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On this page you will find the bibliographical details of a number of English language books on Vampires, Vampirism and related subjects. In case you happen to know about other interesting titles, and have details on where I can find or order them, please be sure to let me know. Your help will be much appreciated.

Charles Annandale (ed.) :

"The Imperial Dictionary of the English Language" [no date]

Blackie and Son, London, UK, no date

This is a nice large leatherbound four volume set of books with lots of interesting little illustrations. My guess is that it must have been published around 1890. And in case you did not hear me say it yet: where would we be without a good dictionary ?

anon. :

"Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britain" [1973]

Reader's Digest, London, UK, 1973 - pp.552

anon. :

"Ghosts, Witchcraft and the Other World - Icelandic Folktales I" [1977]

Iceland Review, Reykjavik, Iceland, 1978 - pp.92

"Elves, Trolls and Elemental beings - Icelandic Folktales II" [1977]

Iceland Review, Reykjavik, Iceland, 1978 - pp.94

"Adventures, Outlaws and Past Events - Icelandic Folktales III" [1977]

Iceland Review, Reykjavik, Iceland, 1978 - pp.96

anon. :

"Infamous Murders" [1975]

Verdict Press, London, UK, 1975 - pp.150

Includes chapters about Peter Kürten and George Haigh.

Timothy d'Arch Smith :

"Montague Summers - A Bibliography" [1964]

The Aquarian Press, Wellingborough, UK, 1983 - pp.170
ISBN: 0 85030 317 6

Philippe Ariès :

"The Hour of our Death" [1977]

Random House, New York, USA, 1982 - pp.652
ISBN:0 394 75156 6

When it comes to the European ideas and rituals that have to do with Death and Burial, and with the history of such ideas and customs, then Philippe Ariès seems to be the expert who knows everything there is to know.

Nina Auerbach :

"Our Vampires, Ourselves" [1995]

University of Chicago Press, Chicago & London, 1995 - pp.232
ISBN: 0 226 03202 7

Arthur C. Aufderheide :

"The Scientific Study of Mummies" [2003]

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2003 - pp.608
ISBN: 0 521 81826 5

Massive and extremely informative book on everything that has to do with mummies. It is rather expensive, but if you have a serious interest in the subject of mummies, then you simply can not go without it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Michael Balfour :

"Megalithic Mysteries - an illustrated Guide to Europe's Ancient Sites" [1992]

Parkgate Books, London, UK, 1997 - pp.192
ISBN: 1 85585 355 8

Very nicely illustrated overview of the different types of megalithic monuments that can be found all over Europe.

Paul Barber :

"Vampires, Burial, and Death" [1988]

Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 1988 - pp.236
ISBN: 0 300 04126 8

An excellent piece of vampirological research. Mr. Barber has come up with an interesting theory to explain the belief in traditional vampires. And he has filled up his book with fascinating material, which is meant to support his ideas and thoughts on the subject. Whether you agree with his findings or not, this is a brilliant book. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

Sabine Baring-Gould [1834-1924] :

"The Book of Werewolves - being an account of a terrible superstition" [1865]

Causeway Books, New York, USA, 1973 - pp.266
ISBN: 0 088356 008 9

A book that brings us much material about werewolves. Although I was surprised to find that no less than three whole chapters are dedicated to Gilles de Retz.

Felix Barker :

"Highgate Cemetery - Victorian Valhalla" [1984]

John Murray, London, UK, 1984 - pp.112
ISBN: 0 7195 4137 9

Francis Barrett :

"The Magus or Celestial Intelliger - a complete system of occult philosophy" [1801]

Citadel Press, Secausus, N.J., USA, 1967 - pp.198
ISBN: 0 8065 0462 5

Barrett's classic which seems to have been the main inspiration for quite a few other authors.

Michelle Belanger :

"The Psychic Vampire Codex - a Manual of Magick and Energy Work" [2004]

Weiser Books, Boston, USA, 2004 - pp.288
ISBN: 1 57863 321 4

Michelle Belanger (ed.) :

"Vampires in their own Words - an Anthology of Vampire Voices" [2007]

Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, Minnesota, USA, 2007 - pp.246
ISBN: 978 0 7387 1220 8

An interesting collection of articles about "living vampires" and their world, written by people who appear to have firsthand knowledge on this subect.

Michael E. Bell :

"Food for the Dead - On the Trail of New England's Vampires" [2001]

Carroll & Graf Publishers, New York, USA, 2001 - pp.338
ISBN: 0 7867 0899 9

Geographically a little outside our usual territory perhaps. But the vampire beliefs and practices that we find, most probably have travelled there together with the European emigrants who moved to America. Besides, this is an excellent book by any standard. Make sure that you don't miss it. RECOMMENDED !

"Food for the Dead - On the Trail of New England's Vampires" [2001]

Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, Connecticut, USA, 2011 - pp.340
ISBN: 978 0 8195 7170 0

Same brilliant book as above but with a brandnew preface by the author.

David Bellingham :

"An introduction to Celtic Mythology" [1990]

Grange Books, London, UK, 1995 - pp.128
ISBN: 1 85627 805 1

Stephan Beyer :

"Magic and Ritual in Tibet" [1988]

Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, India, 1988 - pp.542
ISBN: 81 208 0488 0

John Bierhorst :

"The Hungry Woman - Myths and legends of the Aztecs" [1984]

William Morrow, New York, USA, 1984 - pp.148
ISBN: 0 688 12301 5

Lt. Ray Biondi & Walt Hecox :

"The Dracula Killer" [1992]

Pocket Books, New York, USA, 1992 - pp.212
ISBN: 0 671 74003 2

Much information about the shocking case of "The Vampire of Sacramento".

Neil Blandford & Bruce Jones :

"The World's Most Evil Men" [1985]

Berkley Books, New York, USA, 1990 - pp.242
ISBN: 0 425 12268 9

The final chapter, titled "Blood Lust", features Vlad the Impaler, Gilles de Rais, Sawney Beane, Peter Kürten, Fritz Haarmann, and others.

Roger Boar & Nigel Blundell :

"The World's most infamous Murders" [1983]

Octopus Books, London, UK, 1984 - pp.192
ISBN: 0 7064 2148 5

Includes chapters about Peter Kürten, Fritz Haarmann, John Haigh and Ted Bundy.

Pëtr Bogatyrëv :

"Vampires in the Carpathians - Magical Acts, Rites, and Beliefs in Subcarpathian Rus" [1929]

Columbia University Press, New York, 1998 - pp.188
ISBN: 0 88033 389 8

Interesting and scholarly work which gives much background information about the customs and popular belief of the area. Vampires do get a mention, but their prominent presence in the title of the book seems slightly misleading. Strangely, I could not find any vampires mentioned in the title of the earlier French translation on which this American edition is based.

Richard Bojarski :

"The Films of Bela Lugosi" [1980]

The Citadel Press, Secaucus, New Jersey, USA, 1980 - pp.256
ISBN: 0 8065 0716 0

The title says it all.

Jan Bondeson :

"Buried Alive - The terrifying History of our most primal Fear" [2002]

W.W. Norton & Company, New York, USA, 2002 - pp.320
ISBN: 0 393 32222 X

Brilliant and extremely entertaining study on the subject of premature burial. There is more about it in our "Bits and Pieces" section under the heading of "Premature Burial". HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

Ray Bradbury & Archie Lieberman :

"The mummies of Guanajuato" [1978]

Harry N. Abrams, New York, USA, 1978 - pp.96

David E. Brown :

"Vampiro - the vampire bat in fact and fantasy" [1994]

High-Lonesome Books, Silver City, New Mexico, USA, 1994 - pp.142
ISBN 0 944383 22 X

This book seems to cover most of the things that you might want to know about vampire bats. From the real living creature to superstition, from mythology to Count Dracula.

Matthew Bunson :

"The Vampire Encyclopedia" [1993]

Crown Trade Paperbacks, New York, 1993 - pp.304
ISBN: 0 517 88100 4

Despite the somewhat presumptious title, this is not a bad book. Obviously it is not possible to cover a subject as complex as vampires & vampirism in a mere 300 pages. So don't expect any entries that go beyond the surface of things. Having said that, it is a nice book, presenting its contents in an A to Z manner, which could be quite useful for those who are new to the subject.

Cottie Burland :

"North American Indian Mythology" [1965]

Hamlyn, London, UK, 1968 - pp.142

There are quite a few titles in this section that have been published by Hamlyn Books. All of them are reasonably good informative books with lots of illustrations.

Ramsey Campbell :

"Ramsey Campbell, probably" [2002]

PS Publishing, Harrogate, UK, 2002 - pp.442
ISBN: 1 902880 40 4

30 Years of esays and articles by Ramsey Campbell, introduction by Douglas E. Winter, edited by S.T. Joshi, and printed in a small signed and numbered edition. What more could we want ? There is a lot of interesting stuff in there. But for me, the main interest is in an article called "The strange case of Sean Manchester". Admittedly - at first sight - it does look like a revision, rewrite, follow-up or whatever you want to call it of Mr. Campbell's earlier "From Christ to Satan - Sean Manchester's Books Reviewed" which was published in: "Shock Xpress I" brought out by Titan Books, UK, 1991. It is a real pleasure to see Mr. Campbell's dignified reaction to the filth that has been released from a certain Highgate P.O.Box ever since the first publication.

By the way, if - like myself and a couple of hundred other people - you ever get yourself in trouble with Sean Manchester or his associates, don't be too worried about it. Be sure to check the address of his so-called lawyers. If they do have a proper address, make sure that you contact them to see if the message originates from them and if they are for real. If they are genuine, they can easily be found on the internet and in the telephone book. If not, and supposing that they happen to share the same P.O.Box that is being used by "the Sean Man" himself, don't bother and do not worry about them. Like the Highgate Vampire, they are not for real. Real lawyers do have an office and an address, and telephone numbers. They certainly do not live in P.O.Box 666, Highgate. Or whatever the number is.

