France, 1945 - pp.406

Jean-Paul Clébert :

"Guide de la Provence Mystérieuse" [1986]

Editions Tchou, Paris, France, 1992 - pp.590
ISBN: 2 7107 0359 9

Another book from a series of excellent Guide Books, all about mysteries and legends from different parts of France. In this particular volume there is a chapter called "Le vampire galant", which is about Victor Ardisson.

Bernard Coussée :

"Les Forêts de l'Avesnois - Mythes et Legendes" [no date]

CEM Editions, no place, France, no date - pp.48
ISBN: 2 911 667 03 4

Adrien Cremene :

"La Mythologie du Vampire en Roumanie" [1981]

Éditions du Rocher, Monaco, 1981 - pp.250

A very interesting book that offers a lot of valuable material on Romanian folk beliefs. Much of this information is rare and hard to find elsewhere. Highly recommended. I would love to see similar efforts published about other European regions.

F.P. Crespet :

"De la Hayne de Sathan et Malins Esprist contre l'Homme & de l'Homme contre Eux" [1590]

Guillaume, Paris, France, 1590 - pp.908

René Crozet :

"La France Ensorcelée" [1993]

Editions Horvath, Lyon, France, 1993 - pp.222
ISBN: 2 7171 0910 2

Michel Damien (ed.) :

"Les Corps a Prodiges" [1996]

Claude Chou, France, 1979 - pp.318
ISBN: 2 7107 0039 5

Interesting articles by various experts like Mircea Eliade, the Kirlians and Robert Ambelain.

Michel Dansel :

"Les Lieux de Culte au Cimetière du Père-Lachaise" [1999]

Guy Trédaniel, Paris, France, 1999 - pp.276
ISBN: 2 84445 057 1

A. Debay :

"Histoire des Sciences Occultes depuis l'antiquité jusqu'a nos jours" [no date]

E. Dentu - Libraire-Editeur, Paris, France, 1883 - pp.536

Roger Delorme :

"Les Vampires humains" [1979]

Albin Michel, Paris, France, 1979 - pp.204
ISBN: 2 226 00743 1

Includes chapters about Vlad Tepes, Sawney Beane, Countess Bathory, Peter Kürten, Sylvester Matuschka, Vera Renczi, John Haigh, Stanislas - the "Vampire of Galkowiek", Vlado Makaric, Harald Alexander and Kuno Hoffmann.

Jean Delumeau :

"La Peur en Occident (XIVe-XVIIIe siècles)" [1978]

Le livre de Poche, Paris, France, 1980 - pp.608
ISBN: 2 253 02436 8

Anne Denieul :

"Le Sorcier Assassiné - Jeteurs de sorts d'hier, chamans et chercheurs d'aujourd'hui" [1981]

Librairie Académique Perrin, no place, France, 1981 - pp.296
ISBN: 2 262 00212 6

C.H. Dewisme :

"Les Zombis - ou le secret de morts-vivants" [1957]

Durand, Paris, France, 1957 - pp.158

Edmond Doutté :

"Magie et Religion dans l'Afrique du Nord" [1908]

Adolphe Jourdan, Alger, Algeria, 1908 - pp.618

Denis Duclos :

"Le Complex du Loup-garou - la fascination de la violence dans la culture américaine" [1994]

Editions la Découverte, Paris, France, 1994 - pp.274
ISBN: 2 266 07741 4

T. Ducrocq :

"De la Variété des Usages Funéraires dans l'Ouest de la France" [1884]

Ernest Thorin, Paris, France, 1884 - pp.14

Joel Duez ( Iacobus Jean de la Croix) :

"Traité d'Angéologie et de Démonologie - a l'usage des Exorcistes" [1990]

Editions de la Maisnie, France, 1990 - pp.104
ISBN: 2 85707 412 3

Bernard Duhourcau :

"Guide des Pyrénées Mystérieuses" [1985]

Editions Tchou, Paris, France, 1985 - pp.656
ISBN: 2 7107 0306 8

This book is part of an excellent series of Guide Books, all about mysteries and legends from different parts of France. In this particular volume there is a paragraph with the title: "Nourrison ou vampire ?"

Francois Ribadeau Dumas :

"A la recherche des Vampires" [1976]

Marabout, Verviers, Belgium, 1976 - pp.250

Francoise Dunand & Roger Lichtenberg :

"Les Momies - un voyage dans l'éternité" [1991]

Gallimard, France, 1992 - pp.128
ISBN: 2 07 053167 8

This title is part of a series of brilliantly illustrated little books that has been published in a lot of different countries. So it can't be very hard to find yourself a copy of it.

Maurice Durand :

"Le Monde du Sorcier au Vietnam" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.24

Mircea Eliade :

"Le Chamanisme et les techniques archaïques de l'extase" [1951]

Editions Payot, Paris, France, 1968 - pp.406
ISBN:2 228 14451 7

"Forgerons et Alchimistes" [1956]

Flammarion, Paris, France, 1977 - pp.188
ISBN: 2 08 081012 X

"Initiation, Rites, Sociétés Secrètes" [1959]

Editions Galllimard, Paris, France, 2001 - pp.284
ISBN: 2 07 032696 9

Practically all of Mircea Eliade's books are well worth reading. The ones listed above are no exception.

