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Of course there will always be books that do not really fit into any of our other categories. And yet there may be times when it seems a pity not to give such books a mention. That is the reason why we have created this special section.

Jacques Alexander :

"Les énigmes de la survivance" [1972]

Editions Gerard & Co, Verviers, Belgium, 1972 - pp.310

Timothy d'Arch Smith :

"Montague Summers - A Bibliography" [1964]

The Aquarian Press, Wellingborough, UK, 1983 - pp.170
ISBN: 0 85030 317 6

Albert J. Bernstein :

"Emotionale Vampire" [2001]

mvg Verlag, Frankfurt, Germany, 2004 - pp.330
ISBN: 3 478 08388 5

German translation of Bernstein's "Emotional Vampires".

Jean-Baptiste de Boyer, Marquis d'Argens [1704-1771] :

"Lettres Juives - ou Correspondance Philosophique, Historique, et Critique, entre un Juif Voyageur à Paris & ses Correspondans en divers Endroits" [1736-1737]

Paul Gautier, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1736-1737 - 6 volumes, pp.2290

You can find the chapter about vampires in our section of "Source Material".

Docteur Cabanès :

"Moeurs intimes du Passé : Les Fléaux de l'Humanité - Peste - Lèpre - Choléra - Variole - Grippe" [1955]

Editions Albin Michel, Paris, France, 1955 - pp.480

The larger outbreaks of Vampirism often coincided with the outbreak of epidemical diseases like cholera and the plague. So it may be useful to know a little more about such epidemics.

C.D. Chirita, C. Paunescu and D. Teaci :

"Solurile Romaniei" [1967]

Editura Agro Silvica, Bucharest, Romania, 1967 - pp.384

This is an excellently illustrated book that gives us a complete overview of every kind of situation that you may find when you start digging a hole in the Romanian ground somewhere. Essential information for anyone who wants to dig into those vampire cases.

Mircea Eliade :

"Forgerons et Alchimistes" [1956]

Flammarion, Paris, France, 1977 - pp.188
ISBN: 2 08 081012 X

"Initiation, Rites, Sociétés Secrètes" [1959]

Editions Galllimard, Paris, France, 2001 - pp.284
ISBN: 2 07 032696 9

Practically all of Mircea Eliade's books are well worth reading. The ones listed above are no exception.

Martin Fido :

"Bodysnatchers - A History of the Resurrectionists 1742-1832" [1988]

Weidenfeld and Nicholson, London, UK, 1988 - pp.184
ISBN: 10 297 79393 4

Frederick S. Franck :

"Montague Summers - A Bibliographical Portrait" [1988]

The Scarecrow Press, London, UK, 1988 - pp.278
ISBN: 0 8108 2136 2

Arnold van Gennep :

"Übergangsriten (Les rites de Passage)" [1908]

Campus Verlag, Frankfurt, Germany, 1999 - pp.264
ISBN: 3 593 36248

Obviously we have to include this classic.

Johann-Joseph von Görres :

"La Mystique divine, naturelle et diabolique" [1836]

Éditions Jérôme Millon, Grenoble, France, 1992 - pp.668

Barbara Green :

"Secrets of the Grave" [2001]

Palmyra Press, Brighouse, UK, 2001 - pp.120
ISBN: 0 9540164 0 8

There is interesting material in this book by Robin Hood expert Barbara Green about the theory that tries to connect the great outlaw with vampirism. There is also much information about her never ending battle to turn Robin Hood's alleged grave into a national monument.

Reinhard Habeck (ed.) :

"Kreaturen der Nacht - Die Welt jenseits unserer Sinne" [2006]

Verlag Carl Ueberreuter, Wien, Austria, 2006 - pp.430

L.D. Hankoff & Bernice Einsiedler (ed.) :

"Suicide - Theory and clinical aspects" [1979]

PSG Publishing Company, Littleton, Massachusetts, USA, 1979 - pp.464
ISBN: 0 88416 198 6

In many places we can find that people are afraid of the dead. Those who have not died a natural death are considered to be especially dangerous. This includes people who have taken their own life. In England suicides used to be buried at the crossroads or in the highway, with a stake hammered through their hearts. This gruesome practice - incredible as it may seem - lasted until 1824. Hankoff & Einsiedler's interesting book offers you such things as the historical background, contemporary value systems, the biology of suicide, etc., etc. No less than 34 interesting articles by experts, explaining every possible aspect of the subject.