Margaret L. Carter [b. 1948] :

"The Vampire in Literature" [1989]

UMI Research Press, Ann Arbor & London, 1989 - pp.136
ISBN: 0 8357 1998 7

Andrew T. Chamberlain & Michael Parker Pearson :

"Earthly Remains - the History and Science of Preserved Human Bodies" [2001]

Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 2001 - pp.208
ISBN: 0 19 521852 3

Very nicely illustrated book about the different kinds of preserved corpses.

Theresa Cheung :

"The Element Encyclopedia of Vampires" [2009]

Harper Collins, London, UK, 2009 - pp.686
ISBN 978 0 00 731279 5

Massive book at a sympathetic price. Obviously it is no alternative to a well-filled library with specialist books. But I can see a use for it. And books like this are always nice to browse through and read a bit of this and that. Not bad at all !

Anthony Christie :

"Chinese Mythology" [1968]

Hamlyn, London, UK, 1968 - pp.142

Wensley Clarkson :

"Hell Hath no Fury - True stories of women who kill" [1991]

Blake Paperbacks, London, UK, 1991 - pp.208
ISBN: 0 905846 93 1

Features a chapter called "The Lesbian Vampire Killers".

Christopher Clemens & Mark Smith :

"Death - Grim Realities and Comic Relief" [1982]

Delacorte Press, New York, USA, 1982 - pp.192
ISBN: 0 440 07155 6

Daniel Cohen :

"Real Vampires" [1995]

Cobblehill Books, Dutton NY, USA, 1995 - pp.116
ISBN: 0 525 65189 6

Most of the material in this book can also be found in the works of Montague Summers. Fortunately, there's also some material on American vampires which is more original. The book also has a short chapter about the so-called Highgate Vampire.

Basil Copper [b.1924] :

"The Vampire in Legend and Fact" [1973]

Citadel Press, Cecaucus, NJ, USA, 1974 - pp.208

"The Werewolf - in Legend, Fact and Art" [1977]

Robert Hale, London, UK, 1977 - pp.240
ISBN: 0 312 86222 9

What can I say ? I much prefer Bassil Copper's horror fiction.

Greg Cox :

"The Transylvanian Library - a Consumer's Guide to Vampire Fiction" [1993]

Borgo Press, San Bernardino, CA, USA, 1993 - pp.264
ISBN: 0 89370 335 4

Let us start with the bad news: sadly, there is a limit to the number of novels and stories that get a mention in this Guide. The good news is: the entries are not limited to bibliographical details only. There also is a short synopsis of the stories plus the comments and opinions of author Greg Cox. A very good and useful introduction to vampire fiction.

Stephen B. Cox :

"Blood - A Vampyric Bibliography" [1994]

Coxland Press, Reading, UK, 1994 - pp.44
ISBN: 1 872543 91 X

Aleister Crowley :

"Magick in Theory and Practice" [1929]

Castle Books, Secausus, N.J., USA, 1991 - pp.436
ISBN: 1 55521 766 4

I am only giving you this one title because in my opinion it is Crowley's best and most general introduction to his particular kind of "Magick". Practically everything that Crowley has ever written can be found for free on the internet. And, yes, a number of his works do contain material that has a connection with "vampirism". However, it is definitely not the kind of vampirism that is the main subject of our pages.

Franz Cumont :

"The Mysteries of Mithra" [1903]

Dover Books, NewYork, USA, 1956 - pp.240

I am pretty sure that I have also seen a place where you can download this book for free somewhere on the internet.

Bob Curran :

"Encyclopedia of the Undead - A Field Guide to the Creatures that cannot rest in Peace" [2006]

The Career Press, Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA, 2006 - pp.312
ISBN: 1 56414 841 6

"Vampires - A Field Guide to the Creatures that stalk the Night" [2005]

The Career Press, Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA, 2005 - pp.222
ISBN: 1 56414 841 6

Alexandra David-Neel :

"Magic and Mystery in Tibet" [1967]

HarperCollins, London, UK, 1992 - pp.224
ISBN: 0 04 291019 6

Wade Davis :

"The Serpent and the Rainbow" [1985]

Warner Books, New York, USA, 1987 - pp.372
ISBN: 0 446 34387 0

Fascinating account of the author's search for the secrets of Voodoo and Zombies.

James M. Deem :

"Bodies from the Bog" [1998]

Houghton Mifflin Company, New York, USA, 1998 - pp.42
ISBN: 0 395 85784 8

If you are new to the subject, this is not a bad introduction to the wonderful world of bog bodies.

Georg Dehn (ed.):

"The Book of Abramelin - a new Translation" [2006]

Ibis Press, Lake Worth, Florida, USA, 2006 - pp.300
ISBN: 978 0 89254 127 0

Georg Dehn's most recent editions of the Abramelin book are without a doubt superior to everything else that has ever been published on the subject. By translating and comparing all the different original manuscripts that are known to us, he has come up with the ultimate reconstruction of the Abramelin text. Not satisfied with that, he has travelled to Egypt to find the place where Abraham of Worms came into touch with the mysterious Abramelin. With plenty of photographic copies of pages from the original manuscripts and Georg Dehn's brilliant comments, this is without a doubt the very best Abramelin book that I have ever read. The American edition can be ordered through Amazon. The German book can be ordered through  WWW.AMAZON.DE  or in case you prefer to order it straight from the publishers :  WWW.ARAKI.DE 

Adam Douglas :

"The Beast Within - Man, Myths and Werewolves" [1992]

Orion Books Ltd., London, UK, 1993 - pp.294
ISBN: 1 85797 155 8

Norine Dresser :

"American Vampires" [1989]

W.W.Norton & Company, New York & London, 1989 - pp.256
ISBN: 0 393 02678 7

Mark Dubin :

"Greece - Athens & the Mainland" [1997]

Dorling Kindersley, London, UK, 2002 - pp.352
ISBN: 0 7513 4709 4

Very nice guide if you want to visit that part of Greece.

"The Greek Islands" [1997]

Dorling Kindersley, London, UK, 2002 - pp.400
ISBN: 0 7513 4684 5

Informative and very nicely illustrated travel guide to the Greek Islands.

Alan Dundes (ed.) :

"The Vampire - A Casebook" [1998]

University of Wisconsin Press, Madison - Wisconsin, USA, 1998 - pp.182
ISBN: 0 299 159245 8

A number of fascinating essays about the traditional vampire by people who definitely give the impression that they know what they are talking about. If traditional European vampires is your thing, then make sure that you get yourself a copy.

Manuela Dunn Mascetti :

"Chronicles of the Vampire" [1991]

Bloomsbury Publishing, London, UK, 1991 - pp.192
ISBN: 0 7475 0996 4

Gorgeously illustrated book on vampires.

Robert Eisler [1904-1949] :

"Man into Wolf - An Anthropological Interpretation of Sadism, Masochism and Lycanthropy" [1948]

Ross Erikson Inc., Santa Barabara - California, USA, 1978 - pp.264
ISBN 915520 06 0

Mircea Eliade :

"Occultism, Witchcraft, and Cultural Fashions" [1976]

University of Chicago Press, Chicago, USA, 1976 - pp.148
ISBN: 0 226 20391 3

Of special interest are the essays "Mythologies of Death" and "Some Observations on European Witchcraft".

"The Sacred and the Profane - The nature of Religion" [1957]

Harcourt, Brace & World, New York, USA, 1959 - pp.256

"Zalmoxis - the Vanishing God - Comparitive studies in the Religions and Folklore of Dacia and Eastern Europe" [1970]

University of Chicago Press, Chicago, USA, 1972 - pp.260
ISBN: 0 226 20398 0

H.R. Ellis Davidson :

"Scandinavian Mythology" [1969]

Paul Hamlyn, London, UK, 1969 - pp.142

W.Y. Evans-Wentz :

"The Tibetan Book of the Dead" [1927]

Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 1960 - pp.250

David Everitt :

"Human Monsters - an illustrated encyclopedia of the world's most vicious murderers" [1993]

Contemporary Books, Chicago, USA, 1993 - pp.272
ISBN: 0 8092 3994 9

There are about a hundred killers in here, all of whom get about 2 pages of space each. Some of them, according to certain people, are "Vampire Killers". Chapters about Sawney Beane, Gilles de Rais, Vlad Tepes, Countess Bathory, Vincenz Verzeni, Fritz Haarmann, Peter Kürten, John George Haigh and others can be found here.

George Every :

"Christian Mythology" [1970]

Hamlyn, London, UK, 1970 - pp.142

Allen Eyles, Robert Adkinson & Nicholas Fry :

"The House of Horror - The Complete Story of Hammer Films" [1973]

Lorrimer Publishing, London, UK, 1984 - pp.144
ISBN: 0 930621 01 8

I don't mind admitting that I much prefer those silly old Hammer films to most of the expensive mega productions of today.

David Farrant :

"Beyond the Highgate Vampire" [1992]

B.P.O.S., London, UK, 1992 - pp.44
ISBN 0 9517867 0 9

If you have an interest in the hoax of the so-called "Highgate Vampire" then you might want to read this short but interesting book.

"Dark Secrets" [2001]

B.P.O.S., London, UK, 2001 - pp.112
ISBN: 0 9517867 6 8

"The Vampire Syndrome - the Truth behind the Highgate Vampire Legend" [2000]

Mutiny! Press, London, UK, 2000 - pp.66
ISBN 0 9517867 4 1

Daniel Farson :

"The Man who wrote Dracula" [1975]

Michael Joseph, London, UK, 1975 - pp.240
ISBN: 0 7181 1098 6

"Vampires, Zombies, and Monster Men" [1975]

Aldus Books, London, UK, 1975 - pp.144

Herman Feifel (ed.) :

"The Meaning of Death" [1959]

McGraw-Hill Books, New York, USA, 1965 - pp.352

Excellent book that offers 19 different articles on various aspects of death written by experts that include great names like Herbert Marcuse and Carl G. Jung.

Patrick Leigh Fermor :

"Roumeli - Travels in northern Greece" [1966]

Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, UK, 1983 - pp.248

Interesting and well-written book which does mentions vampires a few times.