Toufy Fahd :

"Le Monde du Sorcier en Islam" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.50

Tony Faivre :

"Les Vampires" [1962]

Le Terrain vague, Paris, France, 1962 - pp.256

For more than 30 years I have been trying to get hold of this brilliant French classic. Thanks to the miracle of e-Bay, I am now the proud and happy owner of a beautiful copy, signed by the author. What more could I want ?

Antoine Faivre & Jean Marigny (ed.) :

"Colloque de Cerisy - Les Vampires" [1993]

Albin Michel, Paris, France, 1993 - pp.304
ISBN 2 226 06611 X

A number of academic papers, mostly on the subject of the vampire in fiction. But amongst them are a couple of excellent articles about the traditional vampire. Antoine Faivre's brilliant bibliography most certainly deserves a special mention.

Jacques Finné :

"La Bibliographie de Dracula" [1986]

Editions L'Age d'Homme, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1986 - pp.216

Nice bibliography about vampire fiction, which lists many titles that you may not know. Sadly, it turned out that the book is not always accurate in its dates and other facts. Nevertheless I have found the book useful on many occassions and am pleased to have it on my shelf.

"Erzsébet Bathory, monstre victime" [1974]

in : "Les Maudits" [1974]
Marabout, Verviers, Belgium, 1974 - pp.50

Camille Flammarion :

"Aprés la Mort" [1922]

Editions J'ai Lu, Paris, France, 1974 - pp.308

"La Mort et son Mystère" [1920]

Editions J'ai Lu, Paris, France, 1978 - pp.440

Louis Gallien :

"Le Parasitisme" [1943]

Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, 1969 - pp.128

Marguerite Gillot :

"Des Sorciers, des envoûteurs, des Mages" [1961]

La Table Ronde, Paris, France, 1961 - pp.200

Carlo Ginzburg :

"Les Batailles Nocturnes - sorcellerie et rituels agraires en Frioul XVI - XVIIe siècle" [1966]

Editions Verdier, Lagrasse, France, 1980 - pp.244
ISBN: 2 86432 005 3

Jean Goens :

"Loups-Garous, Vampires et autres Monstres" [1993]

CNRS Editions, Paris, France, 1993 - pp.144
ISBN: 2 271 05085 5

This book has been written by a medical man and includes chapters about the Elephant Man, Richard III, werewolves, vampires and Jack the Ripper. It features a large number of interesting illustrations and a nice reading list. Personally I would have prefered a little more factual material and a little less material on vampire fiction. But it is a good book just the same.

Johann-Joseph von Görres :

"La Mystique divine, naturelle et diabolique" [1836]

Éditions Jérôme Millon, Grenoble, France, 1992 - pp.668

Henry Green (ed.) :

"Les Simulachres & Historiees Faces de la Mort - commonly called The Dance of Death" [1869]

A. Brothers, Manchester, UK, 1869 - pp.292

Facsimile reprint by the Holbein Society of "Les Simulachres & Historiees faces de la Mort, autant elle gammet pourtraictes, que artificiellement imaginées", which was originally published in Lyon in 1538. Apart from a complete reproduction of the book itself, there is a translation of the text by Henry Green, an introduction about the artist, Hans Holbein, the Younger. And there is an apendix with a number of reproductions taken from various editions of George Æmilius "Imagines Mortis".

Pierre Gripari :

"Pedigree du Vampire" [1977]

L'Age d'Homme, 1977 - pp.228

Nice book that brings together texts and comments from various times and from different cultures.

Jean-Philippe Guerand :

"La Nuit des Morts Vivants - Apparitions et histoires de Revenants au Cinéma"

in: "La Mort et l'Immortalité - Encyclopédie des Savoirs et des Croyances"
Bayard, Paris, France, 2004 - pp.1686
ISBN 2 7028 9909 9

Michel Guiomar :

"Principes d'une Esthétique de la Mort" [1967]

Librairie José Corti, Paris, France, 1967 - pp.492

Félix Guirand [Ed.]:

"Mythologie Générale" [1935]

Librairie Larousse, Paris, France, 1935 - pp.448

Of particular interest to us for its chapters on Greek, Roman, Celtic, Scandinavian, Slavic, Lithuanian and Ugro-Finnish Mythology.

