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There are those who - unlike myself - literally believe in the existence of the Devil. Some of them consider vampires to be a demonic manifestation. Sufficient reason for us to have added a small section of booktitles on Demonology and the Devil.

Pierre de l'Ancre :

"Tableau de l'Inconstance des Mauvais Anges et Demons, ou il est amplement traicté des Sorciers & de la Sorcelerie" [1612]

Jean Berjon, Paris, France, 1612 - pp.595

anon. :

"Les Spectres et les Démons" [no date]

Bibliotheque de la Conversation, Paris, France, no date - pp.154

Curious little book that, judging by its printing style, dates back to the 19th Century.

Gerrit vanden Bosch :

"Hemel, Hel en Vagevuur - Preken over het hiernamaals in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden tijdens de 17e en 18e eeuw" [1991]

Uitgeverij Davidsfonds, Leuven, Belgium, 1991 - pp.206
ISBN: 90 6152 737 6

Nicely illustrated book with sermons (about the hereafter) from the Southern Netherlands, dating back to the 17th and 18th Century.

Messaoud Boudjenoun :

"Djinns & Démons - selon le Coran et la Sunna" [2002]

Tawhid, Lyon, France, 2002 - pp.126
ISBN: 2 909087 46 8

Jean-Paul Bourre :

"Satanisme" [2000]

Editions Pardès, Puiseaux, France, 2000 - pp.128
ISBN: 2 86714 215 6

"Les Sectes Lucifériennes aujourd'hui" [1978]

Pierre Belfond, Paris, France, 1978 - pp.216
ISBN: 2 7144 1177 0

F.P. Crespet :

"De la Hayne de Sathan et Malins Esprist contre l'Homme & de l'Homme contre Eux" [1590]

Guillaume, Paris, France, 1590 - pp.908

Joel Duez ( Iacobus Jean de la Croix) :

"Traité d'Angéologie et de Démonologie - a l'usage des Exorcistes" [1990]

Editions de la Maisnie, France, 1990 - pp.104
ISBN: 2 85707 412 3

Josef Dürr :


Verlag Edition Geheimes Wissen, Graz, Oesterreich, 2008 - pp.58
ISBN: 978 3 902646 45 3

Josef Dvorak :

"Satanismus - Schwarze Rituale, Teufelswahn und Exorzismus, Geschichte und Gegenwart " [1989]

Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, München, Germany, 2000 - pp.446
ISBN: 3 453 17528 2

Robert Friese :

"Stimmen aus dem Reich der Geister" [1879]

Verlag Oswald Mutze, Leipzig, Germany, 1905 - pp.472

Paul Faber, Frans Fontaine & Annemiek Spronk (ed.) :

"Het Kwaad - All About Evil" [2004]

KIT Publishers, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2004 - pp.240
ISBN: 90 6832 553 4

Interesting and nicely illustrated book that was published alongside the exhibition of the same name that took place at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam.

Robert Goldston :

"Satan's Disciples" [1962]

Balantine Books, New York, USA, 1962 - pp.192

A. Graf :

"Der Teufelsglaube" [1889]

Edition Geheimes Wissen, Austria, 2007 - pp.260

Nice reprint of a very hard to find and interesting book. There is an awful lot of information in there.

Richard Grötzinger :

"Talismanische Dämonology" [1985]

Verlag Richard Schikowski, Berlin, Germany, 1985 - pp.130

Rossell Hope Robbins :

"The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology" [1959]

Spring Books, London, UK, 1970 - pp.572
ISBN: 0 600 01183 6

There is an awful lot of material to be found in there. Quite a good book.

Massimo Introvigne :

"Enquete sur le Satanisme" [1994]

Editions Dervy, Paris, France, 1997 - pp.414
ISBN: 2 85076 814 6

French edition of Massimo Introvigne's "Indagine sul Satanismo - Satanisti e anti-satanisti dal seicento ai nostri giorni". Introvigne appears to be the big man behind CESNUR. Or maybe we could even say that he is CESNUR.

P.L. Jacob :

"Curiosités Infernales" [1886]

Librairie de Garnier, Paris, France, 1886 - pp.396

F.S. Knipscheer :

"Bijgeloof uit alle Tijden - I - De Duivel" [no date]

"Bijgeloof uit alle Tijden - II - Satansdienst" [no date]

"Bijgeloof uit alle Tijden - III - Hekserij" [no date]

"Bijgeloof uit alle Tijden - IV - Demonen" [no date]

"Bijgeloof uit alle Tijden - V - Verhalen uit De Betoverde Weereld" [no date]

Hollandia Drukkerij, Baarn, Netherlands, no date - pp.258

Martin Koomen :

"Het ijzige Zaad van de Duivel - Geschiedenis van Heksen en Demonen" [1973]

Wetenschappelijke Uitgeverij, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1973 - pp.214
ISBN: 90 214 2751 6

Leopold Kretzenbacher :

"Kynokephale Dämonen Südeuropäischer Volksdichtung - Vergleichende Studien zu Mythen, Sagen, Maskenbräuchen um Kynokephaloi, Werwölfe und südslawische Pesoglavei" [1968]

Trofenik, München, Germany, 1968 - pp.148

Fascinating and nicely illustrated book. If you are lucky enough to find a copy of it, make sure that you buy it.

Annick Lamézec :

"Le Diable en Bretagne - dans la tradition populaire" [1993]

Skol Vreizh, Morlaix/Montroulles, France, 1993 - pp.84
ISBN: 2 903313 63 6

Nicely illustrated, this book is a good introduction to the devil, as we can find him depicted in the popular belief of Bretagne.

