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On this page you will find the bibliographical details of a number of Czech language books on Vampires, Vampirism and related subjects. Not to complicate things, we will also use this page to list any books that we may find in the Slovakian language. In case you happen to know about other interesting titles, and have details on where I can find or order them, please be sure to let me know. Your help will be much appreciated.

anon :

"Langenscheidt Universal-Wörterbuch Tschechisch" [2001]

Langenscheidt, Berlin, Germany, 2001 - pp.474

Rather small but very useful little book. Until the day when I manage to lay my hands on a proper Czech dictionary, I am happy to make do with this.

Petr Štěpán :

"Kniha Nosferatu - Vampýrská Bible" [2003]

Adonai, Prague, Czech Republic, 2003 - pp.158
ISBN: 80 7337 012 3

"The Book Nosferatu - Vampire Bible", is a book about vampirism written by Czech pop-musician Petr Štěpán. For people like myself the final chapter is the most interesting of the book as it is all about the "vampire cemetery" of Čelákovice.
In the meantime (and we are talking 2008 now) a new edition of the book has been published. Plus a special numbered edition limited to 666 copies, which have been signed by the author and come with a CD by Petr Štěpán's band "XIII. stoleti".

Z. Krumphanzlová :

"Ritus slovanských kostrových hřbitovů středni a mladší doby hradištní v Čechách" [1966]
in: Památky Archeologické - Ročník LVII - Čislo I

Československá Akademie Věd, Czechoslovakia, 1966 - pp.340

All about the rites that have taken place in Slavic skeleton-cemeteries in Bohemia. I realy love those ancient reports on vampires. But I am not ashamed to admit that I can also get a thrill out of archeological evidence that confirms the believe in vampires. Therefore, I simply love this book. I have no problem admitting that my knowledge of the Czech and/or Slovak language has its limits. So I was delighted to find that the book also features an even larger version of this interesting article in German.

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