Fdal Haja :

"La Mort, le Jugement Dernier et la Vie Future" [2005]

Editions Universel, Paris, France, 2005 - pp.224
ISBN: 2 911546 10 5

Amar Hamdani :

"Rites et Secrets du Vaudou" [1980]

Editions Maggelan, 1994 - pp.254
ISBN: 2 84121 012 X

Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali :

"Les Tourments de la Tombe" [2006]

Editions la Ruche, Paris, France, 2006 - pp.104
ISBN: 2 914566 28 X

Gérard Hayart-Neuez :

"Croyances Magies et Sorcellerie d'Hier et d'Aujourd'hui" [no date]

Editions Horvath, Lyon, France, no date - pp.134
ISBN: 2 7171 0268 X

Francois Hinard (ed.) :

"La Mort - Les Morts et l'au-delà dans le monde Romain" [1987]

Université de Caen, Caen, France, 1987 - pp.376
ISBN: 2 905461 22 5

Laënnec Hurbon :

"Dieu dans le Vaudoo Haïtien" [1975]

Editions Henry Deschamps, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1987 - pp.270

Excellent and intelligent study which was actually published in faraway Voodoo land Haiti. So I was pleased to have the good fortune to find it on sale in a museum in Paris, which happens to be an awful lot closer to where I live.

"Les Mystères du Vaudou" [1993]

Gallimard, France, 1993 - pp.176
ISBN: 2 07 053186 4

This title is part of a series of brilliantly illustrated little books that has been published in different countries and languages. So it should not be very hard to find yourself a copy of it.

Séverin Icard :

"La Mort Réelle et la Mort Apparente" [1897]

Félix Alcan, Paris, France, 1897 - pp.314

Massimo Introvigne :

"Enquete sur le Satanisme" [1994]

Editions Dervy, Paris, France, 1997 - pp.414
ISBN: 2 85076 814 6

French edition of Massimo Introvigne's "Indagine sul Satanismo - Satanisti e anti-satanisti dal seicento ai nostri giorni". Introvigne appears to be the big man behind CESNUR. Or maybe we should rather say that he is CESNUR.

P.L. Jacob :

"Curiosités Infernales" [1886]

Librairie de Garnier, Paris, France, 1886 - pp.396

Claude Jacques :

"Le Monde du Sorcier en Inde" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.48

Aniela Jaffé :

"Apparitions - Fantomes, Reves et Mythes" [1978]

Mercure de France - Le Mail, no place, France, 1983 - pp.262
ISBN: 2 7152 0103 6

Sabine Jarrot :

"Le Vampire dans la Littérature du XIXe au XXe Siècle" [1999]

l'Harmattan, Paris, France, 1999 - pp.224
ISBN: 2 7384 8540 5

This interesting book, which was written by a sociologist, investigates some of the differences between fictional vampires from the 19th and the 20th Centuries.

Emile Jobbé-Duval :

"Les Morts Malfaisants" [1924]

Editions Exergue, Chambéry, France, 2000 - pp.206
ISBN: 2 911525 47 7

Brilliant study about the "evil dead" in ancient Rome, written by a French expert on Roman law, belief, customs and superstition.

Corinne Julien-Bottoni :

"Les Oratoires a Grasse et le Culte des Saints" [2000]

Editions Grandi, France, 2000 - pp.200
ISBN: 2 9516108 0 7

l'Abbé Julio :

"Le Livre secret des grand exorcismes et bénédictions, prières antiques, formules occultes, recettes spéciales avec explication & application des signes et pentacles contenus dans les Grands Secrets Merveilleux, les Prières Liturgiques, le Livre des Exorcismes et les Petits Secrets Merveilleux"

More about this book can be found on our page called Exorcising the Vampire

Claude-Claire Kappler :

"Monstres, démons et merveilles à la fin du Moyen Age" [1980]

Editions Payot, Paris, France, 1999 - pp.358
ISBN 2 228 88024 8

Annick Lamézec :

"Le Diable en Bretagne - dans la tradition populaire" [1993]

Skol Vreizh, Morlaix/Montroulles, France, 1993 - pp.84
ISBN: 2 903313 63 6

Nicely illustrated, this book is a good introduction to the devil, as we can find him depicted in the popular belief of Bretagne.

Charles Lancelin :

"L'Evocation des Morts" [1924]

Editions H. Durville, Paris, France, 1973 - pp.62

Perhaps not quite as exciting as the title appears to suggest, but this little book is interesting to say the least. According to Lancelin, there are seven different ways in which we can communicate with the Dead. Each one of them has been given its own little chapter.

"La Sorcellerie des Campagnes" [1968]

Editions H. Durville, Paris, France, 1981 - pp.400
ISBN: 2 901369 28 6

Charles Lancelin's study on Sorcery and Magic does include special sections on Lycanthropy and Vampirism.

Pierre de Lancre :

"Tableau de l'Inconstance des mauvais Anges et Demons ou il est aplement traicté des Sorciers & de la Sorcelerie" [1612]

Iean Berjon, Paris, France, 1612 - pp.596

Jean-Michel Lang :

"Ossuaires de Lorraine" [1998]

Editions Serpenoise, Metz, France, 1998 - pp.126
ISBN: 2 87692 369 6

Vincent de Langlade :

"Plan et Histoire du Père-Lachaise" [1996]

Editions Vermet, Paris, France, 1996 - pp.32
ISBN: 2 86514 025 3

Inexpensive booklet, in French and English, which comes together with a map of the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. It should be more than sufficient for the purposes of those who merely want to make a quick visit.

