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    49 cases - POLAND -

    39 cases - ROMANIA -

    32 cases - GREECE -

    30 cases - CZECH REPUBLIC -

    30 cases - GERMANY -

    17 cases - SERBIA -

    12 cases - BULGARIA -

    11 cases - UKRAINE -

    10 cases - CROATIA -

    10 cases - FRANCE -

And here is the rest. Some of them may still surprise us...

    9 cases - Russia
    8 cases - United Kingdom
    5 cases - Bosnia and Herzegovina
    5 cases - Iceland
    5 cases - Italy
    4 cases - Hungary
    3 cases - Turkey
    2 cases - Ireland
    2 cases - Lithuania
    2 cases - Macedonia
    2 cases - Netherlands
    1 case - Austria
    1 case - Belarus
    1 case - Belgium
    1 case - Denmark
    1 case - Finland
    1 case - Liechtenstein
    1 case - Moldova
    1 case - Norway
    1 case - Slovakia
    1 case - Slovenia
    1 case - Spain
    1 case - Sweden
    1 case - Switzerland

Sadly, no cases online yet for the countries listed beyond this point.


SHAME ON YOU !!! to the countries that seem to be without vampires so far. Anyway, it is too early to draw any conclusions. This page merely indicates the distribution of the handful of vampire cases that I have put on to this site so far. Hopefully there is much more too follow. So the total count will go up and the statistics will keep changing and eventually give us a better indication of what things are really like.

So far we have managed to put online 300 cases in 34 different European countries. It may not be much considering the fact that there must be thousands of cases out there, but at least it is a start and to me it is slowly beginning to look like something.

We will try to find cases for the non-vampire countries listed above. I know for a fact that there is or used to be belief in vampires in Albania, in Cyprus, in Montenegro... As to Portugal, I was told that I had missed a tv item about a disturbed person who went into a church and destroyed a glass coffin and its contents because he thought the embalmed or uncorrupted body of a woman was a vampire. I have searched for further information in Portuguese newspapers and such, but nothing has been found so far. Suggestions anyone ? Your help would be much appreciated.

And in case you think that a number of very small countries is missing, you are absolutely right. They will only be added in the rather unlikely case that I will ever find a local case of vampirism for them. I very much doubt that we will find cases for countries like say Luxemburg, San Marino or Andorra. And - yes please - I could use your help there as well. Like I said, most of the countries that I have listed in the no-case-yet section probably have some vampire cases. I think that I must have files on a number of them. Now all I have to do is find them back and find the time and energy to put them online. Feel free to wish me good luck. It looks like I may need it.

This page 2014 by Rob Brautigam - NL - Last changed October 2014
Photo "Grim Reaper" 2000 by Rob Brautigam

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