Edward Langton :

"Satan, A Portrait" [1945]

Skeffington & Sons, London, UK, 1945 - pp.128

Anton Szandor LaVey :

"The Satanic Bible" [1969]

Avon Books, New York, USA, 1969 - pp.272
ISBN: 0 380 01539 0

To be completely honest, I have to admit that, personally, I much prefer that curious CD where Mr. LaVey produces the most amazing sounds from a theatre organ.

Massimo Mantovani :

"Gli Angeli Custodi" [2001]

Xenia Edizioni, Milano, Italy, 2001 - pp.126
ISBN: 88 7273 434 7

Eric Maple :

"The Complete Book of Witchcraft and Demonology" [1962-1966]

A.S. Barnes, Cranbury, new Jersey, USA, no date - pp.608

Gerald Messadié :

"Teufel, Satan, Luzifer" [1999]

Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, München, Germany, 2002 - pp.436
ISBN: 3 423 30730 7

Jules Michelet :

"Satanism and Witchcraft" [1862]

The Citadel Press, New York, USA, 1960 - pp.332

English translation of Michelet's classic "La Sorcière".

Georges Minois :

"La Souffrance des Damnés - L'Enfer et les Enfers dans les Traditions"

in: "La Mort et l'Immortalité - Encyclopédie des Savoirs et des Croyances"
Bayard, Paris, France, 2004 - pp.1686
ISBN 2 7028 9909 9

Robert Muchembled :

"Diable !" [2002]

Editions du Seuil/ARTE, France, 2002 - pp.200
ISBN: 2 02 055748 7

Beautiful collection of rare images of devils and demons, taken from Roman wall-paintings, old religious manuscripts, Medieval paintings, but also films and modern advertising. The book is a bit like Roland Villeneuve's "La Beauté du Diable", but - in my opinion - even better than that.

Gilles Néret :

"Devils" [2003]

Taschen, Köln, Germany, 2003 - pp.192
ISBN: 3 8228 2461 5

Great collection of images of devils. It is, of course, a pity that the pages are a lot smaller than those in the books by Villeneuve and Muchembled. But it does explain the difference in price.

Giovanni Papini :

"Il Diavolo" [1954]

Vallecchi Editore, Firenze, Italy, 1954 - pp.398

Paul Perdrizet :

"Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris - Etudes de Démonologie Gréco-Orientale" [1922]

Librairie Istra, Strasbourg, France, 1922 - pp.40

Incredible as it may seem, I found this interesting and very hard to get little book through Amazon France. In their normal section. Not the second-hand or antiquarian thing if you know what I mean. Hey, don't underestimate those online bookstores ! Sometimes it is amazing what you can find there.

Elie Reclus :

"Geesten Goden en Duivels" [no date]

De Roode Bibliotheek, Zandvoort, Netherlands, no date, 2 volumes - pp.332

Another nice work by one of the Reclus brothers ? Sons ? Daughters ? For the moment, let's just keep it at yet another member of the wonderful Reclus family.

Nicolas Rémy :

"La Démonolâtrie" [1595]

Presses Universitaires de Nancy, France, 1997 - pp.338
ISBN: 2 86480 705 X

A most welcome new edition of Nicolas Rémy's classic work on Demonology.

Maximilian Rudwin :

"The Devil in Legend and Literature" [1931]

The Open Court Publishing Company, La Salle, Illinois, USA, 1973 - pp.354
ISBN: 0 87548 247 3

This book is quite good. There is an awful lot of information in there.

Ludovico Maria Sinistrari [1632-1701]:

"De la Démonialité et des Animaux Incubes et Succubes" [no date]

Bibliothèque Ombres, Toulouse, France, 1998 - pp.110

This classic work by Sinistrari was rediscovered, tranlated and apparently published for the first time in 1875 by Isidore Liseux. An English translation was published as part of R.E.L. Master's "Eros and Evil", published by The Julian Press of New York in 1962, which was then republished by Penguin Books in 1974.

Carl-Friedrich von Steegen :

"Satan - Porträt des Leibhaftigen" [1998]

Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, München, Germany, 2000 - pp.416
ISBN: 3 453 14854 1

Apostolos K. Tentolouris :

"Daimones kai Daimonismenos" [1993]

Georgios Andr. Brouziotis, Athens, Greece, 1993 - pp.140

Curious Greek book about "Demons and the Possessed".

various authors :

"Duivelsbeelden" [1994]

Uitgeverij Ambo, Baarn, Netherlands, 1994 - pp.444
ISBN: 90 263 1305 5

Very nicely illustrated, this book features no less than 16 chapters by different experts, covering a whole range of interesting subjects that all have to do with Devil and Hell.

Roland Villeneuve :

"La Beauté du Diable" [1994]

Pierre Bordas et fils, France, 1994 - pp.236
ISBN: 2 86311 259 7

A beautiful collection of rare images of devils and demons.

"Dictionnaire du Diable" [1998]

Omnibus, France, 1998 - pp.1084
ISBN: 2 258 04991 1

J. Charles Wall :

"Devils" [1904]

Methuen & Co, London, UK, 1904 - pp.152

Dennis Wheatley :

"The Devil and all his Works" [1971]

Arrow Books, London, UK, 1973 - pp.302
ISBN: 0 09 908030 3

Jean Wier :

"Histoires, Disputes et Discours, des Illusions et Impostures des Diables, des Magiciens Infames, Sorcieres & Empoisonneurs: Des Ensorcelez & Demoniaques, & de la Guerison d'iceux: Item de la Punition que meritent les Magiciens, les Empoisonneurs, & les Sorcieres." [1579]

Jaques Chovet, no place, France, 1579 - pp.914

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