Annette Lauras-Pourrat :

"Guide de l'Auvergne Mystérieuse" [1989]

Editions Tchou, Paris, France, 1989 - pp.590
ISBN: 2 7107 0425 0

This book is part of an excellent series of Guide Books, all about mysteries and legends from different parts of France. This particular volume offers a paragraph about "La male mort de l'ogresse lépreuse".

Laurent-Martin :

"Le Roi des Assassins - Vie errante et mystérieuse de Vacher l'Eventreur" [1897]

Librairie Universelle, Paris, France, 1897 - pp.288

Interesting report on the crimes of French serial killer Joseph Vacher, published during his trial (and before his execution).

Claude Lecouteux :

"Chasses Fantastiques et Cohortes de la Nuit au Moyen Age" [1999]

Éditions Imago, Paris, France, 1999 - pp.238
ISBN: 2 911416 17 1

"Démons et Génies du Terroir au Moyen Age" [1995]

Éditions Imago, Paris, France, 1995 - pp.218
ISBN: 2 902702 88 4

"Dialogue avec un Revenant" [1999]

Presses de l'Université de Paris-Sorbonne, Paris, France, 1999 - pp.150
ISBN: 2 84050 156 2

"Fantômes et Revenants au Moyen Âge" [1986]

Éditions Imago, Paris, 1986 - pp.254
ISBN: 2 902702 33 7

The above title does include material about revenants that is of interest to those who study traditional vampires.

"Fées, Sorcières et Loups-Garous au Moyen Âge" [1992]

Éditions Imago, Paris, France, 1992 - pp.218
ISBN: 2 902702 70 1

"Histoires des Vampires" [1999]

Éditions Imago, Paris, 1999 - pp.188
ISBN: 2 911416 29 5

"La Maison et ses Génies - Croyances d'hier et d'aujourd'hui" [2000]

Éditions Imago, Paris, France, 2000 - pp.202
ISBN: 2 911416 41 4

"Mélusine et le Chevalier au Cygne" [1997]

Éditions Imago, Paris, France, 1997 - pp.216
ISBN: 2 911416 06 6

"Les Monstres dans la Pensée Médiévale Européenne" [1993]

Presses de l'Université de Paris-Sorbonne, Paris, France, 1995 - pp.184
ISBN 2 8450 021 3

"Les Nains et les Elfes au Moyen Age" [1988]

Éditions Imago, Paris, France, 1997 - pp.222
ISBN: 2 902702 44 2

In my opinion, Claude Lecouteux is one of the world's leading experts when it comes to medieval belief in monsters and the supernatural. As you can gather from the above list (which is far from complete) he has written a long series of outstanding books, each of them dealing with specific types of monsters, legendary beings and demonic manifestations. No need to worry if you do not read French. For professeur Lecouteux most kindly informed us that some of his titles have been translated into German, English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Czech. More languages to follow, I would not be surprised. . .

Claude Lecouteux & Philippe Marcq :

"Les Esprits et les Morts, Croyances Médiévales" [1990]

Éditions Campion, Paris, France, 1990 - pp.226
ISBN: 2 85203 099 3

An interesting collection of ancient texts, a few of which are about vampires.

Frédéric Lenoir and Jean-Philippe de Tonnac (ed.) :

"La Mort et l'Immortalité - Encyclopédie des Savoirs et des Croyances" [2004]

Bayard, Paris, France, 2004 - pp.1686
ISBN 2 7028 9909 9

Magnificent and massive book, filled with an enormous diversity of specialist articles about various ideas concerning death and the afterlife.

Maurice Levaillant :

"Les Tombes Célèbres" [1926]

Librairie Hachette, Paris, France, 1926 - pp.72

Nicely illustrated litlle old book that lists some of the famous Paris graves.

René de Lhamort :

"Le Vampirisme Aujourd'hui - de la Contimination Virale à la Réalisation du Corps Immortel" [2003]

Editions Télètes, Paris, France, 2003 - pp.120
ISBN: 2 906031 57 7

Michel Louis :

"La Bête du Gévaudan" [1992]

Librairie Perrin, Paris, France, 1992 - pp.336
ISBN: 2 262 00970 8

An excellent study about the mysterious "Beast of Gévaudan" by the director of the Zoo of Amneville.

Gérard Lopez :

"Le Vampirisme au Quotidien" [2001]

L'Esprit du Temps, France, 2001 - pp.164
ISBN: 2 913062 70 9

A.W. MacDonald :

"Le Monde du Sorcier au Népal" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.24

Jean Marigny :

"Sang pour Sang - Le Réveil des Vampires" [1993]

Gallimard, Paris, France, 1993 - pp.144
ISBN: 2 07 053203 8

Much about vampire fiction, but more than sufficient material about the traditional vampire as well. The often rare illustrations by themselves are worth the price of the book. This title is part of a series that has been translated and published in a lot of different countries. So it can't be very hard to find yourself a copy of it.