Martin Fido :

"Bodysnatchers - A History of the Resurrectionists 1742-1832" [1988]

Weidenfeld and Nicholson, London, UK, 1988 - pp.184
ISBN: 10 297 79393 4

Dion Fortune :

"Psychic Self-Defence" [1930]

Aquarian Press, Wellingborough, UK, 1976 - pp.210
ISBN: 0 85030 015 0

With its own special chapter on vampirism, and written by a practising occultist rather than a cleric, this book is quite interesting.

Frederick S. Franck :

"Montague Summers - A Bibliographical Portrait" [1988]

The Scarecrow Press, London, UK, 1988 - pp.278
ISBN: 0 8108 2136 2

Alan Frank :

"Monsters and Vampires" [1976]

Octopus Books, London, UK, 1976 - pp.160
ISBN: 7064 05250

Christopher Frayling :

"The Vampyre - Lord Ruthven to Count Dracula" [1978]

Gollancz, London, UK, 1978 - pp.336
ISBN: 0 575 02390 2

Sir James George Frazer :

"The Golden Bough - A Study in Magic and Religion" [1922]

Macmillan & Co, London, UK, 1970 - pp.972

Nancy Garden :

"Vampires" [1973]

J.P.Lippincott, Philadelphia & New York, USA, 1973

Ken Gelder :

"Reading the Vampire" [1994]

Routledge, London, UK, 1994 - pp.162
ISBN: 0 415 08013 4

This book should be of interest to those who are into "vampire literature".

Ivanichka Georgieva :

"Bulgarian Mythology" [1985]

Svyat, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1985 - pp.210

A very good book on Bulgarian folk belief and superstition by an ethnographical expert. Giving much information on a neglected subject. The book does have a special chapter about "The World of the Dead", which mentions different types of Bulgarian vampires.

P.V. Glob :

"The Bog People - Iron-Age Man Preserved" [1969]

Faber & Faber, London, UK, 1988 - pp.200
ISBN: 0 571 11079 7

Brilliant little book about naturally preserved corpses.

Donald F. Glut :

"True Vampires of History" [1971]

HC Publishers Inc., USA, 1971

A. Goldberg & M.R. Moore (ed.) :

"Clinics in Haematology - The Porphyrias" [1980]

W.B. Saunders Company, Eastbourne, UK, 1980 - pp.452

Nine different chapters by medical specialists, about the biochemistry of Porphyria and about various types of that disease.

Robert Goldston :

"Satan's Disciples" [1962]

Balantine Books, New York, USA, 1962 - pp.192

John Grant :

"An introduction to Viking Mythology" [1990]

Grange Books, London, UK, 1995 - pp.128
ISBN: 1 85627 830 1

Kenneth Grant :

"The Magical Revival" [1972]

Frederick Muller, London, UK, 1972 - pp.244

There are quite a few other titles by this author, but I am only giving you this one. Many of Kenneth Grant's books make reference to what he considers to be "vampirism". It is not an awful lot. If you put it all together it will probably fit on one sheet of paper. Having said that, I have to admit that some of it is not without interest.

John Gray :

"Near Eastern Mythology" [1969]

Hamlyn, London, UK, 1969 - pp.142

Tim Greaves :

"Vampyres" [2003]

Draculina Publishing, Glen Carbon, IL., USA, 1996 - pp.86
ISBN: 0 9650439 1 6

Barbara Green :

"Secrets of the Grave" [2001]

Palmyra Press, Brighouse, UK, 2001 - pp.120
ISBN: 0 9540164 0 8

There is interesting material in this book by Robin Hood expert Barbara Green about the theory that tries to connect the great outlaw with vampirism. There is also much information about her never ending battle to turn Robin Hood's alleged grave into a national monument.

Henry Green (ed.) :

"Les Simulachres & Historiees Faces de la Mort - commonly called The Dance of Death" [1869]

A. Brothers, Manchester, UK, 1869 - pp.292

Facsimile reprint by the Holbein Society of "Les Simulachres & Historiees faces de la Mort, autant elle gammet pourtraictes, que artificiellement imaginées", which was originally published in Lyon in 1538. Apart from a complete reproduction of the book itself, there is a translation of the text by Henry Green, an introduction about the artist, Hans Holbein, the Younger. And there is an apendix with a number of reproductions taken from various editions of George Æmilius "Imagines Mortis".

Constantine Gregory :

"The Vampire Watcher's Handbook - A Guide for Slayers" [2003]

Piatkus Publishers, London, UK, 2003 - pp.160
ISBN: 0 7499 2450 0

Amazing little book, with more than enough well-written and intelligent information to keep anyone happy. As a bonus, the graphical design is absolutely stunning. It is incredible to see how the designers have managed to make it look as if the book has been spitten on, shitten on, bleeded upon and I'm not sure that I really want to know what else. Hats off and my sincere respect for the guys who have put together this brilliant little masterpiece. Be sure to get it you are lucky enough to find a copy !

Stanislav Grof :

"Books of the Dead - Manuals for Living and Dying" [1994]

Thames & Hudson, London, UK, 1994 - pp.96
ISBN: 0 500 81041 9

Rosemary Ellen Guiley :

"The Complete Vampire Companion" [1994]

MacMillan, USA, 1994 - pp.258
ISBN: 0 671 85024 5

"Vampires Among Us" [1991]

Pocket Books, New York, USA, 1991 - pp.270
ISBN: 0 671 72361 8

Jeff Guinn & Andy Grieser :

"Something in the Blood - the underground world of today's Vampires" [1996]

Summit Publishing Group, Arlington, USA, 1996 - pp.204
ISBN: 1 56530 209 5

Félix Guirand :

"Greek Mythology" [no date]

Paul Hamlyn, London, UK, 1967 - pp.154

R. Monk Habjan :

"Revelations - An Interview With Vampyyri Adrian" [1994]

Coxland Press, Reading, UK, 1994 - pp.78
ISBN: 1 872543 36 7

Earle Hackett :

"Blood - the paramount humour" [1973]

Jonathan Cape, London, UK, 1973 - pp.288
ISBN: 0 224 00631 2

Excellent informative and entertaining book, written by a pathologist who also happens to be a very good writer. Mr. Hackett presents us with lots of facts about blood itself, but there is also much interesting material about superstition and popular belief connected with blood.

William D. Haglund & Marcella H. Sorg (ed.) :

"Forensic Taphonomy - The Postmortem Fate of Human Remains" [1997]

CRC Press, Boca Raton, USA, 1997 - pp.636
ISBN: 0 8493 9434 1

"Advances in Forensic Taphonomy - Method, Theory, and Archaeological Perspectives" [2002]

CRC Press, Boca Raton, USA, 2002 - pp.508
ISBN: 0 8493 1189 6

These two magnificent books are quite expensive, but well worth the price. They bring together articles, written by various experts, about different aspects of forensic taphonomy. Should forensic scientists make more and better use of the expertise of archaeologists ? I don't doubt it. For us, however, it will be of much more importance that archaeologists should know more about forensic science, so that they don't miss, misinterpret, or even destroy important evidence that could be of immense interest to the likes of us.

Among other things, these excellent books offer us lots of information on interesting phenomena like decomposition. Maybe not the kind of thing that is a suitable subject for conversation while you are enjoying a meal. Nevertheless essential knowledge if you want to correctly diagnose and evaluate a corpse that is being accused of vampirism. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Peter Haining [b.1940] (ed.) :

"Anatomy of Witchcraft" [1972]

Tandem Books, London, UK, 1974 - pp.192

"A Dictionary of Vampires" [2000]

Robert Hale, London, UK, 2000 - pp.288
ISBN: 0 7090 6550 7

"The Dracula Centenary Book" [1987]

Souvenir Press, London, UK, 1987 - pp.160
ISBN: 0 285 62822 4

"The Dracula Scrapbook" [1976]

New English Library, London, UK, 1976 - pp.176

Ron Halliday :

"Edinburgh after Dark" [2010]

Black & White Publishing, Edinburgh, UK, 2010 - pp.214
ISBN: 978 1 84502 289 1

The subtitle "Vampires, Ghosts and Witches of the Old Town" does not quite live up to its promise. The vampires at least are not quite as vampirical as I had been hoping for.

Leslie Halliwell :

"The Dead that Walk" [1986]

Grafton Books, London, UK, 1986 - pp.262
ISBN: 0 246 12834 8

Book on horror films which features it's own chapter on Dracula.

James Hamilton-Paterson & Carol Andrews :

"Mummies - Death and Life in Ancient Egypt" [1978]

Penguin Books, London, UK, 1979 - pp.224
ISBN: 0 1400 5266 6

L.D. Hankoff & Bernice Einsiedler (ed.) :

"Suicide - Theory and clinical aspects" [1979]

PSG Publishing Company, Littleton, Massachusetts, USA, 1979 - pp.464
ISBN: 0 88416 198 6

In many places we can find that people are afraid of the dead. Those who have not died a natural death are considered to be especially dangerous. This includes people who have taken their own life. In England suicides used to be buried at the crossroads or in the highway, with a stake hammered through their hearts. This gruesome practice - incredible as it may seem - lasted until 1824. Hankoff & Einsiedler's interesting book offers you such things as the historical background, contemporary value systems, the biology of suicide, etc., etc. No less than 34 interesting articles by experts, explaining every possible aspect of the subject.

Michael Harrison :

"The Roots of Witchcraft" [1973]

Tandem Books, London, UK, 1975 - pp.286

William Harvey [1578-1657] :

"The Circulation of the Blood and other Writings" [various dates]

Everyman's Library, London, UK, 1990 - pp.184

Some of Harvey's most interesting writings, conveniently translated into English.

