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In real life, as we all know, there are plenty of animals that actually feed on blood. There are vampire bats, birds, fish, leeches, mosquitoes, fleas and lots of other creatures that live on the blood of others. Most of them appear to be parasites rather than predators. And of course there are also those animals that through folklore, superstition or fiction have a supposed connection with vampires.

Here is a link to an interesting site that is all about blood-drinking animals: http://www.darkbanquet.com/
The site is run by Bill Schutt whose book "Dark Banquet: Blood and the Curious Lives of Blood-Feeding Creatures" is supposed to come out on October 14, 2008.

David E. Brown :

"Vampiro - the vampire bat in fact and fantasy" [1994]

High-Lonesome Books, Silver City, New Mexico, USA, 1994 - pp.142
ISBN 0 944383 22 X

This book seems to cover most of the things that you might want to know about vampire bats. From the real living creature to superstition, from mythology to Count Dracula.

Louis Gallien :

"Le Parasitisme" [1943]

Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, 1969 - pp.128

John & Molly Hines :

"The secret world of Bats" [1986]

Methuen, London, UK, 1986 - pp.64
ISBN 0 416 49040 9

Nice introduction to bats and to bat preservation written by a couple of amateur naturalists from Wales.

Brendan Lehane :

"The Compleat Flea" [1969]

John Murray, London, UK, 1969 - pp.126

G. Osche :

"Die Welt der Parasiten" [1966]

Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 1966 - pp.160

Not a bad introduction, in case you'll ever need one, to the wonderful world of parasites.

Nicholas J. Saunders :

"Animal Spirits" [1995]

Macmillan Reference Books, London, UK, 1995 - pp.184
ISBN: 0 333 63846 8

Very nicely illustrated little book that offers an amazing lot of interesting bits and pieces.

Uwe Schmidt :

"Vampirfledermäuse" [1978]

Westarp Wissenschaften, Magdeburg, Germany, 1995 - pp.100
ISBN 3 89432 176 8

The author has done an incredible job, getting so many scientific facts about vampire bats into such a small book. Highly recommended !

Wilfried Schober & Eckard Grimmberger :

"A Guide to Bats of Britain and Europe" [1987]

Hamlyn Publishing Group, London, UK, 1989 - pp.224
ISBN 0 600 56424 X

A nice guidebook with a lot of useful information and illustrations, that lists all different European species of the bat.

Gunter Steinbach (ed.) :

"Geheimnisvolle Fledermäuse" [2000]

Franckh-Kosmos Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany, 2000 - pp.38
ISBN: 3 440 08404 3

Among other things, this book gives you information on bat protection and preservation. There are instructions on how to build bat boxes. As a bonus there is a CD with the sounds of 60 different kinds of bats.

A. M. Voûte & C. Smeenk :

"Vleermuizen" [1991]

Uitgeverij Waanders, Zwolle, Netherlands, 1991 - pp.160
ISBN 90 6630 268 2

An interesting and informative book with lots of brilliant images of bats, some of them taken from rare old paintings and sketches.

© 2008 by Rob Brautigam - NL - Last update 26 October 2008 - Link last checked 01 September 2008
photo: "Vampyrum Spectrum - preserved in alcohol" - © 1990 by Rob Brautigam

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