"Le Vampire dans la Littérature du XXe Siècle" [2003]

Honoré Champion, Paris, France, 2003 - pp.384
ISBN: 2 7453 0818 1

Undoubtedly the very best book on vampire fiction that I have read so far. Perhaps it is not the cheapest book that I have ever seen. But it is well worth the price. The book concentrates on vampire stories in English and French. It is a rather limited edition. So if you want a copy, I wouldn't wait too long. Inside France, the book can be ordered straight from the publishers. And outside France, you can get your copy from Editions Slatkine in Genève, Switzerland. They can be found on the internet: www.slatkine.com. If you are into vampire fiction and do read French, this book is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

Jean Markale :

"L'Enigme des Vampires" [1991]

Pygmalion, Paris, France, 1991 - pp.310
ISBN: 2 85704 353 8

"Histoire Secrète de la Bretagne" [1977]

Editions Albin Michel, Paris, France, 1977 - pp.250
ISBN: 2 226 00458 0

"Mélusine ou l'Androgyne" [1983]

Editions Retz, Paris, France, 1983 - pp.204
ISBN: 2 7256 1078 8

"Les Mystères de la Sorcellerie" [1992]

France Loisirs, Paris, France, 1993 - pp.304
ISBN: 2 7242 7144 0

Pascal Martinet :

"Mario Bava" [1984]

Edilig, Paris, France, 1984 - pp.128
ISBN: 2 85601 051 2

French book about the work of Italian film-director Mario Bava.

P. Mégnin :

"La Faune des Cadavres - Application de l'Entomologie a la Médicine Légale" [1894]

G. Masson / Gauthier-Villars et fils, Paris, France, 1894 - pp.214

An early study on the always cheerful subject of insects and corpses.

P. C. F. Menestrier :

"Des Decorations Funebres - ou il est amplement traité des Tentures, des Lumières, des Mausolées, Catafalques, Inscriptions, & autres Ornemens funebres" [1682]

R.Pipie, Paris, France, 1682 - pp.368

Chantal Mezen :

"Le Cimetière de Robermont" [2000]

Noir Dessin Production, Grivegnee, Belgium, 2000 - pp.176
ISBN: 2 87351 048 X

Nice and useful guide to the main cemetery of Liège.

Gaël Milin :

"Les Chiens de Dieu - La Représentation du Loup-Garou en Occident (XIe-XIXe siècles) [1993]

Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France, 1993 - pp.202
ISBN: 2 901 737 12 9

This is a brilliant and very informative book which shows us the werewolf superstition from many different angles.

Georges Minois :

"La Souffrance des Damnés - L'Enfer et les Enfers dans les Traditions"

in: "La Mort et l'Immortalité - Encyclopédie des Savoirs et des Croyances"
Bayard, Paris, France, 2004 - pp.1686
ISBN 2 7028 9909 9

Jean-Pierre Mohen :

"Les Rites de l'au-delà" [1995]

Editions Odile Jacob, Paris, France, 1995 - pp.330
ISBN: 2 7381 0324 3

Paul Morand :

"Bucarest" [1935]

Librairie Plon, Paris, France, 1935 - pp.294

Nice and sometimes interesting information about the Romanian capital before World War II.

Robert Muchembled :

"Diable !" [2002]

Editions du Seuil/ARTE, France, 2002 - pp.200
ISBN: 2 02 055748 7

Beautiful collection of rare images of devils and demons, taken from Roman wall-paintings, old religious manuscripts, Medieval paintings, but also films and modern advertising. The book is a bit like Roland Villeneuve's "La Beauté du Diable", but - in my opinion - even better than that.

Eloise Mozzani :

"Le Livre des Superstitions - Mythes, Croyances et Légendes" [1995]

Editions Robert Laffont, Paris, France, 1995 - pp.1822
ISBN 2 7441 2833 3

Massive book that offers us an amazing quantity of interesting information.

Nicos Nicolaïdis :

"La Théophagie - Oralité primaire et métaphorique" [1988]

Dunod, Paris, France, 1988 - pp.154
ISBN: 2 04 018709 X

A rather interesting study. Everything about the psychosexual backgrounds of Theophagy (or the symbolical act of eating God), from cannibalism and the mythology of the Ancient Greeks all the way to the Eucharist.

Jean de Nynauld [1588-16??] :

"De la Lycanthropie, Transformation et Extase des Sorciers" [1615]

Jean Millot, Paris, France, 1615 - pp.110

This is the original edition.

"De la Lycanthropie, Transformation et Extase des Sorciers" [1615]

Éditions Frénésie, Paris, France, 1990 - pp.238
ISBN: 2 906225 22 3

This is a modern reprint of Jean de Nynauld's classic work, with an additional number of critical essays on Lycanthropy and Werewolves.

Valentine Penrose :

"Erzsébet Bathory - la Comtesse Sanglante" [1962]

Mercure de France, France, 1962 - pp.236

An excellent book giving lots of information about the "Countess Dracula". There is an English translation, published by Calders & Boyar, London, UK.

