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Unlike the type of vampire that we meet in novels and films, traditional vampires hardly ever live in a castle. The kind of undead that we are interested in, are said to "live" in their graves. Sufficient reason for us to also have a strong interest in churchyards, crypts, ossuaries, cemeteries, funeral customs, burial methods, etc., etc. This section concentrates on books about churchyards and cemeteries. Titles related to funeral customs and burial methods can be found in our DEATH section.

Peter Andreas :

"Im Totengarten - Porträts berümter Gräber" [1983]

Harenberg Kommunikation, Dortmund, Germany, 1983 - pp.342
ISBN: 3 88379 392 2

anon. :

"Guide dans les Cimetières de Paris" [1865]

A. Fauré, Paris, France, 1865 - pp.294

Lucien Augé :

"Les Tombeaux" [1879]

Librairie Hachette, Paris, France, 1879 - pp.302

Felix Barker :

"Highgate Cemetery - Victorian Valhalla" [1984]

John Murray, London, UK, 1984 - pp.112
ISBN: 0 7195 4137 9

Jacques Barozzi :

"Guide des Cimetières Parisiens" [1990]

Éditions Hervas, Paris, France, 1990 - pp.192
ISBN: 2 903 118 57 4

If you are on a visit to Paris, and you want to see more cemeteries than just Père-Lachaise, then this is the book that you need. Maps, historical and other information, photos, lists of the graves of famous people, etc., etc.

J. Belonje :

"Steenen Charters (oude grafsteenen)" [1941]

Allert de Lange, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1942 - pp.124

Edmond le Blant :

"Les Sarcophages Chrétiens de la Gaule" [1886]

Imprimerie Nationale, Paris, France, 1886 - pp.242

Rindert Brouwer :

"Ook u wacht ik - Begraafplaatsen in Europa en hun Geschiedenis" [2000]

Uitgeverij Elmar, Rijswijk, Netherlands, 2000 - pp.252
ISBN: 90 389 0981 0

P. Borst, A. de Groot, J.G. Jonker-Klijn & R. Roks :

"Graven en begraven in de Dom van Utrecht" [1997]

Henk Reinders, Bunnik, Netherlands, 1997 - pp.128
ISBN: 90 72507 26 6

Interesting and most informative book about burial in the old Dom church of Utrecht and about the gravestones and monuments that can be found in there.

Michel Dansel :

"Les Lieux de Culte au Cimetière du Père-Lachaise" [1999]

Guy Trédaniel, Paris, France, 1999 - pp.276
ISBN: 2 84445 057 1

T. Ducrocq :

"De la Variété des Usages Funéraires dans l'Ouest de la France" [1884]

Ernest Thorin, Paris, France, 1884 - pp.14

Jean Emile Driesens & Renaud :

"Schoonselhof - een hommage" [1993]

Deus Ex Machina, Schoten, Belgium, 1993 - pp.96
ISBN: 2 89053 016 7

A small but rather useful guide to Antwerp's main cemetery.

C. Feltkamp :

"De Begrafenismoeilijkheden in 1945 te Amsterdam" [no date]

Stadsdrukkerij van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands, no date - pp.64

Official report on the burial problems in Amsterdam during the last year of WWII.

Magdalena Hawlik-van de Water :

"Die Kapuzinergruft - Begräbnisstätte der Habsburger in Wien" [1987]

Herder & Co, Wien, Austria, 1993 - pp.350
ISBN: 3 210 25151 7

Interesting and brilliantly illustrated book, which I bought at the end of one of my visits to the lugubrious "Kaisergruft" of Vienna. Just imagine how those royal corpses have been mistreated. Their hearts cut out to be "buried" in one particular church. Their innards taken out to end up in the basement of another church. And then, what's left, being buried in a dismal gloomy place like the Kaisergruft, in one of those monstrous black metal containers...

