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Derekuoi (2)
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The Source:

S.G.B. St.Clair & Charles A. Brophy:
"A Residence in Bulgaria - or - Notes on the Resources and Administration of Turkey: The condition and character, manners, customs, and language of the Christian and Mussulman populations with reference to the Eastern question"
John Murray, London, 1869

The Case:

This is the story:

Thirty years since a stranger arrived in this village, established himself and married a wife with whom he lived on very good terms, she making but one complaint, that her husband absented himself from the conjugal roof every night and all night. It was soon remarked that (although scavengers were, and are utterly unknown in Bulgaria) a great deal of scavengers' work was done at night by some unseen being, and that when one branch of this industry was exhausted the dead horses and buffaloes which lay about the streets were devoured by invisible teeth, much to the prejudice of the village dogs; then the mysterious mouth drained the blood of all the cattle that happened to be in any way sickly. These occurrences and the testimony of the wife caused the stranger to be suspected of Vampirism, he was examined, found to have only one nostril, and upon this irrefragable evidence was condemned to death. In executing this sentence, our villagers did not think it necessary to send for the priest, to confess themselves, or to take consecrated halters or daggers; they just tied their man hand and foot, led him to a hill a little outside Derekuoi, lit a big fire of wait-a-bit thorns, and burned him alive."

The Date:

We have been told that the events must have taken place some 30 years before the publication of the book. So let us list this as having happened "around 1839".

The Place:

Sadly, I have not found the location so far, but Derekuoi is supposed to be a Christian village somewhere near Varna.

Possible Follow-Up:

Try to get yourself a copy of St.Clair & Brophy's "A Residence in Bulgaria". And see if you can find more about this case elsewhere.

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