James Haskins :

"Witchcraft, Mysticism and Magic in the Black World" [1974]

Dell, New York, USA, 1974 - pp.144

Clare Haworth-Maden :

"The Essential Dracula - The Man, the Myths and the Movies" [1992]

Magna Books, Wigston, 1992

Douglas Hill :

"Return from the Dead" [1970]

Macdonald Unit 75, London, UK, 1970 - pp.122

Neglectable, superficial little book. Nevertheless, it does deserve a mention as it has a 15 page chapter on vampires.

Vincent Hillyer :

"Vampires" [1988]

Loose Change Publications, Los Banos, CA, USA, 1988 - pp.126
ISBN: 0 944707 03 3

John & Molly Hines :

"The secret world of Bats" [1986]

Methuen, London, UK, 1986 - pp.64
ISBN 0 416 49040 9

Nice introduction to bats and to bat preservation written by a couple of amateur naturalists from Wales.

John R Hinnells :

"Persian Mythology" [1973]

Hamlyn, London, UK, 1973 - pp.142
ISBN: 0 600 03090 3

Ronald Holmes :

"The Legend of Sawney Bean" [1975]

Mews Books, London, UK, 1976 - pp.142

Everything there is to know about the (probably fictional, thank God) Mr. Bean and his infamous Scottish clan of flesh eaters.

"Witchcraft in British History" [1974]

Tandem Books, London, UK, 1976 - pp.272

Rossell Hope Robbins :

"The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology" [1959]

Spring Books, London, UK, 1970 - pp.572
ISBN: 0 600 01183 6

There is an awful lot of material to be found in there. Quite a good book.

Barbara E. Hort :

"Unholy Hungers - Encountering the Psychic Vampire in Ourselves & Others" [1996]

Shambhala, Boston & London, 1996
ISBN: 1 57062 181 0

Michael Howes :

"Amulets" [1975]

St. Martin's Press, New York, USA, 1976 - pp.190

Book about amulets from places all over the world, from ancient times to modern times.

Olga Hoyt :

"Lust for Blood" [1984]

Stein & Day, New York, USA, 1986 - pp.246
ISBN: 0 8128 8196 6

Kenneth Hudson :

"Churchyards and Cemeteries" [1984]

The Bodley Head, London, UK, 1984 - pp.48
ISBN: 0 370 30543 4

David J. Hufford :

"The Terror that comes in the Night - an Experience-centered Study of Supernatural Assault Traditions" [1982]

University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, USA, 1989 - pp.278
ISBN: 0 8122 1305 X

Bernhardt J. Hurwood :

"Passport to the Supernatural" [1972]

New American Library, New York, USA, 1972 - pp.278

"Terror by Night" [1963]

Lancer Books, New York, USA, 1963 - pp.128

"The Vampire Papers" [1976]

Pinnacle Books, New York, USA, 1976 - pp.192
ISBN: 0 523 00975 5

"Vampires" [1981]

Omnibus Press, New York, USA, 1981 - pp.180
ISBN: 0 86001 834 2

"Vampires, Werewolves and Ghouls" [1968]

Ace Books, New York, USA, 1968 - pp.158

Veronica Ions :

"Egyptian Mythology" [1965]

Hamlyn, London, UK, 1968 - pp.142

"Indian Mythology" [1967]

Hamlyn, London, UK, 1968 - pp.142

Kenneth V. Iserson :

"Death to Dust - What happens to Dead Bodies ?" [1994]

Galen Press, Ltd., Tucson, AZ, USA, 1994 - pp.706
ISBN: 1 883620 07 4

At first sight, it does look as if this massive book wants to answer each and every question that could ever be asked about Death and about Corpses. This, of course, is quite impossible. Having said that, I am more than happy to admit that Dr. Iserson has done a great job and has written an incredibly informative book.

Nigel Jackson :

"Compleat Vampyr - the Vampyre Shaman, Werewolves, Witchery & the Dark Mythology of the Undead" [1995]

Capal Bann Publishing, Chieveley, UK, 1995 - pp.158
ISBN: 1 898307 31 8

Mark Collins Jenkins :

"Vampire Forensics - Uncovering the Origins of an enduring Legend" [2010]

National Geographic, Washington, USA, 2010 - pp.304
ISBN: 978 1 4262 0607 8

Not a bad book for a general introduction of vampires in the widest sense of the word to a readership that is new to the subject. But personally, slightly misled by the title and the fact that Matteo Borrini was mentioned on the book cover, I must confess that I had been hoping for a few more suspect corpses and such.

Martin Jenkins :

"Informania: Vampires" [1998]

Walker Books, London, UK, 1998 - pp.92
ISBN: 0 7445 2894 1

Kenneth Johnson :

"Slavic Sorcery" [1998]

Llewellyn, St.Paul, USA, 1998 - pp.224
ISBN: 1 56718 374 3

V.M. Johnson :

"Dhampir - Child of the Blood" [1996]

Mystic Rose Books, Fairfield, CT, USA, 1996 - pp.140
ISBN: 0 9645960 1 6

Ernest Jones :

"On the Nightmare" [1931]

Liveright, New York, USA, 1971 - pp.374

Ernest Jones' classic study on the Nightmare also contains a lot of material on vampires and werewolves.

Prof. P Jones :

"The Pobratim - a Slav Novel" [1895]

H.S. Nichols, London, UK, 1895 - pp.398

I know. No need to tell me: this is a novel so it should not be on my lists. But it is much too interesting not too list it. For a start, it is a pre-Dracula novel, so there is no contamination from Stoker. And in the second place, Prof. Jones appears to have been something of an expert about the local customs and beliefs of the region where the novel takes place. So there is much to be learned. Plus, the vampire in this book seems a thousand times closer to the traditional vampire than a fantasy figure like Dracula.

Stephen Jones :

"The Illustrated Vampire Movie Guide" [1993]

Titan Books, London, UK, 1993 - pp.144
ISBN: 1 85286 449 4

J.H. Kamstra, H. Milde & K. Wagtendonk (ed.) :

"Funerary Symbols and Religion - Essays dedicated to Professor M.S.H.G. Heerma van Voss" [1988]

J.H. Kok, Kampen, Netherlands, 1988 - pp.182
ISBN: 90 242 44307

Stephen Kaplan :

"Vampires Are" [1984]

ETC Publications, Palm Springs, USA, 1984 - pp.192
ISBN: 0 88280 102 3

Having heard all sorts of gossip from certain quarters, I was lead to believe that this would be no more than a load of nonsense. So - even though "living vampires" are definitely not my main interest - I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book by the late Stephen Kaplan happened to be well written and quite interesting to say the least. It can not be denied that he had his own original approach to the subject. The same can not be said about some of his critics, who seemed to be more than happy to copy some of Kaplan's angles for their own research.

David Keyworth :

"Troublesome Corpses - Vampires and Revenants - From Antiquity to the Present" [2007]

Desert Island Books Ltd., Southend-on-Sea, UK, 2007 - pp.320
ISBN: 978 1 905328 30 7

Superb study by a brilliant Australian scholar about undead corpses in Europe. David Keyworth has discovered an amazing lot of absolutely fascinating material, and he has managed to present it in such a way that it actually makes sense, even to someone as shallow as myself. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Richard Kieckhefer :

"Magic at Innsbruck: The Case of 1485 Reexamined"

in: Wünsch (ed.): "Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa" [2006]
LIT Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2006 - pp.340
ISBN: 3 8258 9273 5

Nancy Kilpatrick :

"The Goth Bible" [2004]

St.Martin's Griffin, New York, USA, 2004 - pp.282
ISBN: 0 312 30696 2

Barbara Black Koltuv :

"The Book of Lilith" [1986]

Nicolas Hayes, York Beach, Maine, USA, 1991 - pp.128
ISBN: 0 89254 014 1

Various authors have tried to connect the name of Lilith with bloodthirst and vampirism. Koltuv's book offers you a lot of information that might be of help to let you decide if there is indeed a vampire connection.

Konstantinos :

"Vampires - The Occult Truth" [1996]

Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, USA, 1996 - pp.194
ISBN: 1 56718 380 8

Dean Koontz :

"Beautiful Death - Art of the Cemetery" [1996]

Penguin Group, New York, USA, 1996 - pp.
ISBN: 0 670 86806 X

Photographs by David Robinson.

Heinrich Krämer & Jacob Sprenger :

"Malleus Maleficarum" [1487]

Arrow Books, London, UK, 1971 - pp.576
ISBN: 0 09 004150 X

A pocket edition of Montague Summer's interpretation/translation of the infamous "Malleus Maleficarum".

Benedek Lang :

"The Criminalization of Possessing Necromantic Books in Fifteenth-century Krakow"

in: Wünsch (ed.): "Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa" [2006]
LIT Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2006 - pp.340
ISBN: 3 8258 9273 5

Richard W. Larsen :

"Bundy - the deliberate Stranger" [1986]

Pocket Books, New York, USA, 1986 - pp.352
ISBN: 0 671 68693 3

The story (or should I say: one of the stories ?) of serial killer Ted Bundy.

Anton Szandor LaVey :

"The Satanic Bible" [1969]

Avon Books, New York, USA, 1969 - pp.272
ISBN: 0 380 01539 0

To be completely honest, I have to admit that, personally, I much prefer that curious CD where Mr. LaVey produces the most amazing sounds from a theatre organ.

Clive Leatherdale :

"Dracula - The Novel & The Legend" [1985]

The Leisure Circle, UK, 1985 - pp.256

What can I say ? The first couple of chapters deal with traditional vampirism. The rest of the book should appeal to those who are into Dracula and vampire fiction.

Christopher Lee :

"Tall, Dark and Gruesome" [1978]

Mayflower Books, London, UK, 1978 - pp.286
ISBN: 0 583 12853 X

Brendan Lehane :

"The Compleat Flea" [1969]

John Murray, London, UK, 1969 - pp.126

Eliphas Levi :

"The History of Magic" [1913]

Rider & Company, London, UK, 1969 - pp.384

"Transcendental Magic" [1896]

Rider & Company, London, UK, 1970 - pp.438

Clifford L. Linedecker :

"The Vampire Killers" [1998]

St.Martin's Paperbacks, New York, USA, 1998 - pp.276
ISBN: 0 312 96672 5

Definitely not about van Helsing !

