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Thank you ever so much for your help:

Besker Inoslav
- for finding us the locations of the vampire of Varboska.

Daniel J. Wood - (USA)
- for his fascinating correspondence and his article about Barbara and the Abramelin book.

David Keyworth - (Australia)
- for sharing his fascinating source material on various old cases.

Fatih Danaci - (Turkey)
- for his much appreciated help with articles about Turkish vampires.

Franco Pezzini - (Italy)
- for his vampire knowledge, for his wisdom, and for being a true friend.

Georg Dehn - (Germany)
- for his absolutely brilliant research regarding the Abramelin book.

George Kalotychos - (Greece)
- for his additional information about the vampire of Mykonos.

Javier Arries - (Spain)
- for his interesting book on vampires and for being a good friend.

Joel - (Netherlands)
- for the interesting stories, the scans and links.

Jordi Ardanuy - (Catalonia)
- for his brilliant work as a vampire researcher.

Jorge Guitián - (Spain)
- for his information about Galician Witches and Werewolves.

Justin Blair - (USA)
- for his superb documentary film on Romanian vampires.

Ljubisa Gajic - (Serbia)
- sadly no longer among us - for his long friendship and information on Serbian things.

Luis Lopez - (Spain)
- for having been a constant source of all kinds of valuable information.

Marek Janouch - (Czech Republic)
- for his help in finding further information about the vampires of Celakovice.

Maria Bidovec - (Italy)
- for her wonderful help and expertise on Valvasor and the Kringa vampire.

Mario - (Croatia)
- for his photographs and information about Jure Grando's Kringa.

Martha Argel - (Brazil)
- for correcting a couple of errors in our list of Vampire names.

Mary Brautigam - (Netherlands)
- for being my favourite sister-in-law.

Michael E. Bell - (USA)
- for his generous help and general encouragement.

Natasha Beaulieu - (Canada)
- for being one of the nicest, most inspiring and positive persons that I have ever met.

Regina Gerschke - (Germany)
- for her grandfather's original notes about the Vampire of Jakobsdorf.

Roman Pavlin - (Slovenia)
- for his brilliant information on Kringa and for being a great correspondent.

Ronald Brautigam - (Netherlands)
- for being my favourite brother, not that I have much choice. : )

Sanguinarius - (USA)
- for directing us to the interesting website of Radio Prague.

Love, greetings, thanks, for general help and support, or just for being there :

Adriaan, Adrian, Alex, Alessandra, Anthony, Anieta, Aylin, Barbara, Barry, Besker, Bren, Carmilla, Cathy, Chantal, Chris, Chrissie, Christina, Clazina, Cor, Corrie, Dan, Darlene, David, Diana, Donna, Ed, Edward, Edwin, Emmy, Eric, Erika, Erwin, Fatih, Francis, Franco, Frank, Frans, Fransien, Gene, Georg, George, Gerrit, Gio, Hannele, Hans, Helga, Henk, Ineke, Irene, Isolde, Jan, Jason, Javier, Jean, Jennie, JéPé, Joel, John, Joop, Jordi, Jorge, Jyrki, Karie, Katherine, Kees, Keith, Kev, Kiki, Leilah, Liriel, Ljubisa, Loretta, Louis, Luca, Luis, Lynda, Maaijke, Manuela, Marc, Marek, Maria, Marlene, Martha, Mary, Mathijs, Meg, Michel, Michelle, Michiel, Mick, Midwinter, Mirsada, Míša, Mozart, Mylène, Nancy, Natasja, Nedjalko, Niels, Nikos, Pandora, Paola, Paul, Paula, Peggy, Peter, Phill, Pierre, Pim, Ramsey, Reggie, Regina, Remmert, Riny, Robyn, Roel, Roman, Ron, Sarah, Shanta, Suzy, Thea, Tom, Wim.

And of course there is the absolutely brilliant place where they host our sites:

"YourNameWebhosting" is friendly priced and very affordable even for low-life like myself. And even without a - shall we say - large commercial contract their level of support is outstanding. I have monitored it for a while and they were never ever off-line. The support through their Helpdesk is brilliant. Don't know how they do it. Damn it, they are just extremely good ! Hey, I love you guys. Thanks, hats off and a very deep and respectful bow !

These pages were created with the help of the following software:

Who needs WYSIWYG ? Windows Notepad - the fastest and most simple HTML and CSS editor ever !
Nikon Capture and Nikon Control - absolutely brilliant software that I use with all of my cameras.
PDF Redirect - This is great free software that will turn anything you can print into a PDF file.
Adobe Photoshop Elements - A reasonably priced and extremely useful editor.
Adobe Reader - Without it I would not know how to read my PDF files.

And of course there is the hardware side of things:

All of our cameras, digital cameras, lenses, flashlights and other photo equipment are by NIKON.
Main computers by DELL - External harddisks: TOSHIBA and WESTERN DIGITAL. No complaints.
All sound recorders and audio interfaces are by BOSS ROLAND and EDIROL. I do love them !
All our printers and scanners are by HEWLETT PACKARD. Great stuff. Very reliable so far.
All our monopods, tripods and quick-releases by MANFROTTO, VELBON and JOBY.
Keyboards and mouses (should that be mice ?) manufactured by LOGITECH.
Mobile phones by NOKIA, connected by T-MOBILE. No problems so far.
Internet connection through KPN. Which seems to work fine for me.
Everio HD-Camcorders by JVC. They work great !
Video lenses by RAYNOX work fine for me.
Filters and other accessories by COKIN.
Lights by LITE PANELS are brilliant.

And so we go on and on and on and on and on...

© 2011 by Rob Brautigam - NL - Last update December 2011
Photo "Grim Reaper" © 2000 by Rob Brautigam - Photos "Tulips" © 2005 by Rob Brautigam
Needless to say that all names and brand names mentioned on this page are the property of their rightful owners.

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