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Across The Forest :

Most of the time life seems boring. And then all of a sudden something really good and exciting happens. Two American makers of documentary films - Justin Blair and Matthew Vincent - kindly sent me a copy of their latest production called "Across The Forest". They have made some serious long journeys through Romania, talked to the local people, and managed to collect some absolutely brilliant stories about vampires. It is without a doubt the best thing that I have ever seen on this subject.

I like the way the people are interviewed, with much respect, amply given the chance to tell their stories. I also like the fact that the documentary has been kept factual and sober, sticking to the subject without any Dracula nonsense or such.

Being out in the middle of nowhere and having to make do with consumer type camcorders, some of the images are perhaps not as clear as they could have been. Having said that, I am amazed and full of admiration for what these gentlemen have put together, and some of it is absolutely stunning. Unique material that you won't find anywhere else. If you have any interest in traditional vampires at all then do yourself a favour and make sure that you get yourself a copy of it.

Further information can be found on this site: WWW.ACROSSTHEFOREST.COM
They also have their own page on Facebook.

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