Julian Litten :

"The English Way of Death - the Common Funeral since 1450" [1991]

Robert Hale, London, UK, 1992 - pp.250
ISBN: 0 7090 4777 0

Nigel Llewllyn :

"The Art of Death" [1991]

Reaktion Books Ltd, London, UK, 1991 - pp.160
ISBN: 0 948462 16 7

Very nice and interesting book that I bought in the bookshop of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Rose London :

"Zombie - The Living Dead" [1976]

Lorrimer Publishing, London, UK, 1976 - pp.112
ISBN: 0 85647 111 9

Ivan A. Lopatin :

"The Cult of the Dead among the natives of the Amur Basin" [1958]

Mouton & Co, 's Gravenhage, Netherlands, 1960 - pp.212

Excellent and interesting study about the ideas about Death and the Dead among the people who live in the Amur Basin, in Siberia.

Harry Ludlam :

"A Biography of Bram Stoker, creator of Dracula" [1962]

New English Library, London, UK, 1977 - pp.224

Patricia Lysaght :

"The Banshee - The Irish Supernatural Death Messenger" [1986]

The O'Brien Press, Dublin, Ireland, 1996 - pp.434

During a visit to Dublin, I had the good fortune to find myself a copy of Patricia Lysaght's brilliant and definitive study on the Banshee. Although the book has little to do with vampires, I can higly recommend it to you. This is a truly magnificent book which should serve as an example to all those who do research into superstition and popular belief. It also shows you how the results of your studies could be presented to the world.

Proinsias MacCana :

"Celtic Mythology" [1970]

Hamlyn, London, UK, 1970 - pp.142

S. L. MacGregor Mathers :

"The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage" [1900]

Dover Books, New York, USA, 1975 - pp.268

Obviously, this version does not compare to Georg Dehn's masterpiece. But if we remember that Mathers had to make do with just one of the Abramelin manuscripts, I think that he has done a pretty good job. His comments too are not without interest.

John E. Mack :

"Nightmares and Human Conflicts" [1970]

Little, Brown and Company, Boston, USA, 1970 - pp.258

Andrew Mackenzie :

"Dracula Country - Travels and Folk Beliefs in Romania" [1977]

Arthur Barker, London, UK, 1977 - pp.176

Nice book as far as I remember. Even though it has been a while since I last had a chance to read it.

Donald A. Mackenzie :

"Indian Myth and Legend" [no date]

The Gresham Publishing Company, London, UK, no date - pp.464

Sean Manchester :

"The Highgate Vampire" [1975]

in: "The Vampire's Bedside Companion", Leslie Frewin, London, UK, 1975
ISBN: 0 85632 101 X

Early version of Sean's Highgate story. Rather interesting in view of the later revisions and changes. With a little bit of luck, you may still find a 2nd hand copy somewhere.

"The Haunting of Hell House" [1975]

in: "New Witchcraft", no.4, edited by Brian Netscher, UK, 1975

In a similar manner, early report, quite interesting in view of the later stories. This one, I am afraid, is extremely rare and will be very hard to find.

"The Highgate Vampire" [1985]

British Occult Society, London, UK, 1985 - pp.172
ISBN: 0 9510606 0 0

Without a doubt - with all the hillarious photos and everything - this edition, as published by the British Occult Society, simply is the most entertaining and exciting version of the Highgate story. If you are lucky enough to find a 2nd hand copy of it somewhere, do not hesitate and go for it !

"The Highgate Vampire (revised edition)" [1991]

Gothic Press, London, UK, 1991 - pp.188
ISBN: 1 872486 01 0

Very nicely produced hardcover book. Unfortunately the somewhat disappointing revision of the story does not compare to the much more interesting 1985 edition. For further comments see our future page about the Highgate "Vampire" which is meant to be moved online before long.

Eric Maple :

"The Complete Book of Witchcraft and Demonology" [1962-1966]

A.S. Barnes, Cranbury, new Jersey, USA, no date - pp.608

Ronald Markman & Dominick Bosco :

"Alone with the Devil" [1989]

Bantam Books, New York, USA, 1990 - pp.378
ISBN: 0 553 28520 3

Features a chapter about "The Vampire of Sacramento"

Simon Marsden :

"Vampires - the Twilight World" [2011]

Palazzo Editions, Bath, UK, 2011 - pp.192
ISBN: 978 0 9564942 8 3

Very nice and atmospheric photographs of various vampire locations with accompanying text by the man who took the photos.

Moira Martingale :

"Cannibal Killers - the history of impossible murders" [1993]

Carroll & Graf, New York, USA, 1994 - pp.192
ISBN: 0 7867 0096 3

Everything you never wanted to know about cannibalism. Lots and lots of different revolting cases. Extremely unpleasant reading. The facts in this book are enough to turn anyone except myself into a convinced vegetarian.

Anthony Masters :

"The Natural History of the Vampire" [1972]

Granada Publishing, London, UK, 1972 - pp.260
ISBN: 0 246 10544 5

Donald Matthew :

"Atlas of Medieval Europe" [1983]

Equinox, Oxford, UK, 1989 - pp.240

Nice and useful book. Although - in view of its title - I would have prefered to see a few more maps and a little less text and illustrations.

Herbert Mayo :

"Popular Superstitions and the Truths contained therein - with an Account of Mesmerism" [1862]

Lindsay and Blakiston, Philadelphia, USA, 1852 - pp.260

Bruce A. McClelland :

"Slayers and their Vampires - A Cultural History of Killing the Dead" [2006]

University of Michigan Press, USA, 2006 - pp.260
ISBN: 0 472 06923 3

Georgess McHargue :

"Meet the Vampire" [1979]

J.B. Lippincott, New York, USA, 1979 - pp.80
ISBN: 0 397 31833 2

Short introduction to traditional vampires, meant for juveniles.

Raymond T. McNally :

"A clutch of vampires" [1974]

Warner Books, New York, USA, 1975 - pp.240

"Dracula was a woman" [1983]

Robert Hale, London, UK, 1984 - pp.254
ISBN: 0 7090 1556 9

McNally's study about "the Blood Countess".

Raymond T. McNally & Radu R. Florescu :

"Dracula - A Biography of Vlad the Impaler 1431-1476" [1973]

Hawthorn Books, New York, USA, 1973

"Dracula, Prince of many faces - His Life and His Times" [1989]

Little, Brown & Company, Boston, Toronto, London, 1989 - pp.262
ISBN: 0 316 28655 9

"The Essential Dracula" [1979]

Mayflower Books, New York, USA, 1979
ISBN: 0 8317 2993 7

"In search of Dracula" [1972]

Galahad Books, New York, USA, 1972 - pp.224
ISBN: 0 88365 270 6

J. Gordon Melton :

"The Vampire Book - The Encyclopedia of the Undead" [1994]

Visible Ink Press, Detroit, USA, 1994 - pp.852
ISBN: 0 8103 2295 1

"The Vampire Gallery - Who's Who of the Undead" [1998]

Visible Ink Press, Detroit, USA, 1998 - pp.500
ISBN: 1 57859 053 1

"Videohound's Vampires on Video" [1997]

Visible Ink Press, Detroit, USA, 1997 - pp.336
ISBN: 1 57859 002 7

Alfred Métraux :

"Voodoo" [1959]

Sphere Books, London, UK, 1974 - pp.368
ISBN: 0 7221 6060 7

William Meyers :

"Vampires or Gods ?" [1993]

III Publishing, San Francisco, USA, 1993 - pp.192
ISBN: 0 9622937 5 X

A remarkable book, brought to you by the same publishers that shocked the world by their publication of "The last days of Christ the Vampire".

Jules Michelet :

"Satanism and Witchcraft" [1862]

The Citadel Press, New York, USA, 1960 - pp.332

English translation of Michelet's classic "La Sorcière".

Chedo Mijatovich :

"Servia and the Servians" [1908]

Isaac Pitman & Sons, London, UK, 1908 - pp.296

Interesting book that, among other things, offers a little bit of information about the local superstition and belief in vampires.

Madam Csedomille Mijatovies :

"Serbian Folklore" [1874]

W. Isbister & Co, London, UK, 1874 - pp.316

Elizabeth Miller (ed.) :

"Bram Stoker's DRACULA - a documentary Journey into Vampire Country and the Dracula Phenomenon" [2001]

Pegasus Books, New York, USA, 2009 - pp.392
ISBN: 978 1 60598 052 2

Ok, so maybe I may not be the greatest Dracula fan in the world, but this looks like a rather interesting book, good enough even to give it a place in my vampire book section. Further information to follow soon.

Elizabeth Miller & Dacre Stoker (ed.) :

"The Lost Journal of Bram Stoker" [2001]

Robson Press, London, UK, 2012 - pp.338
ISBN: 978 1 84954 188 6


Jessica Mitford :

"The American Way of Death" [1963]

Simon & Schuster, New York, USA, 1978 - pp.324

Revealing book that exposes the way in which American undertakers go about (or - hopefully - used to go about) their business.

Richard Monaco & Bill Burt :

"The Dracula Syndrome" [1993]

Avon Books, New York, USA, 1993 - pp.168
ISBN: 0 380 77062 8

No less than 17 different murderers. There is a substantial number among them who could be considered to be "vampire killers".

Ajit Mookerjee :

"Kali - the feminine force" [1988]

Thames & Hudson, London, UK, 1988 - pp.112
ISBN: 0 500 27505 X

If you want to know more about the Goddess Kali, it could be that this is just the thing that you are looking for.

William Morris (ed.) :

"The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language" [1973]

American Heritage Publishing Co, New York, London, USA, 1973 - pp.1550

Another useful dictionary that I have often used.