P.D. 't Hart :

"Utrecht en de Cholera - 1832-1910" [1990]

De Walburg Pers, Zutphen, Netherlands, 1990 - pp.308

Like I have said before, the larger outbreaks of Vampirism often coincided with the outbreak of epidemical diseases like cholera and the plague. This book about cholera in the town of Utrecht offers a lot of information. About the speed in which such an epidemic spreads. About the speed and manner in which the victims waste away. It is interesting to compare this information with the descriptions that we have of outbreaks of vampirism, and with the descriptions that we have of the manner in which those vampire victims waste away.

David J. Hufford :

"The Terror that comes in the Night - an Experience-centered Study of Supernatural Assault Traditions" [1982]

University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, USA, 1989 - pp.278
ISBN: 0 8122 1305 X

Ernest Jones :

"On the Nightmare" [1931]

Liveright, New York, USA, 1971 - pp.374

Ernest Jones' classic study on the Nightmare also contains a lot of material on vampires and werewolves.

Prof. P Jones :

"The Pobratim - a Slav Novel" [1895]

H.S. Nichols, London, UK, 1895 - pp.398

I know. No need to tell me: this is a novel so it should not be on my lists. But it is much too interesting not too list it. For a start, it is a pre-Dracula novel, so there is no contamination from Stoker. And in the second place, Prof. Jones appears to have been something of an expert about the local customs and beliefs of the region where the novel takes place. So there is much to be learned. Plus, the vampire in this book seems a thousand times closer to the traditional vampire than a fantasy figure like Dracula.

Claudia Kern :

"Das Grosse Handbuch der Dämonen und Vampire" [2003]

Heel Verlag, Königswinter, Germany, 2003 - pp.208
ISBN: 3 89880 164 0

Gérard Lopez :

"Le Vampirisme au Quotidien" [2001]

L'Esprit du Temps, France, 2001 - pp.164
ISBN: 2 913062 70 9

John E. Mack :

"Nightmares and Human Conflicts" [1970]

Little, Brown and Company, Boston, USA, 1970 - pp.258

Chedo Mijatovich :

"Servia and the Servians" [1908]

Isaac Pitman & Sons, London, UK, 1908 - pp.296

Interesting book that, among other things, offers a little bit of information about the local superstition and belief in vampires.

Daniel Rhodes & Kathleen Rhodes :

"Vampires - Emotional Predators who want to suck the Life out of You" [1998]

Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY, USA, 1998 - pp.198
ISBN: 1 57392 191 2

What can I say ? This book definitely deserves points for being original. I don't want to encourage paranoia, but if you happen to have this strong irrational feeling that your career is being blocked and that you are being vampirised by your own colleagues, then go on and read the book. And if you want to make a complete fool of yourself and confront them with your absurd delusions, then this is just the book that you need.

Anthony Roberts & Geoff Gilbertson :

"The Dark Gods" [1980]

Rider/Hutchinson, London, UK, 1980 - pp.266

Phlegon von Tralleis :

"Das Buch der Wunder" [2002]

Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt, Germany, 2002 - pp.138
ISBN: 3 534 15985 3

In Phlegon's book, which was written in the first part of the 2nd Century, we can find the famous classic vampire story of Philinnion and Machates, which is said to be based on true events. I am terribly pleased to have found this magnificent edition. Introduced and translated by Kai Brodersen, it brings you the original Greek text (or rather what is left of it) next to a German translation.

Gabriel Veraldi :

"Longévité et Immortalité" [1981]

Editions Vernoy, 1981 - pp.252

Who wants to live forever ?

Leilah Wendell :

"Our Name is Melancholy - the complete Books of Azrael" [1992]

Westgate Press, New Orleans, USA, 1992 - pp.352
ISBN: 0 944087 04 3

If you want to learn more, much more and even more about Leilah Wendell's fascinating work, then I recommend that you visit her website at the Westgate.

Laurenz Wiedner [ed.]:

"Joseph von Görres- Das nachtländische Reich" [1948]

Moritz Stadler, Villach, Austria, 1948 - pp.144

Edited selection of some interesting bits and pieces from "Die christliche Mystik" by Joseph von Görres.

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