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The connection between Vampires and Blood is obvious. Many types of vampires, especially the ones that we find in vampire fiction, are said to need blood in order to sustain their semblance of life. So perhaps it will be worth the effort to try and find out a little more about blood. What is it ? What is it there for ? What does it consist of ? Interesting questions that should be sufficient reason for us to have an interest in blood. But there is more. There are a couple of misguided "scientists", whose names are best forgotten, who have presented us with wild theories, suggesting that the origin of the belief in vampires can be found in Porphyria, a rare and terribly unpleasant hematological disorder. Another reason (if we needed one) to add this small section on Blood.

Herbert Begemann (ed.) :

"Klinische Hämatologie" [1970]

Georg Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany, 1975 - pp.888
ISBN: 3 13 447202 3

Older books like this may no longer be up to date. Which often means that you can pick them up for next to nothing. If you are a professional expert on hematology, then you obviously need the latest version of everything. But if you just need to have some reliable basic information on blood, then there will be more than enough to satisfy all your needs in a massive book like this.

Herbert Begemann & Hans-Günther Harwerth :

"Praktische Hämatologie" [1959]

Georg Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany, 1969 - pp.386
ISBN: 3 13 306205 0

Jacques-Louis Binet :

"Le Sang et les Hommes" [1988]

Gallimard, France, 1988 - pp.128
ISBN: 2 07 053047 7

Nice little book with a large number of rare and beautiful illustrations. There have been editions in many different languages. It is a good introduction to the subject.

James M. Bradburne (ed.) :

"Blut - Kunst Macht Politik Pathologie" [2001]

Prestel, München, Germany, 2001 - pp.272
ISBN: 3 7913 2599 X

This book was published alongside a remarkable exhibition that could be visited in Frankfurt in 2001/2002. Apart from a wealth of illustrations, there is a number of interesting articles by various experts.

D. Paulus Cassel :

"Die Symbolik des Blutes" [1882]

Edition Geheimes Wissen, Austria, 2007 - pp.158

Another great reprint from this publisher. The original book is very hard to find, but much too interesting to be forgotten.

A. Goldberg & M.R. Moore (ed.) :

"Clinics in Haematology - The Porphyrias" [1980]

W.B. Saunders Company, Eastbourne, UK, 1980 - pp.452

Nine different chapters by medical specialists, about the biochemistry of Porphyria and about various types of that disease.

Earle Hackett :

"Blood - the paramount humour" [1973]

Jonathan Cape, London, UK, 1973 - pp.288
ISBN: 0 224 00631 2

Excellent informative and entertaining book, written by a pathologist who also happens to be a very good writer. Mr. Hackett presents us with lots of facts about blood itself, but there is also much interesting material about superstition and popular belief connected with blood.

William Harvey [1578-1657] :

"The Circulation of the Blood and other Writings" [various dates]

Everyman's Library, London, UK, 1990 - pp.184

Some of Harvey's most interesting writings, conveniently translated into English.

Jean-Paul Roux :

"Le Sang - Mythes, Symboles et Réalités" [1988]

Librairie Arthème Fayard, 1988 - pp.408
ISBN: 2 213 02090 6

One of the most complete overviews that I have ever seen about all the different ideas about "blood" that you can find in folklore and popular belief, in myths and religion, as well as in real life.

K. Fritz Schaer :

"Charakter, Blutgruppe und Konstitution" [1941]

Rascher Verlag, Zürich, Switzerland, 1941 - pp.110
ISBN: 2 07 053047 7

Remarkable little book that features some rather strange thoughts. Without wanting to make any unpleasant suggestions, I can't help feeling that perhaps the date of publication has something to do with it.

J. Spaander :

"Over het bewaren van bloed" [1942]

Uitgeverij Ploegsma, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1942 - pp.136

Rudolf Steiner :

"Blut ist ein ganz besonderer Saft" [1907]

Rudolf Steiner Verlag, Dornach, Switzerland, 1982 - pp.40
ISBN: 3 7274 5027 4

This is a reprint of the text of a public lecture held by Rudolf Steiner in Berlin, on 25 October 1906.

Christopher Vasey :

"Le Mystère du Sang - Alimentation et évolution spirituelle" [1994]

Editions Françaises du Graal, Paris, France, 1994 - pp.204
ISBN: 2 900811 54 6

Janet M. Vaughan :

"The Anaemias" [1934]

Oxford University Press, London, UK, 1936 - pp.310

Maxwell M. Wintrobe :

"Clinical Hematology" [1942]

Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia, USA, 1967 - pp.1288
ISBN: 2 07 053047 7

A massive classic with more than enough material to satisfy almost anyone's curiosity.

Chester M. Zmijewski & Walter E. Haesler :

"Textbook of Blood Banking Science" [1982]

Appleton-Century-Crofts, New York, USA, 1982 - pp.258
ISBN: 0 8385 8869 7

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