Margaret A. Murray :

"The Witch-Cult in Western Europe" [1921]

Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 1971 - pp.304
ISBN: 0 19 881053 9

Lynn Myring :

"Vampires, Werewolves & Demons" [1979]

Usborne Publishing, London, UK, 1979 - pp.64
ISBN: 0 86020 248 8

Scott Nance :

"Bloodsuckers - Vampires at the Movies" [1992]

Pioneer Books, Las Vegas, USA, 1992 - pp.150
ISBN: 1 55698 317 4

James H. Neal :

"Jungle Magic" [1966]

New English Library, London, UK, 1967 - pp.160

Gilles Néret :

"Devils" [2003]

Taschen, Köln, Germany, 2003 - pp.192
ISBN: 3 8228 2461 5

Great collection of images of devils. It is, of course, a pity that the pages are a lot smaller than those in the books by Villeneuve and Muchembled. But it does explain the difference in price.

Irene Nicholson :

"Mexican and Central American Mythology" [1967]

Hamlyn, London, UK, 1968 - pp.142

Richard Noll :

"Vampires, Werewolves & Demons - 20th Century Reports in the Psychiatric Literature" [1992]

Bruner/Mazel Publishers, New York, USA, 1992 - pp.244
ISBN: 0 87630 632 6

When I first read this book I was slightly disappointed by the material that had been selected. For I know for a fact that there is more relevant material out there. Having said this, I must admit that Mr. Noll has brought together some very interesting bits and pieces, which are well worthy of your attention.

Hugo G. Nutini & John M. Roberts :

"Bloodsucking Witchcraft - an epistemological study of anthropomorphic supernaturalism in rural Tlaxcala" [1993]

University of Arizona Press, Tucson & London, 1993 - pp.476
ISBN: 0 8165 1197 7

If you have any ambition to conduct your vampire research in a true scientific manner, then be sure to check out this book. Despite the fact that it is not about the traditional European undead, there is no way I could have left it out of this list of recommended books. These guys really show you how it's done. They have covered their subject from all possible angles. This is what true vampirology should be like.

Elliott O'Donnell :


Wholesale Book Corp., New York, USA, 1972, pp.292

I have seen better books by the famous Ghost Hunter Elliott O'Donnell. Still, it is interesting enough for the likes of me.

Traugott K. Oesterreich :

"Possession and Exorcism" [1921]

Causeway Books, New York, USA, 1974 - pp.400
ISBN: 0 88356 035 6

This is quite a good book. In its field it must be some kind of classic, at least comparable to - let's say - the vampire books of Montague Summers. But much better organised with a structure that clearly shows that some serious and intelligent thought has gone into it. Not the kind of chaotic hodgepodge that appears to be Summers' special recipe.

Harold Osborne :

"South American Mythology" [1968]

Hamlyn, London, UK, 1968 - pp.142

Charlotte F. Otten (ed.)

A Lycanthropy Reader - Werewolves in Western Culture" [1986]

Syracuse University Press, Syracuse - New York, USA, 1986 - pp.338
ISBN: 0 8156 2384 4

A Lycanthropy reader - and that's exactly what it is. The editor has brought together a wealth of fascinating essays and other relevant material about Werewolves, ranging from medical and historical cases to philosophy and theology, to legend and myth. It's a great book.

Carol Page [b. 1949] :

"Bloodlust - Conversations with Real Vampires" [1991]

HarperCollins, New York, USA, 1991 - pp.192
ISBN: 0 06 016329 1

I am not too charmed by the author's attitude towards the people that she writes about, and that is putting it mildly. Nor do I approve of some of the things that she did to advertise her opus. But - let us be fair - there are little bits and pieces that - perhaps - are not without interest.

Massimo Pallottino :

"The Necropolis of Cerveteri" [1957]

Libreria dello Stato, Rome, Italy, 1957 - pp.50

Derek & Julia Parker :

"The Immortals - the mysterious world of Gods, Goblins, Fairies, Leprechauns, Vampires, Witches, and Devils" [1976]

Barrie & Jenkins, London, UK, 1976 - pp.208
ISBN: 0 214 20283 6

Nice pictures.

Geoffrey Parrinder :

"African Mythology" [1967]

Hamlyn, London, UK, 1967 - pp.142

"Witchcraft" [1959]

Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, UK, 1958 - pp.208

Robert Pashley :

"Travels in Crete" [1837]

John Murray, London, UK, 1837 - 2 volumes - pp.650

Among other things there are lots of interesting reports on various kinds of Greek vampires.

Barrie Pattison :

"The Seal of Dracula" [1975]

Bounty Books, New York, USA, no date, pp.136
ISBN: 0 517 52152 0

Mike Parker Pearson :

"The Archaeology of Death and Burial" [1999]

Sutto Publishing, Stroud, UK, 2005 - pp.250
ISBN: 0 7509 3276 7

Fascinating book that brings us a wealth of information and other thought-stimulating material. Thank you very much dear Sandra for such a wonderful birthday present !

Nicolas Penny :

"Mourning" [1981]

Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, UK, 1981 - pp.64

Jan L. Perkowski :

"The Darkling - a treatise on Slavic Vampirism" [1989]

Slavica Publishers Inc., Columbus - Ohio, 1989 - pp.174
ISBN: 0 89357 200 4

This is a marvelous book. Frankly, I could have lived without things like the parts about literary vampires, but fortunately there is also more factual material in there. The section called "Slavic Testimony" by itself is well worth the price of the book. Highly recommended

Jan L. Perkowski (ed.) :

"Vampires of the Slavs" [1976]

Slavica Publishers Inc., Cambridge - Mass., USA, 1976 - pp.294

An excellent anthology which features a number of first-class contributions, plus translations of East-European material that would be very hard to find (or read).

Stewart Perowne :

"Roman Mythology" [1969]

Paul Hamlyn, London, UK, 1969 - pp.142

Dom Robert Petitpierre (ed.) :

"Exorcism - the findings of a commission convened by the Bishop of Exeter" [1972]

S.P.C.K., London, UK, 1974 - pp.58

Obviously, a publication with a title like this is something pretty serious and nothing to be laughed about. I seem to remember that I must have bought this on a visit to one of Britain's beautiful cathedrals.

Woislav M. Petrovitch :

"Hero tales and legends of the Serbians" [1917]

George G. Harrap, London, UK , 1917 - pp.394

Juliet Piggott :

"Japanese Mythology" [1969]

Hamlyn, London, UK, 1969 - pp.142

David Pirie :

"The Vampire Cinema" [1977]

Hamlyn Books, Feltham, UK, 1977 - pp.176
ISBN: 0 600 39157 4

Roslyn Poignant :

"Oceanic Mythology" [1967]

Hamlyn, London, UK, 1967 - pp.142

Heather Pringle :

"The Mummy Congres - Science, Obsession, and the Everlasting Death " [2001]

Hyperion, New York, USA, 2001 - pp.368
ISBN: 0 7868 6551 2

Perhaps not really a scientific study as such, but who am I to say so. To me this book seems more like the journalist's approach. Having said that, I immediately admit that it is a very good and well-written book that gives you the chance to learn much more about some of those famous researchers who are up to their ears in mummies.

Lazar Puhalo :

"On the Nature of Heaven and Hell according to the Holy Fathers" [1995]

Synaxis Press, Dewdney, Canada, no date - pp.38
ISBN: 919 672 7 1

This short publication appears to be an excerpt from a number of lectures given by Lazar Puhalo, Archbishop of the Orthodox Church in America, abbot of the Canadian Orthodox Monastery of All Saints of North America.

"The Soul, the Body and Death" [1980]

Synaxis Press, Dewdney, Canada, 2007 - pp.196
ISBN: 919672 18 3

Katherine Ramsland :

"Piercing the Darkness" [1998]

HarperPrism, New York, USA, 1998 - pp.372
ISBN: 0 06 105062 8

I know for a fact that (unlike some) this author has put quite a bit of work into this book. And although there are bits and pieces where one could put down a question mark, it is probably the best attempt I have seen so far for a book of this kind. Katherine Ramsland does try to give a fair and honest description of the present day "vampire scene". Take it or leave it, like it or not.

"The Science of Vampires" [2002]

Berkley Boulevard Books, New York, USA, 2002 - pp.278
ISBN: 978 0 425 18616 9

To me it seems like this book is an unusual but thought stimulating attempt to focus on the vampire. In the widest sense of the word, and from every possible angle. It would have been easy for me to lose direction among all those interesting bits of information, so I do appreciate the fact that the book comes with a very complete index. If you have a somewhat wider interest in vampires, then do yourself a favour and make sure you get yourself a copy.

"The Vampire Companion" [1993]

Ballantine Books, New York, USA, 1993 - pp.508
ISBN: 0 345 37922 5

If you are not into Anne Rice and her vampire books, then I very much doubt if you should bother. As to those of you who are into Lestat and Company, I'm sure that you already have bought yourself a copy by now.

Daniel Rhodes & Kathleen Rhodes :

"Vampires - Emotional Predators who want to suck the Life out of You" [1998]

Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY, USA, 1998 - pp.198
ISBN: 1 57392 191 2

What can I say ? This book definitely deserves points for being original. I don't want to encourage paranoia, but if you happen to have this strong irrational feeling that your career is being blocked and that you are being vampirised by your own colleagues, then go on and read the book. And if you want to make a complete fool of yourself and confront them with your absurd delusions, then this is just the book that you need.

Martin V. Riccardo :

"Liquid Dreams of Vampires" [1996]

Llewellyn Publications, St.Paul, USA, 1996 - pp.252
ISBN: 1 56718 571 1

J. Paul de River :

"The Sexual Criminal - a psychoanalytical study" [1950]

Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, USA, 1956 - pp.362

Christine Quigley :

"Modern Mummies - The preservation of the Human Body in the twentieth Century" [1998]

McFarland & Company, Jefferson, North Carolina, USA, 1998 - pp.264
ISBN: 0 7864 0492 2

This is not about Egyptian mummies. It's all about relatively recent corpses that have been mummified in various ways. There is much to be learned about natural as well as artificial ways in which dead bodies can be preserved. Much of this information should come in very handy for anyone who seriously wants to start investigating "vampire corpses". A most informative book.

