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There are people (religious people, to be more specific) who consider Vampires to be beings of a demonic nature. It is their conviction that such vampires can be "killed" (or - perhaps - rather "put to rest") by driving out the alleged demon by the power of God. Reason enough for us to add a modest section of book titles that deal with the supposed blessings of Exorcism.

l'Abbé Julio :

"Le Livre secret des grand exorcismes et bénédictions, prières antiques, formules occultes, recettes spéciales avec explication & application des signes et pentacles contenus dans les Grands Secrets Merveilleux, les Prières Liturgiques, le Livre des Exorcismes et les Petits Secrets Merveilleux"

More about this book can be found on our page called Exorcising the Vampire

Robert Ambelain :

"Sacramentaire du Rose+Croix - Sacralisations, exorcismes, formules de défense et d'action" [1963]

Editions Bussière, Paris, France, 1994 - pp.292
ISBN: 2 85090 106 7

Dom Bernardin :

"Les Grands Exorcismes" [1994]

Editions Bussière, Paris, France, 1994 - pp.128
ISBN: 2 85090 112 1

Dom Bernardin appears to be a man of action who does not feel that he should waste his time on introductions or further explanations. He simply gives you a chapter full of ancient prayers, a chapter with various blessings, a chapter with excorcisms, the prayers of Sainte Brigitte plus the litanies of Saint Expédit. And me ? All I can do is wish you the best of luck...

Joel Duez ( Iacobus Jean de la Croix) :

"Traité d'Angéologie et de Démonologie - a l'usage des Exorcistes" [1990]

Editions de la Maisnie, France, 1990 - pp.104
ISBN: 2 85707 412 3

François Dunois Canette :

"Les Prêtres Exorcistes - Enquête et Témoignages" [1993]

Editions J'ai Lu, Paris, France, 1994 - pp.256
ISBN: 2 277 23803 1

Interesting book, written by a journalist who seems to have done some serious research into the subject and who has spoken to a number of priests who are into exorcism.

Dion Fortune :

"Psychic Self-Defence" [1930]

Aquarian Press, Wellingborough, UK, 1976 - pp.210
ISBN: 0 85030 015 0

With its own special chapter on vampirism, and written by a practising occultist rather than a cleric, this book is quite interesting.

Francesco Maria Guazzo :

"Compendium Maleficarum, ex quo nefandissima in genus humanum opera venesica, ac ad illa vitanda remedia conspiciuntur " [1626]

Ambrosiani typographia, Milano, Italy, 1626 - pp.392

Traugott K. Oesterreich :

"Possession and Exorcism" [1921]

Causeway Books, New York, USA, 1974 - pp.400
ISBN: 0 88356 035 6

This is quite a good book. In its field it must be some kind of classic, at least comparable to - let's say - the vampire books of Montague Summers. But much better organised with a structure that clearly shows that some serious and intelligent thought has gone into it. Not the kind of chaotic hodgepodge that appears to be Summers' special recipe.

Dom Robert Petitpierre (ed.) :

"Exorcism - the findings of a commission convened by the Bishop of Exeter" [1972]

S.P.C.K., London, UK, 1974 - pp.58

Obviously, a publication with a title like this is something pretty serious and nothing to be laughed about. I seem to remember that I must have bought this on a visit to one of Britain's beautiful cathedrals.

Alex Roudène :

"Envoutement et Exorcisme" [1978]

Editions Maggelan, 1994 - pp.254
ISBN: 2 84121 006 5

Stefan Samerski :

"Exorzistische Praktiken und apotropäische Schutzzeichen in Olmütz - Eine jesuitische Propaganda um 1600"

in: Wünsch (ed.): "Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa" [2006]
LIT Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2006 - pp.340
ISBN: 3 8258 9273 5

Peter Underwood :

"Exorcism !" [1990]

Robert Hale, London, UK, 1990 - pp.208
ISBN: 0 7090 4017 2

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