Paul Perdrizet :

"Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris - Etudes de Démonologie Gréco-Orientale" [1922]

Librairie Istra, Strasbourg, France, 1922 - pp.40

Incredible as it may seem, I found this interesting and very hard to get little book through Amazon France. In their normal section. Not the second-hand or antiquarian thing if you know what I mean. Hey, don't underestimate those online bookstores ! Sometimes it is amazing what you can find there.

Joël Pérocheau :

"La Sorcellerie en Vendée - pratiques démoniaques et croyances légendaires" [1978]

Le Cercle d'Or Rivages, La Chaume, France, 1978 - pp.142
ISBN: 2 7188 0997 3

Jean-Yves Péron-Autret :

"Les Enterrés Vivants" [1979]

France Loisirs, Paris, France, 1979 - pp.192

All about premature burials and its supposed link to the belief in vampires. There is more about this book in our Bits & Pieces-section: Les Enterrés Vivants

Jean-Paul Persigout :

"Dictionnaire de Mythologie Celte" [1985]

Editions du Rocher, Monaco, 1996 - pp.318

Even though it does not have the answers to all of my questions, I have found this to be a pretty good book that has often come in handy if I quickly wanted to look up some Celtic stuff.

Joseph Pitton de Tournefort :

"Relation d'un Voyage du Levant" [1717]

l'Imprimerie Royale, Paris, France, 1717 - 2 Volumes - pp.1110

Here we can find the original report on "the Vampire of Mykonos".

Claude Planson :

"A la Découverture du Vaudou" [1978]

Editions de Vecchi, Paris, France, 1978 - pp.224
ISBN: 2 85177 076 4

Albert Poulain :

"Sorcellerie, Revenants et Croyances en Haute-Bretagne" [1997]

Editions Ouest-France, Rennes, France, 1997 - pp.334
ISBN: 2 7373 1697 9

Alain Pozzuoli :

"Bram Stoker - Prince des Ténèbres" [1989]

Librairie Séguier, France, 1989 - pp.174

The first two parts of this book bring us a biography of Bram Stoker. The third part brings us much material about vampires in general.

F. Claude Prieur :

"Dialogue de la Lycanthropie ou Transformation d'Hommes en Loups, vulgairement dits Loups-garous, & si telle se peut faire" [1596]

Jehan Maes & Philippe Zangre, Leuven, Belgium, 1596 - pp.72

Bruno Py :

"La Mort et le Droit" [1922]

Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, France, 1997 - pp.128
ISBN 2 13 048885 4

There is quite a bit of information to be found in this small book. The first half is about "death and the law", the second part about "corpses and the law".

Ramprasad :

"Chants à Kali" [date unknown - 18th Century]

Société d'Edition "Les Belles Lettres", Paris, France, 1982 - pp.318
ISBN: 2 251 35332 1

Michael Ranft :

"De la Mastication des Morts dans leur Tombeaux" [1728]

Jérôme Millon, Grenoble, France, 1995 - pp.126

I am always delighted and excited when I find that a classical non-fiction book on vampires has been reprinted. In this case I am even more happy because the publisher has had the good sense to have the book translated from Latin into French, thus saving me many hours of misery. With an intelligent introduction by the translator Danielle Sonnier, this was a great find. I am much indebted to both publisher and translator. And I'd also like to say "thank you" to the good people at Amazon France without whose amazing catalogue I would never have discovered this brilliant reprint.

Abdallah Ibn Ibrahim Ar-Raouji :

"Qu'y-a-t'il Apres la Mort ?" [no date]

Editions Assia, no place, no date - pp.238

Erica Reiner :

"La Magie Babylonienne" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.32

Nicolas Rémy :

"La Démonolâtrie" [1595]

Presses Universitaires de Nancy, France, 1997 - pp.338
ISBN: 2 86480 705 X

A most welcome new edition of Nicolas Rémy's classic work on Demonology.

Jean-Paul Ronecker :

"Encyclopaedia Vampirica" [2009]

Editions Le Temps Présent, Agnières, France, 2009 - pp.458
ISBN: 2 35185 035 1

I know that it is quite impossible to cover the complete subject in a book like this. But I must admit that this seems like one of the better attempts that I have seen. It is a very nice book indeed.

"Vampires" [2001]

Editions Pardès, Puiseaux, France, 2001 - pp.124
ISBN: 2 86714 195 8

Alex Roudène :

"Envoutement et Exorcisme" [1978]

Editions Maggelan, 1994 - pp.254
ISBN: 2 84121 006 5

Jean-Paul Roux :

"Le Chaman" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.28

"Le Sang - Mythes, Symboles et Réalités" [1988]

Librairie Arthème Fayard, 1988 - pp.408
ISBN: 2 213 02090 6

One of the most complete overviews that I have ever seen about the ideas about "blood" that you can find in folklore and popular belief, in myths and religion, and in real life.

Barbara Sadoul (ed.) :

"Visages du Vampire" [1999]

Éditions Dervy, Paris, France, 1999 - pp.252
ISBN: 2 85076 970 3

Paul de Saint-Hilaire :

"Liège et Meuse Mystérieux" (vol. I) [1980]

Rossel Edition, Brussels, Belgium, 1980 - pp.214

In this book you can find more about the "Vampires" of Farciennes.