Howard Reid :

"In Search of the Immortals - Mummies, Death and the After Life" [1999]

Headline Book Publishing, London, UK, 1999 - pp.308
ISBN: 0 7472 7556 4

This book seems to cover the whole world: Central Asia, Siberia, Northwest Europe, Egypt, the Canary Islands, Chile, Peru. . .

Laurence A. Rickels :

"The Vampire Lectures" [1999]

University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, USA, 1999 - pp.358
ISBN: 0 8166 3392 4

Just a little bit too much material on vampire fiction for the likes of me. But there are more than enough other interesting bits and pieces. "Incredibly rich and thought provoking", according to Anne Rice. Well, who am I to argue with that.

Anthony Roberts & Geoff Gilbertson :

"The Dark Gods" [1980]

Rider/Hutchinson, London, UK, 1980 - pp.266

Gabriel Ronay :

"The Dracula Myth" [1972]

Pan Books, London, UK, 1972 - pp.190
ISBN: 0 330 24246 6

Much about Vlad Tepes and Elizabeth Bathory, with additional chapters about Ivan the Terrible, Nazi Germany and the Cold War.

Anne Ross :

"The Pagan Celts" [1970]

John Jones, Ruthin, UK, 1998 - pp.224
ISBN: 1 871083 61 3

Evelyn Rossiter :

"The Book of the Dead - Papyri of Ani, Hunefer, Anhai" [1984]

Regent Books, London, UK, 1984 - pp.122

Maximilian Rudwin :

"The Devil in Legend and Literature" [1931]

The Open Court Publishing Company, La Salle, Illinois, USA, 1973 - pp.354
ISBN: 0 87548 247 3

This book is quite good. There is an awful lot of information in there.

Anne Rule :

"The Stranger Beside Me" [1980]

Signet Books, New York, USA, 1989 - pp.498
ISBN: 0 451 16493

Another opus about serial killer Ted Bundy.

Nicholas J. Saunders :

"Animal Spirits" [1995]

Macmillan Reference Books, London, UK, 1995 - pp.184
ISBN: 0 333 63846 8

Very nicely illustrated little book that offers an amazing lot of interesting bits and pieces.

Daniel C. Scavone :

"Vampires" [1990]

Greenhaven Press, San Diego, USA, 1990 - pp.80
ISBN: 0 89908 080 4

Wilfried Schober & Eckard Grimmberger :

"A Guide to Bats of Britain and Europe" [1987]

Hamlyn Publishing Group, London, UK, 1989 - pp.224
ISBN 0 600 56424 X

A nice guidebook with a lot of useful information and illustrations, that lists all different European species of the bat.

Reginald Scott :

"The Discoverie of Witchcraft" [1584]

Dover Publications, New York, USA, 1972 - pp.284
ISBN: 0 486 22880 0

This is a reprint of Montague Summers' 1930 translation of Reginald Scott's classic work on Witchcraft. In his times, Scott went as far as to try and prove that witches did not exist. Reason enough for King James to order that all copies of his book should be burned.

William B. Seabrook :

"Jungle Ways" [1931]

George G. Harrap, London, UK, 1931 - pp.316

This Seabrook book features a special chapter about "cannibals".

"The Magic Island" [1928]

The Albatross, Paris, France, UK, 1932 - pp.254

Thierry Secretan :

"Going into Darkness - Fantastic Coffins from Africa" [1994]

Thames & Hudson, London, UK, 1995 - pp.128
ISBN: 0 500 27839 3

Lots of interesting photos about places in Africa where those people who can afford it like to be buried in coffins that look like a fish, or a chicken, or a limousine and things like that.

Carol A. Senf :

"The Vampire in 19th Century English Literature" [1988]

Bowling Green State University Popular Press, USA, 1988 - pp.204

"Blood, Eroticism, and the 20th-Century Vampire", "The Vampire as Gothic Villain", "Myth becomes Metaphor in Realistic Fiction", etc. That sort of thing. If you are into vampire fiction, uh... pardon me, I mean "vampire literature", then getting yourself a copy of this book would seem like a good investment.

Harry A. Senn :

"Were-Wolf and Vampire in Romania" [1982]

Columbia University Press, New York, USA, 1982 - pp.148
ISBN: 0 914710 93 1

A little bit overpriced if you ask me. Nevertheless, this book brings you some interesting background material that you will not easily find elsewhere.

T. Sharper Knowlson :

"The Origins of Popular Superstitions and Customs" [1972]

Newcastle, Hollywood, USA, 1972 - pp.242

Alain Silver & James Ursini :

"The Vampire Film" [1975]

A.S. Barnes & Co., Cranbury, NJ, USA, 1975 - pp.238
ISBN: 0 904208 40 0

Not a bad book at all, for those who are into vampire films.

David J. Skal :

"Hollywood Gothic" [1990]

W.W. Norton & Co, New York & London, 1990 - pp.242
ISBN: 0 393 02904 2

Vampire film fans, if you still haven't got it yet, this happens to be a real nice book. So buy it !

"V is for Vampire" [1996]

Plume (Penguin Books), New York & London, 1996 - pp.288
ISBN: 0 452 27173 8

Another attempt at creating a true "Vampire Encyclopedia", or at least some sort of vampire A-Z.

Frank Smyth & Roy Stemman :

"Mysteries of the Afterlife" [1975]

Aldus Books, London, UK, 1978 - pp.256

Lewis Spence :

"The Magic Arts in Celtic Britain" [date unknown]

Barnes & Noble, New York, USA, 1993 - pp.198
ISBN: 0 88 29 984 3

The Magic Arts among the Celts, Druidism, the Celtic spirit world, Necromancy, Prophecy and Divination, Reincarnation, Mysticism, Arthur, the Grail, Second Sight, etc., etc.

"The Mysteries of Britain" [date unknown]

Studio Editions, London, UK, 1993 - pp.256
ISBN: 1 85891 053 6

Megalithic people, Druids, The Cult of the Dead, Arthurian legends, the Holy Grail, etc., etc.

A.J. Spencer :

"Death in Ancient Egypt" [1982]

Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, UK, 1982 - pp.256
ISBN: 0 1402 2294 4

Konrad Spindler, Harald Wilfing, et.al. (ed.) :

"Human Mummies - a Global Survey of their Status and the Techniques of Conservation" [1996]

Springer Verlag, Wien, Austria, 1996 - pp.294
ISBN: 3 211 82659 9

Interesting, but extremely expensive book. Part of a series. As far as I am concerned, this appears to be the most interesting volume of that series. But since I have no plans to buy any of the other ones, I will never know if this is true. This book, "Human Mummies", covers an awful lot of ground, whereas the other titles seem to treat subjects that are exclusively meant for very very specialised specialists.

Brad Steiger :

"Bizarre Crime" [1992]

Signet Books, New York, USA, 1992 - pp.266
ISBN: 0 71162 00499

"The Bloody Bite of Real-Life Vampires", "The Werewolf of San Francisco", "Man Who Claimed to be Evil Undead Hacked to Pieces by Fearful Vampire Killer"... Need I say more ?

Yuri Stoyanov :

"The Hidden Tradition in Europe - the secret history of medieval Christian heresy" [1994]

Penguin Books, London, UK, 1994 - pp.310
ISBN: 0 14 019319 7

Fascinating book that, among lots of other things, traces back the historical and ideological roots of the Cathars and the Bogomils.

Roxana Stuart :

"Stage Blood - Vampires of the 19th-Century Stage" [1994]

Bowling Green State University Popular Press, USA, 1994 - pp.378
ISBN: 0 87972 660 1

This is an excellent book, the best that I have ever seen on the subject. So if you want to learn more about vampires in the theatre, look no further and quickly get yourself a copy of this.

Richard Sugg :

"Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires - The History of Corpse Medicine from the Renaissance to the Victorians" [2011]

Routledge, London, UK, 2011 - pp.374
ISBN: 978 0 415 67417 1

Montague Summers [1880-1948] :

"The Geography of Witchcraft" [1927]

University Books, New York, USA, 1965 - pp.624

"The History of Witchcraft and Demonology" [1926]

Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, UK, 1973 - pp.354
ISBN: 0 7100 7613 4

"The Vampire - his kith and kin" [1928]

University Books, New York, USA, 1960 - pp.356

Well-known work on vampires by the eccentric Summers. It has served as an example and resource book for dozens of "writers" who were too lazy to sit down and create their own books about vampires. Often criticised, and rightfully so, it remains a great piece of work. At the time that it was first published, there simply wasn't anything like it.

"The Vampire in Europe" [1929]

Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, London, UK, 1929 - pp.330

Summers' follow-up to his first vampire book. More concentrated on the traditional vampire than the first volume. No vampire library should be without these books. Especially since both books have recently been reprinted by Studio Editions of London, UK. These reprints, large paperbacks, cost next to nothing.

"The Werewolf" [1933]

University Books, New York, USA, 1966 - pp.308

After the publication of his two volumes on Vampires, the eccentric scholar Summers decided to complete his trilogy by adding a simular study on Werewolves.

"Witchcraft and Black Magic" [1946]

Rider & Co, London, UK, 1946 - pp.228

Reay Tannahill :

"Flesh & Blood - A history of the Cannibal Complex" [1975]

Hamish Hamilton, London, UK, 1975 - pp.210

Tony Thorne :

"Children of the Night - of Vampires and Vampirism" [1999]

Victor Gollancz, London, UK, 1999 - pp.296
ISBN: 0 575 06646 6

Jalal Toufic :

"( Vampires ) - an uneasy Essay on the Undead in Film" [1993]

Station Hill, New York, USA, 1993 - pp.236
ISBN: 0 88268 146 X

Yes, I agree, rather uneasy reading indeed as far as I'm concerned. But somehow - despite the fact that the book has nothing to offer on the subject of traditional vampires - it seemed worth the effort. We can not deny that Jalal Toufic's approach to the subject is quite original.