Kenneth Hudson :

"Churchyards and Cemeteries" [1984]

The Bodley Head, London, UK, 1984 - pp.48
ISBN: 0 370 30543 4

J.H. Kamstra, H. Milde & K. Wagtendonk (ed.) :

"Funerary Symbols and Religion - Essays dedicated to Professor M.S.H.G. Heerma van Voss" [1988]

J.H. Kok, Kampen, Netherlands, 1988 - pp.182
ISBN: 90 242 44307

Henk L. Kok, Ada Wille & Gerard Boerhof :

"Begraven & Begraafplaatsen - Monumenten van ons Bestaan" [1994]

Teleac, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 1994 - pp.184
ISBN: 90 6533 371 1

Interesting book based on a series of educational television programs about burial, churchyards and cemeteries in the Netherlands.

Dean Koontz :

"Beautiful Death - Art of the Cemetery" [1996]

Penguin Group, New York, USA, 1996 - pp.
ISBN: 0 670 86806 X

Photographs by David Robinson.

Ernest Kurpershoek & Hetty van den Berg :

"Zorgvlied - de geschiedenis van een begraafplaats" [no date]

D'Arts, Amsterdam, Netherlands, no date - pp.118
ISBN: 90 400 9787 9

The nicely illustrated history of one of the main cemeteries of Amsterdam.

Jean-Michel Lang :

"Ossuaires de Lorraine" [1998]

Editions Serpenoise, Metz, France, 1998 - pp.126
ISBN: 2 87692 369 6

Vincent de Langlade :

"Plan et Histoire du Père-Lachaise" [1996]

Editions Vermet, Paris, France, 1996 - pp.32
ISBN: 2 86514 025 3

Inexpensive booklet, in French and English, which comes together with a map of the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. It should be more than sufficient for the purposes of those who merely want to make a quick visit.

Barbara Leisner & Norbert Fischer :

"Der Friedhofsführer" [1994]

Christians Verlag, Hamburg, Germany, 1994 - pp.240
ISBN: 3 7672 1215 3

Frédéric Lenoir and Jean-Philippe de Tonnac (ed.) :

"La Mort et l'Immortalité - Encyclopédie des Savoirs et des Croyances" [2004]

Bayard, Paris, France, 2004 - pp.1686
ISBN 2 7028 9909 9

Magnificent and massive book, filled with an enormous diversity of specialist articles about various ideas concerning death and the afterlife.

Maurice Levaillant :

"Les Tombes Célèbres" [1926]

Librairie Hachette, Paris, France, 1926 - pp.72

Nicely illustrated litlle old book that lists some of the famous Paris graves.

P. C. F. Menestrier :

"Des Decorations Funebres - ou il est amplement traité des Tentures, des Lumières, des Mausolées, Catafalques, Inscriptions, & autres Ornemens funebres" [1682]

R.Pipie, Paris, France, 1682 - pp.368

Chantal Mezen :

"Le Cimetière de Robermont" [2000]

Noir Dessin Production, Grivegnee, Belgium, 2000 - pp.176
ISBN: 2 87351 048 X

Nice and useful guide to the main cemetery of Liège.

Massimo Pallottino :

"The Necropolis of Cerveteri" [1957]

Libreria dello Stato, Rome, Italy, 1957 - pp.50

Peter Pleyel :

"Friedhöfe in Wien - vom Mittelalter bis Heute" [1999]

Pichler Verlag, Wien, Austria, 1999 - pp.224
ISBN: 3 85058 175 6

Excellent guide book to the cemeteries of Vienna.

Cees van Raak :

"Dodenakkers" [1995]

De Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1995 - pp.260
ISBN: 90 295 3470 2

The best and most informative guide book that you can find if you want to know more about the churchyards, cemeteries, crypts and grave monuments of the Netherlands.

René Suttel :

"Catacombes et Carrieres de Paris" [1986]

Editions du Treuil, Chatillon, France, 1993 - pp.222
ISBN: 2 9505707 1 2

Mirjam Vos (ed.) :

"De Dood moet een Wener zijn - Weense Dodenakkers en hun legendarische Bewoners" [2000]

Uitgeverij Elmar, Rijswijk, Netherlands, 2000 - pp.290
ISBN: 90 389 1047 9

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