Jean-Michel Sallmann :

"Les Sorcières - fiancées de Satan" [1989]

Gallimard, France, 1989 - pp.192
ISBN: 2 07 053077 9

This title is part of a series of brilliantly illustrated little books that has been published in a lot of different countries and has been translated into various languages. So it should not be very hard to find yourself a copy of it.

Serge Sauneron :

"Le Monde du Magicien Egyptien" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.40

Jean-Claude Schmitt :

"Les Revenants - Les Vivants et les Morts dans la Société Médiévale" [1994]

Editions Gallimard, Paris, France, 1994 - pp.306
ISBN: 2 07 073657 1

"Récits d'Outre-Tombe - Les Revenants au Moyen Age"

in: "La Mort et l'Immortalité - Encyclopédie des Savoirs et des Croyances"
Bayard, Paris, France, 2004 - pp.1686
ISBN 2 7028 9909 9

René Sieffert :

"Le Monde du Sorcier au Japon" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.38

Jacques Sirgent :

"Le Vampire en France" [2010]

Editions Juste Pour Lire, France, 2010 - pp.190
ISBN 2 3615 1002 2

Ludovico Maria Sinistrari [1632-1701]:

"De la Démonialité et des Animaux Incubes et Succubes" [no date]

Bibliothèque Ombres, Toulouse, France, 1998 - pp.110

This classic work by Sinistrari was rediscovered, tranlated and apparently published for the first time in 1875 by Isidore Liseux. An English translation was published as part of R.E.L. Master's "Eros and Evil", published by The Julian Press of New York in 1962, which was then republished by Penguin Books in 1974.

René Suttel :

"Catacombes et Carrieres de Paris" [1986]

Editions du Treuil, Chatillon, France, 1993 - pp.222
ISBN: 2 9505707 1 2

Claude Sutto (ed.) :

"Le Sentiment de la Mort au Moyen Âge" [1979]

Les Editions Univers, Montreal, Canada, 1979 - pp.284
ISBN: 2 89053 016 7

This book contains about a dozen different studies that were presented at the "Cinquième Colloque" of the Institute for Medieval Studies of the University of Montreal.

Imam al-Suyuti :

"Les Mystères de la Tombe - Délices et Supplices" [2002]

Editions de la Ruche, Paris, France, 2004 - pp.120
ISBN: 2 914566 21 2

Ibn Taymiyya :

"La Tombe et ses Supplices" [no date]

Editions Albouraq, Paris, France, 2002 - pp.174
ISBN: 2 84161 009 8

Thevenot :

""Relation d'un Voyage au Levant - dans laquelle il est curieusement traité des Etats sujets au Grand Seigneur, des Moeurs, Religions, Forces, Gouvernemens, Politiques, Langues, & coustumes des Habitans de ce grand Empire - et des sigularitez particulieres de l'Archipel, Constantinople, Terre Sainte, Egypte, Pyramides, Mumies, Deserts d'Arabie, la Meque Et de plusieurs autres lieux de l'Asie & de l'Afrique remarquées depuis peu, & non encore décrites iusqu'a present - Outre les choses memorables arrivées au dernier Siege de Bagdat, les Ceremonies faites aux receptions des Ambassadeurs du Mogol: Et l'entretien de l'Autheur avec celuy du Pretejan, où il est parlé des sources du Nil." " [1664]

Louis Bilaine, Paris, France, 1664 - pp.986

Interesting book that does feature some vampire related material about the Isle of Chios.

René Thimmy :

"La Magie à Paris" [1934]

Les Editions de France, Paris, France, 1934 - pp.284

"La Magie aux Colonies" [1935]

Les Editions de France, Paris, France, 1935 - pp.234

George Vajda :

"La Magie en Israël" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.28

Aba Vangh :

"Dagydes et Envoutements" [1994]

Editions Savoir pour Etre, Brussels, Belgium, 1994 - pp.48

"Magie de l'Italie Méridionale" [1994]

Editions Savoir pour Etre, Brussels, Belgium, 1993 - pp.56

"Magie et Religions du Népal" [1994]

Editions Savoir pour Etre, Brussels, Belgium, 1994 - pp.144
ISBN: 2 87387 080 X

"La Magie Grecque" [1994]

Editions Savoir pour Etre, Brussels, Belgium, 1994 - pp.60
ISBN: 2 87387 033 8

"Magie Mongole" [1994]

Editions Savoir pour Etre, Brussels, Belgium, 1994 - pp.72
ISBN: 2 87387 001 X

"Magie Tibetaine" [1993]

Editions Savoir pour Etre, Brussels, Belgium, 1993 - pp.122

various authors :

"Dictionnaire Usuel Illustré" [1983]

Librairies Flammarion et Quillet, Paris, France, 1982 - pp.1944

Now where would we be without a decent dictionary ? As far as French is concerned, this one has not disappointed me so far.