Kathleen Tracy :

"The Girl's got Bite - the unofficial guide to Buffy's World" [1998]

Renaissance Books, Los Angeles, USA, 1998 - pp.246
ISBN: 1 58063 035 9

I suppose that the title is a bit of a giveaway. Indeed, as you may have guessed, this then (albeit "unofficially") is a guide to the world of vampire slaying "Buffy". And before you think that I am a miserable old jerk who doesn't like Buffy, I will be happy to confess that I have seen and enjoyed every episode and that I do have the whole lot on DVD.

Jonas Trinkünas (ed.) :

"Of Gods and Holidays - The Baltic Heritage" [1999]

Tvermé, Vilnius, Lithuania, 1999 - pp.206

Excellent book with very interesting articles about Baltic religion and mythology. I can only wish that there would be books as good as this about all other European regions.

James B. Twitchell :

"The Living Dead - a Study of the Vampire in Romantic Literature" [1981]

Duke University Press, Durham, NC, USA, 1981 - pp.220
ISBN: 0 8223 0789 8

Quite interesting - if you happen to be into vampire fiction, that is.

Peter Underwood :

"Exorcism !" [1990]

Robert Hale, London, UK, 1990 - pp.208
ISBN: 0 7090 4017 2

Peter Underwood (ed.) :

"The Vampire's Bedside Companion" [1975]

Leslie Frewin, London, UK, 1975 - pp.248
ISBN: 0 85632 101 X

Although the main part of this book is filled with vampire fiction, the first part is not without interest. It is quite interesting to compare a certain gentleman's original report about "The Highgate Vampire" with some of his more recent revisions. Uh. . . revisions ? Not really, let's be more precise and call them "fantasies".

various authors :

"The Holy Bible - containing the Old and New Testaments - commonly known as the authorized (King James) version" [no date]

National Bible Press, Philadelphia, USA, no date - pp.1108

In large parts of Europe, Christianity used to be (or still is) the main religion. Quite a few of the people who have written about vampires have a religious background. So you'd better keep your Bible at the ready, if you want to understand some of the things that they are going on about. In case you do not have a copy, there is no need for you to run out and find one. A free Bible program can be uploaded from : Theophilos Bible Software. There are various Bible versions available in several languages. It is quite a large program, so it may take you some time to download it. But it is an excellent program which also allows you to do searches. An interesting option is the possibility to put more than one version or translation on your screen simultaneously. As a bonus, you can also download the Apocryphal Books that used to be part of the original Bible books, but - at some later date - were removed from the "official version". Imagine, those old church fathers censoring the "Word of God". . .

various authors :

"The Holy Qur'an" [no date]

Wordsworth Editions, Ware, Hertfordshire, UK, 2000 - pp.562
ISBN: 1 85326 782 1

There are certain European areas where the Islam used to be (or still is) the main religion. So, if we want to understand the local vampire superstitions of those areas, it should be interesting to see if the Koran contains any material that could be relevant to our studies. Again, there is no need for you to run out and buy a copy. There are many places on the internet where you can download texts like these for free. You could try Sacred Texts if you can't find one.

Károly Viski :

"Hungarian Peasant Customs" [1937]

George Vajna & Co, Budapest, Hungary, 1937 - pp.188

J. Charles Wall :

"Devils" [1904]

Methuen & Co, London, UK, 1904 - pp.152

Gregory A. Waller :

"The Living and the Undead" [1985]

University of Illinois Press, Chicago, USA, 1985 - pp.376
ISBN: 0 252 1208 9

Ernest A. Wallis Budge :

"The Egyptian Book of the Dead" [1895]

Dover Publications, New York, USA, 1967 - pp.328

"The Mummy - Funereal Rites & Customs in Ancient Egypt" [1995]

Senate Editions, London, UK, 1995 - pp.404
ISBN: 1 85958 071 8

A most welcome and incredibly inexpensive reprint of one of the classics on Egyptian mummies, which was originally published in 1893 as "The Mummy: Chapters on Egyptian Funereal Archaeology".

Lyall Watson :

"The Romeo Error - A matter of life and death" [1974]

Hodder & Stoughton, London, UK 1974 - pp.254
ISBN: 0 340 19136 8

Lyall Watson's book are always interesting to say the least. This one, all about premature burial and the distinction between life and death, is definitely worthy of your attention.

Leilah Wendell :

"The Necromantic Ritual Book" [1991]

Westgate Press, New Orleans, USA, 1992 - pp.50
ISBN: 0 944087 03 5

"Our Name is Melancholy - the complete Books of Azrael" [1992]

Westgate Press, New Orleans, USA, 1992 - pp.352
ISBN: 0 944087 04 3

If you want to learn more, much more and even more about Leilah Wendell's fascinating work, then I recommend that you visit her website at the Westgate.

Dennis Wheatley :

"The Devil and all his Works" [1971]

Arrow Books, London, UK, 1973 - pp.302
ISBN: 0 09 908030 3

Colin Wilson & Donald Seaman :

"Encyclopaedia of Modern Murder" [1983]

Pan Books, London, UK, 1986 - pp.376
ISBN: 0 330 28299 9

Obviously there is a limit to the amount of entries that you can put into an "Encyclopaedia" of 376 pages. So there is always going to be miserable people like myself who are wondering, why is that one in there and why have they left out the other one ? Having said that, it is quite a good and informative book. Well written, as most of Colin Wilson's stuff.

Colin Wilson & Patricia Pitman :

"Encyclopaedia of Murder" [1961]

Pan Books, London, UK, 1984 - pp.672
ISBN: 0 330 28300 6

The same criticism again, even though this one is no less than 672 pages. Once again I find that the title "Encyclopaedia" seems slightly misplaced. And once again, having said that, I think it is a good and useful book, well worthy of our attention.

David M. Wilson :

"Awful Ends - The British Museum Book of Epitaphs" [1992]

British Museum Press, London, UK, 1998 - pp.96
ISBN: 0 7141 1781 1

Rowan Wilson :

"Vampires - Bloodsuckers from beyond the grave" [1997]

Parragon, Bristol, 1997 - pp.170
ISBN: 0 75252 136 5

I will quote the back cover: "Before reading this book, buy a cross and some garlic. And be prepared to sleep with the cover pulled up around your neck tonight." Uh, yeah... The chapters about old Vlad and about "the Vampire in Literature" do not have anything new to offer. But the last part of the book, about Vampire Murderers and Flesh Eaters, is not without interest.

Harry De Windt :

"Through Savage Europe - being the Narrative of a Journey (undertaken as special correspondent of the 'Westminster Gazette', throughout the Balkan States and European Russia" [no date]

T. Fisher Unwin, London, UK, no date - pp.300

Fascinating report on Harry's traveling.

Maxwell M. Wintrobe :

"Clinical Hematology" [1942]

Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia, USA, 1967 - pp.1288
ISBN: 2 07 053047 7

A massive classic with more than enough material to satisfy almost anyone's curiosity.

Tomasz Wislicz :

"'Miraculous Sites' in the Early Modern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth"

in: Wünsch (ed.): "Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa" [2006]
LIT Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2006 - pp.340
ISBN: 3 8258 9273 5

Leonard Wolf :

"The Annotated Dracula" [1975]

Clarkson N. Potter, New York, USA, 1975 - pp.362
ISBN: 0 517 52017 6

Beautifully produced and illustrated version of Stoker's "Dracula". The notes and illustrations offer such a wealth of information, that I could not leave this book off the list.

"A dream of Dracula - in search of the living dead" [1972]

Popular Library ,New York, USA, 1972 - pp.326

Obviously, Dracula is playing the main part in this book. But there is quite a bit of other stuff that is worth reading. Not a bad book by any standard, especially if we look at the publication date. This is one of the earlier attempts to present us with material about "the vampire scene".

Daniel J. Wood :

"Realm of the Vampire - History and the Undead" [2011]

Galde Press, Lakeville, Minnesota, USA, 2011 -pp.160
ISBN: 978 1 931942 86 7

To me, it is a rare pleasure to read a book as interesting as this. Frankly, I can't imagine why the book hasn't got some reference to Poland in its title. For that is what it's all about. True, there is a very nice chapter about the New England vampires. But I am delighted to report that the main part of the book is all about various Polish superstitions and - better still - about the Polish belief in vampires. Until now, I have found that practically all of the existing material that has been published about Polish vampirism is either in Polish or in German, which makes it less accessible to a lot of people. Here we do not have that problem. Daniel J. Wood's book, which is very well written, presents us with a wealth of fascinating information about the Polish Undead. Where possible, all things have been nicely put into the context of Poland's often tragic and tumultuous history. And there is a lot of relevant material that you won't find anywhere else. Without a doubt the very best book on the subject of Polish vampires that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. If only we could have books like this about all the European vampire regions...

Ian Woodward [b.1941] :

"The Werewolf Delusion" [1979]

Paddington Press Ltd, New York & London, 1979 - pp.256
ISBN: 0 7092 0873

Good overview of the world of the werewolf with a large number of very nice illustrations.

Reginald Maxwell Woolley (ed.) :

"Coptic Offices" [1930]

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London, UK, 1930 - pp.154

Texts and rituals from the Coptic Church. The final and most interesting part of the book is called "The Office of the Burial of the Dead".

Dudley Wright :

"Vampires and Vampirism" [1914]

William Rider & Son, London, 1924 - pp.220

Recommended ? I hardly think so. The book is incredibly inaccurate. Names and other facts are messed up beyond recognition. We can find how one and the same case is presented twice as different cases. There are plenty of serious reasons for criticism. And yet, despite all of its shortcomings, it remains an effort that should at least get a mention as a first of its kind. For the book does antedate and seems to have had quite some influence on the vampire books of Montague Summers.

Harry B. Wright :

"Witness to Witchcraft" [1957]

Souvenir Press, London, UK, 1957 - pp.218

Chester M. Zmijewski & Walter E. Haesler :

"Textbook of Blood Banking Science" [1982]

Appleton-Century-Crofts, New York, USA, 1982 - pp.258
ISBN: 0 8385 8869 7

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