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Dear Friends,

And there you were, thinking that SHROUDEATER was dead. No such luck, it is just that I had (and still have) different priorities. So in future I may still make the odd addition to this site. But such changes will probably be few and far apart.

Obviously these are times that do not make my life much easier. The Russian invasions in the Crimea and other parts of the Ukraine make me wonder if I have to move some of my files to other countries. Not sure what the Scots are going to do with their Referendum. If they do make a wise choice I will have to move several cases away from the UK. Not too worried about the Catalans wish for independence as I only have one non-case of vampirism for the whole of Spain. Anyway, I reckon I will go slow and first see how all these issues develop.

So far, this month, we have added seven new cases from Poland, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Greece and Germany. And also some very nice photos of Tomiselj for which I must thank a good friend of mine: Thank you very much, Roman Pavlin.

We are also going to split up two cases from the UK that so far have been listed under one heading. And - depending on the mood I am in - it may even end up as 3 different cases.

As to the regional distribution of our cases, for the moment I think we can safely say that Poland will hold on to its number one position with 48 cases. Then comes Romania, with 39 cases. Followed by the Czech Republic and Germany with 30 cases each.

Please note that our one and only URL still is


            Rob Brautigam - Amsterdam - SEPTEMBER 2014

2014 by Rob Brautigam - NL - Last update SEPTEMBER 2014
Photo "Grim Reaper - France" 2000 by Rob Brautigam

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