Christopher Vasey :

"Le Mystère du Sang - Alimentation et évolution spirituelle" [1994]

Gabriel Veraldi :

"Longévité et Immortalité" [1981]

Editions Vernoy, 1981 - pp.252

Who wants to live forever ?

Roger Vidal & Guy Senac de Monsembernard :

"Législation funéraire - Cimetières - Concessions de Terrains - Crématoriums - Actes de Décès - Prélèvements d'Organes - Pompes Funèbres - Police des Funérailles - Modèles d'Actes" [1997]

Editions Litec, Paris, France, 1997 - pp.292
ISBN: 2 7111 2820 2

Everything you might ever want to know about each and every legal aspect of burial, cremation, et.al., in France that is.

Maurice Vieyra :

"Le Sorcier Hittite" [1966]

in: "Le Monde Sorcier"
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1966 - pp.28

Roland Villeneuve :

"La Beauté du Diable" [1994]

Pierre Bordas et fils, France, 1994 - pp.236
ISBN: 2 86311 259 7

A beautiful collection of rare images of devils and demons.

"Le Cannibalisme - Mesures et démesures de l'anthropophagie" [1973]

Editions Gerard & Co, Verviers, Belgium, 1973 - pp.188

"Dictionnaire du Diable" [1998]

Omnibus, France, 1998 - pp.1084
ISBN: 2 258 04991 1

"Le Fléau des Sorciers - Histoire de la Diablerie Basque au XVIIe Siècle" [1983]

Flammarion, France, 1983 - pp.234
ISBN: 2 08 064586 2

"Gilles de Rays - une grande figure diabolique" [1973]

Marabout, Verviers, Belgium, 1973 - pp.248

"Loups-Garous et Vampires" [1960]

Editions J'ai Lu, Paris, France, 1970 - pp.188

"Loups-Garous et Vampires" [1991]

Pierre Bordas & Fils, 1991 - pp.342
ISBN: 2 86311 211 2

Generally speaking - and disregarding the few excellent exceptions - I find that the average English or American book about vampires hardly ever comes up with material that you have not seen before. So it is nice to note that French books on the subject, even the bad or mediocre ones, usually tend to be much more original. Having said that, I'd like to stress the fact that this particular book is not bad or mediocre at all. As a bonus, the later edition also features some very nice illustrations.

Roland Villeneuve & Jean-Louis Degaudenzi :

"Le Musée des Vampires" [1976]

Henri Veyrier, Paris, France, 1976 - pp.368
ISBN: 2 85199 120 05

This is a great book with loads of fascinating illustrations, which covers many aspects of vampires and vampirism.

Dominique Viseux :

"La Mort et les états posthumes selons les grandes traditions" [1989]

Guy Trédaniel, Paris, France, 1989 - pp.164
ISBN: 2 85707 310 0

Ornella Volta & Valerio Riva (ed.) :

"Roger Vadim présente: Histoires de Vampires" [1961]

Éditions Robert Laffont, Paris, France, 1961 - pp.594

Even though practically all the space is taken up by vampire fiction, the nonfiction part, small as it may be, is definitely worthy of our attention.

Michel Vovelle :

"L'Heure du Grand Passage - Chronique de la Mort" [1993]

Editions Gallimard, France, 1993 - pp.160
ISBN: 2 07 053161 9

This title is part of a series of brilliantly illustrated little books, that has been published in a lot of different countries. So it can't be very hard to find yourself a copy of it.

Nathan Wachtel :

"Dieux et Vampires - Retour à Chipaya" [1992]

Editions du Seuil, France, 1992 - pp.188
ISBN: 2 02 044476 4

Very interesting book about Bolivian indians and the rather extreme ways in which they protect themselves from vampires.

Jean Wier :

"Histoires, Disputes et Discours, des Illusions et Impostures des Diables, des Magiciens Infames, Sorcieres & Empoisonneurs: Des Ensorcelez & Demoniaques, & de la Guerison d'iceux: Item de la Punition que meritent les Magiciens, les Empoisonneurs, & les Sorcieres." [1579]

Jaques Chovet, no place, France, 1579 - pp.914

E. Wiétrich :

"L'Enigme de la Mort" [2002]

Editions Belénos, France, 2002 - pp.188
ISBN: 2 9806911 7 8

Pérel Wilgowicz :

"Le Vampirisme - de la Dame Blanche au Golem - essai sur la pulsion de mort et sur l'irreprésentable" [2000]

Césura, Meyzieu, France, 2000 - pp.354
ISBN: 2 905709 83 9

Written by a "member of the Société Psychanalytique de Paris", who appears to know an awful lot about such matters as literature, mythology, psychoanalysis, and God knows what else, this definitely isn't the sort of book that could ever be labeled as "easy-reading". Nevertheless, it is worth the effort if you are interested in getting to see the vampire from a different angle.

Jean Ziegler :

"Les Vivants et la Mort" [1975]

Editions du Seuil, Paris, France, 1975 - pp.318
ISBN: 2 02 004796 9

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