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About our Book Lists
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About our Book Lists:

In this section, under various headings, you can find the bibliographical details of a number of books from my personal library that, in one way or other, all have something to do with vampires, with vampirism or with related subjects. There are hundreds and hundreds of titles that are still waiting to be added. And, if we ever find the time, we hope to add short (and quite subjective) comments to each and every book that is listed here.

Please note that we are not booksellers and that we are not a public library. The one and only reason why we are putting these bibliographical details online, is for information purposes. In the past we have received a few messages from visitors who seemed to be under the impression that they could order these books from us. That is not the case. WE DO NOT SELL BOOKS (or anything else for that matter).

If there are recent titles that you want to order, you can always try one of the larger internet bookstores.

If a book is reported to be out of print, it may still be worth trying to get in touch with the publishers. Most of them, even the smallest mini-publishers, appear to be on the internet these days. Use a search engine to find them. If you are lucky, they may still have a few copies left of the book that you are after. Or they can tell you if there are plans for a new edition.

If everything fails, then there are still thousands of secondhand booksellers out there. Many of them do business through the internet. And, lately, through eBay, I have also bought quite a few books that I thought would be absolutely impossible to find. Also, nowadays there are many important libraries that are putting scanned versions of their books on the internet. And of course you can also try GOOGLE's Book Search. Although - sadly - the quality of the scans in some cases is not even up to the most minimal standards (like hands blocking out most of the text). Having said this, I still think that they do have enough interesting material to keep everybody happy.

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